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  1. I want to talk so much about this episode. SO. MUCH. That tag scene though. It ruined me. Amy's gratitude for him and the happiness he's brought to her life, with all his idiosyncrasies, crashes into her like ton of bricks and she can hardly speak. This is what she realizes. That there's a sense of home with him in an aquarium on Thanksgiving that no classy dinner date can replicate. Playing a geeky fish game with him is far more rewarding than compliments tossed by men over restaurant tables. Nothing Amy knows will ever suffice for the utter completeness she has with Sheldon. A part of her digging for the garden-variety romance and intimacy all couples seem to share - all "normal" couples - has tugged her away from him, but her search has come up empty. "I've missed this," is all of this eclipsing back into her view. She's forgotten what made her stay on their first date. Back to a time where there was no affection, just a kindred spirit that crashed itself together the moment they met. They share themselves with one another in a way only true love does. Through deep mutuality and threads in their stories that have lead them straight for each other. He didn't profess his love for her. No passionate kiss (yet! heh). No flowers, no candlelit dinner, no dress jacket. Not the slightest PDA. Sheldon was nothing but a friend. Only himself. Yet, Amy fell for him all over again, so visibly and effortlessly. Why? Because it's Sheldon. That is it. There's nothing else to add. "I thought we were friends?" "We are! That's the whole point!" Sheldon is what she wants. Their unique bond, however quirky, is what she wants. Yet when Sheldon says they should remain friends, it all but shatters her. It's tragic to watch (trust me, I had to take a minute to settle my breathing after she began to cry like that - Mayim, wanna just hit me with an SUV and spare me the pain?) But it's all for her development. The expectations that have kept her so tense all of these years are dissolving. She's loosening her grip on the ghosts of her childhood that have never come to life. It all falls apart for her right then and there, and she knows that the only thing that has ever been her gateway to a life without outcast is Sheldon. Fort-building, Skype-calling, Counterfactuals-playing Sheldon. Not a late night peck in front of her apartment from a new suitor, or another date. It's only ever been Sheldon. "Maybe sometimes I am silly." 'Maybe I've forgotten what we really have, what makes us so special as a couple, for what I thought we were supposed to have.' It's all falling into place so elegantly now. She couldn’t wait until she got home to ask Sheldon out again, because what she really does feel is washing over her in tides and mulling over it will do her no good - this is it, he is it, she wants only him. Amy realized something that has been chipping away at her for years. Sure, maybe it was in the most torturous freaking way possible. Just fade to black as Amy's crying, just total silence, yeah, alright, that's fine, I didn't need a soul anyways. Cool. I love the storytelling now. I really do. It's still not going to stop me from laying on the floor and blasting sad love songs until 2AM. Literal death. Why am I like this.
  2. can someone please PM me the taping report as well??? thank you! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. The moments when Amy reveals her insecurity and Sheldon really pushes himself to prove how much she means to him are really my favorite. It reminds me so much of Love Spell. Even at the beginning of their fight, when he picked up on how upset she was, you can just watch him shrug off his arrogance, pretty much effortlessly. It's so clear on his face. He just asks her what he can do to cheer her up. He really does hate making her sad, it gives him so much distress because he just can't stand it. Playing the Star Wars theme with his nose, lol! He was trying so hard to charm and engage Amy while he was showing her the application video. It was so cute how excited he was to share it with her (probably because he knew she'd find it funny, Amy was was trying so hard not to laugh). He kept grinning at her and nodding/shaking his head in agreement with himself. After the scene where he throws the pie in Leonard's face, Sheldon even has his hand on Amy's shoulder while he was laughing. It wasn't only from pride or amusement with himself, but from the joy he gets from making Amy happy. He immediately gets upset when it's clear to him that nothing's helping, and Amy affirms that she needs something more when she says "as silly as it sounds, I thought that meant something" (such an important line! I'm so glad she said it). There's no hesitation when he chases after her and even outright says he'll withdraw his application. Wow, just that he'd quickly sacrifice that shows how invaluable her happiness is to him. And when affirming why he wants Amy to come with him to Mars, he doesn't mention anything vaguely scientific, even though expeditions to Mars would be meant for those things. He only says that she wants her to be there with him. He's apprehensive about the environment of Mars but knows that if he has Amy by his side he'll be fine. Then he turns into a total sweetheart when she hugs him. There was nothing aloof about that hug. It's palpable how much he enjoys it. He doesn't look uncomfortable or unsure at all. He burrows his nose in her hair, and the way he smiles when Amy says "ok". Also, them getting excited over living on Mars together! Gushing about their Martian children! It's so Shamy. Even when he says, "you just can't keep it in your space pants can you?" he doesn't sound agitated in the least. Just casual. It doesn't bother him anymore, or not nearly as much as it used to. Some times I'm so awestruck at how far they've come. It was such an incredible episode. Their future is so clear and I know they will continue to move forward in their own unique way.
  4. there's a crapstorm of romance coming your way! well. not really. it is shamy after all. "The Intimacy Acceleration" by Angelic Guardian: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10101227/1/The-Intimacy-Escalation "A Very Shamy Valentine" by Eryndil: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7831021/1/A-Very-Shamy-Valentine "The Valentine's Day Conundrum" by Musickat18: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9007029/1/The-Valentine-s-Day-Conundrum they're all one shots and they're sweeter than all the chocolate and heart candy you can eat. happy valentine's day!
  5. I like Scavenger even more than Love Car because it's so interesting to see the character pairings get mixed up and see Amy/Howard and Leonard/Bernadette. Sheldon/Penny were awesome too. It's one of the episodes that I just laugh the entire way through. Still, Love Car is hilarious too and that scene with them all on stage is one of my all-time favorites.
  6. I love this idea! I've read a lot of cute Valentine's ones.
  7. Miso I'll stick with you forever! You can pull a Harper Lee and write a sequel to TMR 55 years later and I'll still be like YASSSSSSSS QUEEN
  9. I don't even... Where do I... ARMS... PECKS... Sandy, I need.... Water...
  10. I don't mean just that comment- there were plenty of others in the past: "biology is just about yucky squishy things"/ "now I'm worse than a failure, I'm a biologist"
  11. It makes all of Sheldon's condescending comments towards her null and void
  12. Thank you Kerry, CaffeineBuzz, Michy and Frankie! When I read Sheldon's line "When my father died, I didn't have any friends to help me through it. But you do" I let out a long "awww." And the tribute sounds beautiful.
  13. I love those shirts! I really hope Mayim notices you guys.
  14. They... I just... They were... THEY HELD HANDS AS THEY WALKED UP THE STAIRS AND HAD THEIR ARMS AROUND EACH OTHER AND WERE BASICALLY INSEPARABLE. And if that wasn't enough, they played Sheldon's "I love you" in the background while this was all happening. This is beyond perfect. Well, omitting the fact that Jim didn't win for favorite comedy actor . But still, I'm elated! What a great start for 2015. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. "Son of a biscuit" had me crying with laughter. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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