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  1. Well I like the pairing of Amy and Sheldon, (i really do) I don't think it is up to us to decide. The writers ultimately decide what happens and they may or may not base it on fan expression. A million people hated how the Sopranos ended and a million people couldn't stand how Friends ended. Doesn't Sheldon treat Amy like crap ? Doesn't she deserve someone better ? Wouldn't Raj or Stuart treat her like a queen or MAYBE - we shall see. Who knows where the cold wind blows, I ask my friends, but, nobody knows - whitesnake ----- Original Message -----
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VdrSb5eQ7c you would think sheldon would know the difference between a mogwai and a gremlin after watching the movie many times. The instructions of Gizmo the Mogwai are dont let them get wet with water , nor give them water to drink or bathe. and Never ever feed them after midnight. the reason why is if you do this the Mogwai will spawn gremlins from its back. Sheldon refers to the movie as these are the instructions of a Gremlin - (not a Mogwai)
  3. HERE is 18 discrepancies for ya - and there are a ton more - The Big Bang Theory , 18 annoying mistakes you didnt notice http://whatculture.c...nt-notice.php/4
  4. Ill just DVR the show - like i do 35+ hours of TV and watch it whenever. Fast Forward the commercials - its like saving more of my meaningful life .Thank God and baby Jesus for the DVR ! best invention in the last 20 years !
  5. yeah thats well put - plus Penny knows how to gut a fish - Lenoard , Raj and Howard find it sicking to even cut the fish!
  6. If the Big Bang theory ticks you off , and you don't agree with characters , then hit the TV remote button and change the freaking channel. Millions and millions of people love the show , that's why its so popular around the world ! You don't like it - what the History channel , Spike , Speed Channel , the weather channel ,ESPN etc- if you don't like the show - then don't watch it ! AND by the way , you know what part of a critics job is to do ,BITCH AND COMPLAIN
  7. We just have to face the Truth - Leonard is a Stud . He is getting more action then all of them , and when it come to landing the deal , and bringing it home - Lenny is having way more sex then all of them ! From Joyce Kim , to Penny to DR Stephanie ,, To Pryia in the shower , to one night stands with Mrs Latham , and to violin playing Leslie Winkle. When it comes to comes to sealing the deal - Leonard does not only attract the ladies but brings them home !
  8. Good point LMD3014 , the rent may even be cheaper in a building where the elevator doesn't work . Im sure thats a running joke among the writers that the elevator never gets fixed . I heard (rumor now) its against the building code not to be fixed within a resonable amount of time..
  9. I find it amusing and amazing that this thread as gone on for 59 other posts. in many previous posts we have mathematically concluded it is possible for Penny to make her own rent. So today i went out to the apartment guide on line and searched apartments near Pasadena Cal Tech.The closer to the school , the more expensive the apartment. Less then a mile from the school you can pay $1500- $2000, within 3 -5 miles to the school you can a get a deal from $975 ,to $1000 ,$1100 or $1200 and up to $1500. Ill even thow in that for $1200 a month you can live in a pretty decent apartment http://www.apartmentguide.com/apartments/California/Pasadena/Wright-Avenue-Apartments/174258/ here is one not bad 625 sq feet 1 bedroom for between $1100 and $1200 with Laminated Wood Flooring Fully Renovated Kitchen and Laundry Facility cable and ceiling fans ! so lets say 1200 a month x 12 months =14,400 a year , and we can pretty much establish Penny makes about 32k a year (see she can already aford it but lets dive in more ) Maybe a little more with her bartending/waitressing, a residual check for her commercials (not much - but helps) and ,money from Ape-ist 1 and 2 , Now its said to afford you apt your supposed to make x3 you rent ( apartment renters use this as a guideling but not written in stone ),Penny brings home aprox $2667 a month and her rent is 1200 a month . So she almost makes 2.5 times her rent in a month. so she is close . IF the rent were cheaper lets say 1100 or 1000 a month - the number would even be closer. she has a big saving in food ,The gang pays for her meals most of the time , and she brings home food from work , she cooks sometimes , That could save her at least $400 a month in food cost. she uses the guys wifi saving more money and like above the cable could be included in the rent. it is established that Leonard has helped her out before with money. the BIG X factor Lenord who as an Experimental Teaching Physicist in CA would make no less then 60k a year (and that's on the low end) - giving him plenty of cash to just give Penny now and then without hurting his lifestyle what so ever. He could easily throw her up to $500 a month. and we all know Leonard is going to give Penny whatever she needs to stay across the hall. And that folks proves Penny can afford her apartment.
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