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    Hello, I am age 20 and I love Sheldon, my fav ships are Shamy and Shenny and Stenny. I would marry Sheldon Cooper(Jim Parson). Hes just so adorable! I would have added Stuart as fav character but he is not on the list.
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  1. Well you cant really get rid of Sheldon. Considering he tends to be a bit of a mascot for the show and many of the episodes are revolve around what Sheldon doing. So anyone who wants Sheldon out of the show don't want to watch big bang theory. If Sheldon was never in this show I don't think I would have ever watched it to begin with. Sheldon dating I was never against but to be honest I thought it was going to be someone a little different from Amy. Though thinking about it Sheldon getting a girlfriend is very hypocritical considering the beginning season he makes a big deal of pointing out that people are weak and always give into their primal instincts.
  2. Another thing I noticed. In the first episode Leonard argues with Sheldon about whats on his board. Leonard says "At least I don't need 26 dimensions to bring the math out" which is something that follows string theory. In the episode where he dates one of Sheldon Arch enemy Leonard states he believes in string not loop theory. So she breaks up with him over the disagreement. So why did he disagree with it in the first episode?
  3. I cant find information on when season 8 premieres. Does anyone know the exact date?
  4. Well actually that is not true. They show him deal with some very disrespectful children in one of the episodes and he seems much more tolerant than Bernie and Bernie said she doesn't like children. Despite Bernie being generally sweet with everyone else. So you cant apply that. Since Bernie is so sweet to her friends you think she would be sweeter to children and she hates children. Howard is rude to his mother but he tolerates children. I think Howard probably has resentment towards his mother because he feels he has to take care of his mom because his dad left. I think as an adult hes sick of being tied down to his mother but he feels he cant leave her because she needs him to take care of him. I also think he has issues letting go of his mother since hes been with her so long and she always babied him. I think his mind set is kind of like that of a teenagers. He loves his mom but he doesn't want his mom to embarrass him. I don't think he has progressed passed that teenager mind set and even when you saw how he acted with Bernie he was very much a teenager. "I got a chick who plays trombone but I want a cheerleader" kind of mentality a teenager would have. So the issue with Howard is he stopped mentally in his teenage state. Hes initially is too scared to leave his mother and also quilted by his mother. He needs to learn to grow up but initially hes scared to leave his mom, and hes scared to be on his own. Even the fact he has raj might show something. So perhaps he is suffering from Codependency. When he got a girlfriend he finally decided "Maybe I do want to grow up".
  5. Have you ever put butter on your Pop-tart? Its so friken good! Have you ever put butter on your Pop-tart? If you haven't you probably should.

  6. Oh sorry. I had not seen it. I think I fall into Geek category.
  7. Are you a nerd, dork, dweeb or geek?
  8. When does Season 8 COME OUT? I know its moving to mondays but when is season 8 premiere?
  9. The people complaining about this show are not really the ones who watch it. More the people who want to get it pulled or believe its nothing but stereotypes.
  10. was wondering the same thing.
  11. Did you not watch the psychic episode? That is what this post is about. So either you did not read the post or you did not watch the episode where She told Leonard about the Psychic. In the psychic episode which I was referring to Leonard gets upset and starts mocking Penny for going to a psychic. He was a real jerk about it. When he told Howard he said letting her believe in a psychic and not speaking up would be "Giving up his intellectual integrity". Which it wasn't but he took it that personally. I cant link you the episode since we are not allowed to put unofficially posted content on this website and I already got in trouble once for that. So sorry if you missed that episode. In a later episode Season 7 Sheldon goes with Penny to see a psychic and he tells the psychic basically that "They are dishonest and spreading false information in order to swindle people out of their money".(Dont remember exactly what Sheldon said to the psychic so I am summing it up). He seemed to take it out more on the psychic and unlike Leonard did not take it personally as an attack on his own intellectual integrity. If you want to buy the seasons though you might be able to find 1-6 online just so you are caught up. The leonardxPenny episode was from one of the earlier seasons. That or you can purchase single episodes off amazon. This also seems to be where a lot of the conflict between him and penny comes from. Why penny often feels like Leonard is looking down on her. Sheldon ends up being blunt and saying rude things but usually he says exactly whats on his mind. Its not that he is trying to hurt anyone. He might even say it without really caring about the fact. Like when he points out Penny slept with a lot of men. He is simply pointing it out but it does not mean he necessarily cares either way. Oh and here I found the exact Leonard quote Doesn't make me psychic! ... In order to keep having a sexual relationship with Penny, I have to give up everything I believe in-- myintellectual integrity, the very nature of who I am?
  12. Well that is why I trying to figure out the rating. To figure out if its suitable for children.
  13. Is it? Since it just came on the News channel tonight.
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