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  1. I been gone for a long while too! =D I just came back from Holiday. I hope everyone is doing fantastic
  2. Omg people auctully playing my game! =D rain washes out suntan lotion.
  3. Well you cant really get rid of Sheldon. Considering he tends to be a bit of a mascot for the show and many of the episodes are revolve around what Sheldon doing. So anyone who wants Sheldon out of the show don't want to watch big bang theory. If Sheldon was never in this show I don't think I would have ever watched it to begin with. Sheldon dating I was never against but to be honest I thought it was going to be someone a little different from Amy. Though thinking about it Sheldon getting a girlfriend is very hypocritical considering the beginning season he makes a big deal of pointing out that people are weak and always give into their primal instincts.
  4. Another thing I noticed. In the first episode Leonard argues with Sheldon about whats on his board. Leonard says "At least I don't need 26 dimensions to bring the math out" which is something that follows string theory. In the episode where he dates one of Sheldon Arch enemy Leonard states he believes in string not loop theory. So she breaks up with him over the disagreement. So why did he disagree with it in the first episode?
  5. Speculations for what might happen if you mix FluorantimonicAcid vs Liquid Nitrogen in equal amounts. was going to put sulfuric acid but apparently this was stronger.
  6. I cant find information on when season 8 premieres. Does anyone know the exact date?
  7. Well actually that is not true. They show him deal with some very disrespectful children in one of the episodes and he seems much more tolerant than Bernie and Bernie said she doesn't like children. Despite Bernie being generally sweet with everyone else. So you cant apply that. Since Bernie is so sweet to her friends you think she would be sweeter to children and she hates children. Howard is rude to his mother but he tolerates children. I think Howard probably has resentment towards his mother because he feels he has to take care of his mom because his dad left. I think as an adult hes sick of being tied down to his mother but he feels he cant leave her because she needs him to take care of him. I also think he has issues letting go of his mother since hes been with her so long and she always babied him. I think his mind set is kind of like that of a teenagers. He loves his mom but he doesn't want his mom to embarrass him. I don't think he has progressed passed that teenager mind set and even when you saw how he acted with Bernie he was very much a teenager. "I got a chick who plays trombone but I want a cheerleader" kind of mentality a teenager would have. So the issue with Howard is he stopped mentally in his teenage state. Hes initially is too scared to leave his mother and also quilted by his mother. He needs to learn to grow up but initially hes scared to leave his mom, and hes scared to be on his own. Even the fact he has raj might show something. So perhaps he is suffering from Codependency. When he got a girlfriend he finally decided "Maybe I do want to grow up".
  8. Have you ever put butter on your Pop-tart? Its so friken good! Have you ever put butter on your Pop-tart? If you haven't you probably should.

  9. Acquired taste means you keep doing it till you like it. Meaning these people are forced to watch till they eventually like it. So I doubt anyone is going to keep watching a show they dislike just because they want to acquire the taste for it. There is nothing wrong with just NOT liking something. It doesn't mean you need to acquire it. I also did not like Family Guy because of ACQUIRED taste I just watched it and liked it. If not I would have shut it off. Why don't you try educating yourself before you start using words you don't understand? Such as if you are given snails a lot you are going to enjoy eating it because you were always fed that. They kept playing the song "Soldier boy" that everyone else loved and no matter how much they played it I still hate that song. So I don't think stuff like television and music is something you can always acquire. Someone can like nothing but Japanese media and be from the US. Which is contrary to the idea because that means they should love only American media Since that is what they are exposed to. If you don't like it you simply don't like it. You can hear rap all your life and hate rap. I personally hate rap even though it seemed to be very popular for awhile. People have different likes and dislikes and its silly to think the only reason a person can like something is because they were around it a lot. So no not everything is an acquired taste and you have the right to not like it and to like something does not mean we all initially hated it to begin with. I am sure everything you like was not something you were just forced into liking either. People have different tastes and you need to realize that. New Simpsons kind of messed up the continuity since they redid all the character origin stories. I personally watched most of these series but most of them I have gotten bored of. American dad, Cleveland show, Simpsons, Futurama, South-park, Family guy. I didn't really care for Cleveland show though. Have you ever put butter on your poptart?
  10. Oh sorry. I had not seen it. I think I fall into Geek category.
  11. Are you a nerd, dork, dweeb or geek?
  12. Yeah I know its probably not close enough to Halloween or anything but I always thought this episode was funny. In the costume episode Sheldon goes as the "Doppler effect" and I also thought of a nerdy costume. Its called the refractive light costume. It would be a white shirt, rainbow hair, rainbow suspenders, black overalls and rainbow wrist bands. The joke is that rainbows are made out of refractive light. Therefore being a rainbow would show you are representing refractive light. What are some nerdy costume ideas you can think of? Not to be confused with reflective like a mirror which is bouncing it.
  13. When does Season 8 COME OUT? I know its moving to mondays but when is season 8 premiere?
  14. (I dont understand how Sheldon thought this was reasonable since this would probably created damage to his hand.) Paper disproves spoc
  15. How are you going to fit them both in there? I LIKE SHELDON in my pants
  16. The people complaining about this show are not really the ones who watch it. More the people who want to get it pulled or believe its nothing but stereotypes.
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