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  1. Mayim loves when the show expresses how hard it is to be different in society.
  2. Bill Prady asks Mayim how she and Jim determine how to play their scenes. Mayim says they approach scenes similarly and work well together. For delicate moments, she and Jim are careful and talk a lot about how to do it. They wonder why writers choose things sometimes. "Did you think we were ready for that? I didn't." They were both surprised by the ILY and the ring.
  3. Kunal asked Mayim how it is to kiss Jim. She's stammering. She says Shamy intimacy is specific and even the cold open kiss felt strange because the characters don't do it much. They tried the kiss several ways. Mark wanted some movement. Everything Mayim and Jim do is "crafted, not cavalier." Kunal says for two characters who don't kiss, he has spanked her a lot.
  4. Sheldon originally stole a light saber from the ranch but Chuck Lorre didn't want him to commit that felony.
  5. Maria Ferrari met Nathan Fillion at the Golden Globes and told him how great Firefly was and that she wanted to buy it and bring it back. Then when he was in the show, she pretended they were meeting for the first time.
  6. Kevin Smith brought "some guy named Jay" for the table read. Steve Molaro and Mayim Bialik flipped out.
  7. When Sheldon bought the ring and when he was going to give it to Amy will be answers in premiere.
  8. Raj to Amy: "That kind of semantic nitpicking is going to get you a spanking."
  9. Mayim and Kunal reading Amy/Raj fanfic written by the writers!!!
  10. David Saltzberg was tasked with Leonard and Sheldon's big theory idea about super fluid and was nervous about getting it right. Panicked when he heard Stephen Hawking would be reading lines for it.
  11. Chuck Lorre got a helicopter for Christmas that he couldn't het to work so he took it to BBT writers to fix because they're so smart. No one could get it to work.
  12. Time travel debate on show came out of writers having that debate over 2015 date coming up. They drew out timelines just like on the show.
  13. Kunal moderating!! @thebigbangbuzzz 12s12 seconds agoKunal is moderating!! #WBSDCC @thebigbangbuzzz 12s12 seconds agoKunal is moderating!! #WBSDCC
  14. I've also taken my Twitter account off private for the day if anyone wants love tweets, but I'll probably post here first anyway. ???? http://twitter.com/MichyGeary
  15. Craig moderated last year and Wil Wheaton was a surprise guest panelist. Melissa moderated two years ago and Johhny was a surprise guest panelist.
  16. Hey let's maybe leave the dumb bickering to other threads where it belongs. I have no interest in pettiness in here. You're here for Comic Con updates or your not here at all. Thanks.
  17. No problem! And if anyone else is going, or if anyone is just finding live tweets from people who are at the panel, or anything else BBT-SDCC related, please post it here!
  18. I'll be live-posting here on the forum. If I get a signal in Ballroom 20.
  19. Hey guys! With Comic Con just a few days away, I thought I would make a thread where we can talk about any and all information that we get out of Comic Con about the upcoming season. Myself and @Dannii will be in attendance of the writers' panel on Friday morning at 10am and we'll be happy to post anything interesting they may say. Is anyone else from the forum going? Will you be asking a question? I plan to ask when Sheldon bought the ring and when he planned to give it to Amy. Anyone else have any questions you hope get asked? (Or want other attendees to ask for you?)
  20. Taping: Tuesday, September 15, 2015 Episode: 9.05 Time: 6:30 pm Members attending: @Lindsay1223 (standby)
  21. Taping: Tuesday, September 9, 2015 Episode: 9.04 Time: 6:30 pm Members attending: @Aaeiluj (guaranteed)@xxmimiaxx (guaranteed)
  22. We currently only have taping dates for August and September, and the dates tickets go up are 30 days before and listed in the first post of this thread. When the AU site lists October dates, I'll add those dates and their ticket days as well.
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