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  1. Hahahahah because I never liked the fictional stories I ever wrote... As a journalist, I do write a looot, but only about "real facts"... Also, because I'm not fluent in english... Did I explain myself alright? Hahahah
  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA I AM LOVING THIS THREAD! I've been working non-stop this weekend, traveling to write an article (I'm journalist) and I was in the middle of Amazon rain forest, with no internet signal at all, but just thinking of Shamy made me smile <3
  3. "I guess I'm silly sometimes" made me cry. That was hard to see, even knowing what's going to happen next. I think that when Sheldon hears from Amy that she wants to be with him again, he just can't think about anything else. He will get that song stuck on his head and we all know what it means ❤
  4. @ATOB I don't agree with you, but I must say your point of view is really interesting. In fact, it was the most interesting post I've read in this thread in a veeeery (veeeeerrryyyy) long time.
  5. I still don't know how to process all these news. I want to laugh and cry at the same time... I'm SO HAPPY!
  6. Thanks for the information! What about the box we saw that Jim was carrying? @madamocho ok, I just read your post, thank you
  7. Wow!!! Season 9 is starting pretty intense. Thank you so much for the spoilers, girls ❤❤❤ How is Sheldon? Angry? Sad?
  8. I wanna watch this episode so much (especially the make out scene) that makes me wanna cry. And I'm sure it isn't because of PMS.
  9. Based on what the girls said about the taping, I thought his hand would be a little higher (I know, I am a little obsessed, but hey... can you blame me?)
  10. I think I'm falling in love with Shamy all over again
  11. I AM JUST SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!! I got goosebumps looking at these photos! OMG, HIS HAND! I MEAN, HIS HAND!!! All I can think about is where would be that hand later if he hadn't mentioned The Flash. SORRY. NOT SORRY. Also, YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST FANDOM!
  12. Hey guys, remember that day when Sheldon made out with Amy?! AND HE HAD A RING?! *insert a gif of Leonard saying "whaaaaat?"*
  13. I am dying slowly with these descriptions of the makeout scene and BTS stuff. (By the way, you are AWESOME, Michy, I love your writing!)
  14. It is just me that saw Shamy seated next to each other on the couch in this promo and started to think that what Sheldon really wants to do is have a makeout session with Amy right there? And that they will be doing this soon? hahahahah
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