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  1. HOLY MOLY THEY GET THEIR MOVIE KISS ???????????????????? SOBBING!!!
  2. Do we know if Sheldon was crying or teary??
  3. Now we know why the writers were stalling for so long. Also, this time it's better because we know he's not just doing it out of pure jealousy. ☺️☺️
  4. you made me cry on the train ????
  5. Ok I'm too sad for anything right now... but when he said "I'm going to ask her to marry me" My stomach literally jumped
  6. Sheldon has gone back to robot, to protect himself. It was inevitable.
  7. "I taste good too" ... He so wants her
  8. Duuuude! I was hoping it was a pic from a recent taping... Amy in Sheldon's shirt! I wish...
  9. Does anyone know when/where this photo came from?
  10. Ok, so, I've read through all the comments and I think there is one thing we're all forgetting. Amy is socially inexperienced! She's never had a boyfriend before, she's never broken up with someone before. While I do still believe it's cliché that she turned to another man after being heart broken, I think that's what she did it! The only examples of romance she's ever seen were in movies/tv shows, and in her friends' relationships. Now, it seems to me that she's asked herself "What will help me ease my pain?" and tried all the ways she only knows how. She turned to another man, because she thought it would make it easier for her. I hate the fact that another guy kissed her, and I bet she does too. That is, if this guy is even a date. If Stephen is going to be a recurring character (oh my god I hope so!!!) I really really think he will be family.
  11. Something struck me regarding the SF trip while I was watching this episode.. It might be just Logan and her wishful thinking again... but what if Sheldon bought the tickets before he and Amy broke up? Maybe he was planning on porpoising the night with the dreaded flash incident, and got Lenny a trip away so he and Amy could have some alone time ;) just my crazy brain.. but anything's possible?
  12. Guys I found something to relax everyone. http://youtu.be/6YdsWCuuHb8 It's a nine hour long video of SHAMANIC flute music. It will soothe your souls.
  13. I agree there can be such thing as too much drama, and it is a sitcom. But the writers have kind of written themselves into a corner regarding Shamy, there wasn't much for them to do.. They probably thought that if they moved forward, everyone would be satisfied and stop watching. Which of course isn't true, married life Shamy is going to be gold! But I think this will create unique storylines and in the end, our Shamy will be ok :)
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