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  1. Not really any crying from Amy. She was a little hurt in the apartment when he got upset at her suggestion to live together, and she was actually pretty upbeat in the apartment with Leonard and Penny when they still didn't know where Sheldon was. We didn't see her again until the tag, where she was pretty mellow on the phone and after she hung up but then just wailed on Leonard with the pillow. They did two takes of it, and on the second take, Leonard actually crawled off the couch and out the door while she chased him with the pillow. But the audience was laughing it up. I mean, Mayim was flawless, but I found the whole thing more depressing than funny, but that could just be because I'm more invested in the characters' emotions than is healthy. >_>
  2. Hey guys. I hope it's okay to post this here. I'm new around here so I'm not sure if this is how it works, so let me know if I need to take it down or anything. It's not a full taping report or anything, but I did want to share some stuff about the finale. I don't have the energy or the spirit to type out everything because I'm honestly really upset about the finale. There were some good moments in it, but that might be why I'm so upset. There was such potential for Sheldon and Amy's story for a hot minute there, and then slowly everything just went to hell and now I'm sad. The first scene with them both in it was in the living room when they find out about Leonard/Penny's news and Raj's news. There wasn't much Shamy interaction in that scene, not really until later on when Sheldon is at her apartment. Sheldon is upset because the university won't let him switch off of string theory, and then Leonard talked to him about wanting to change the living arrangements. So when he's at Amy's, he's pacing and saying he can't believe the university won't let him switch off of string theory. Amy says, "They just don't appreciate you." Sheldon says if that weren't bad enough, now Leonard has the audacity to want to live with Penny instead of him. Amy offers him Strawberry Quick, which he claims won't help because these are adult problems, but he sips it and says "Mm, yum." Amy tries to console him by pointing out all the things that Sheldon has complained about in terms of living with Leonard -- how he changes the thermostat and his keys make too much noise. She suggests he might like living on his own. Sheldon says I don't know, maybe. Amy says if that doesn't work out, she and he could live together. And then that's where my favorite part of the scene came in because Sheldon says, "Oh, sure, why don't we get engaged too? And start a family -- do you hear yourself, woman?" He's very piercing about it. Amy is hurt and a little offended and says she was just making a suggestion. He says that she's not moving in with him, Leonard's not moving out, and everything is going to go back to normal. Then he comments that she made the Quick wrong because she made it with syrup instead of the powder. She says it tastes the same, but he argues "no, it tastes better, and I don't like it." He storms out. At the comic book store, Sheldon is heartbroken that the place he goes to for comfort is in shambles. Stuart points out that his life is kind of falling apart, and Sheldon challenges him on that, saying that his is, too. In listing all the things that have gone wrong for Sheldon this week, he says, "My girlfriend loves me so much that she wants to live with me." Amy comes by Leonard and Penny's to talk to Sheldon but he's not there. And he's not answering his phone. She tells them what happened. They ask her to leave because they're enjoying dinner together alone. But it gets late and Leonard is worried about Sheldon so he pulls up the tracking on his phone and finds out that Sheldon is at the train station. He has a bad feeling, so he and Penny go. At the train station, Sheldon says he's going to get on the train and go anywhere. He'll buy things at malls along the way if he needs to. Penny convinces Leonard to let him go because he's a grown man and it could be good for him. She kisses Sheldon good-bye and she and Leonard leave. The tag scene is a different day and has Amy on the phone with Sheldon, thanking him for checking in and asks if they'll talk tomorrow. She says Sheldon sounds like he's doing okay. Leonard tries to say that he was able to take a sabbatical from work and this will be good for him, but Amy starts walloping him with a pillow demanding to know how he could have let Sheldon go. That's really all I have the heart to write at the moment because I'm pretty upset about the whole thing. Mostly that Leonard and Penny wouldn't have called Amy on their way to the train station to 1) stop her from worrying and 2) see if she wanted to tag along. I don't like that Amy had to find out the next day, that she only got to talk to him on the phone after he already left, and we got like zero goodbye from it all. IDK. I'm happy to entertain any questions.
  3. Haha, yeah I know. They don't film at the Pasadena Cheesecake factory either, but these are all places that are part of their world. Did you guys go on a WB Tour?
  4. You guys should go to Euclid Ave. too! I've been. They do have speed bumps.
  5. Hey spoilery Shamy peeps! I posted this in the spoiler-free thread, but it probably makes more sense here. I'm going to the taping for the finale tomorrow, and I'm wondering if there's any Shamy fans who are going that want to meet up in line? Especially if you're going by yourself like me. We can wait in line and/or sit together and talk Shamy shop. :D Please let me know!
  6. I was in the standby line a few weeks ago. The only people I really met in line were two girls who were visiting from the south, and the two girls behind me who had tiny playing cards and a lot of Amy Farrah Fowler swag. For the finale, I have guaranteed, but I'm still going to get there super early to get good seats. :D
  7. Second! My roommate and I went a few weeks ago for the episode that's coming out next week. She can't go for the finale though so I'm hoping to meet up with some of y'all in line! I plan to get there stupid early, haha.
  8. Hey guys, noob here. Hopefully this isn't the wrong place to post something like this, but... I'm going to the taping next week and I'm wondering if there's any Shamy fans who are going that want to meet up in line? Especially if you're going by yourself. We can wait and/or sit together and talk Shamy shop. :D Please let me know!
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