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  1. Tickets for the 8/18 taping are sold out. Next date for tickets is next Monday for the 8/25 taping. Did anyone have luck getting tickets for 8/18?
  2. Taping: Tuesday, October 6, 2015 Episode: 9.07 Time: 6:30 pm Members attending: @chelsgc
  3. October taping dates have been posted: 10/6/15 10/20/15 10/27/15
  4. Here is a list of all the categories and nominees in one page if you'd like to browse: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/envelope/tv/la-et-st-emmy-awards-2015-list-nominees-winners-story.html#page=7
  5. Isn't this basically the same as the Season 9 Wish List thread?
  6. I'll keep an ear out for anyone with extras! Were you at least able to get a standby? Those are nearly as good as guaranteed if you show up early enough!
  7. Taping: Tuesday, September 29, 2015 Episode: 9.06 Time: 6:30 pm Members attending: @[email protected] (standby)
  8. Guaranteed and standby are now sold out for the 9.01 taping on August 11th. The next ticket date will be a week from today, Monday, July 20, at about 8:30 am PST for the 9.02 taping.
  9. Ticket day tomorrow! First of the season! Anyone going for tickets?
  10. I wanted to ask but he did say they don't want to reveal anything so I didn't want to push.
  11. I just spoke to Steve Holland. He says that they've written the first three scripts of season nine, and that they were very nervous about writing the season eight finale because they love Shamy so much. But they wanted to see Amy stand up for herself.
  12. Are you suggesting there was Lenny talk that I'm not reporting because I'm some rude ass selfish person? Ok.
  13. @Dannii has uploaded the Mayim/Kunal fanfic read. http://youtu.be/4AruciadzEo
  14. Honestly there really weren't any plot questions or answers. We got jack on season nine tbqh.
  15. Someone did ask about Lenny. It was not answered. My phone is dying so I'll be signing off now but will try to answer questions later, and/or just post the voice memo!
  16. Somebody did ask about Leonard and Penny's engagement and if we would meet Penny's mom, but he also mentioned Carol Ann Susi and the answer got derailed to that.
  17. Molaro answers why Amy's desire for intimacy was accelerated: she wanted it for so long and finally found it with Sheldon. And Mayim adds that Sheldon needed to find someone like Amy. Prady says that Amy and Shrldon may have looked like they were at the same place but we're not.
  18. Kunal once pitched a joke no one laughed at and never did again. Mayim never has nor will pitch ideas because the actor's job is to take what's on the page and make you love it. "You think you love your cast," points to writers, "these are the people you love."
  19. Kunal used to give Carol Ann Susi a ride. She'd say, "Rev that engine up for me!" People everywhere recognized her by her voice.
  20. Fan thanks for great send off for Carol Ann Susi. Molaro says they loved her too much to consider replacing her.
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