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  1. On 8/4/2017 at 4:33 PM, Jonny said:

    Such a great list @wowbagger, I agree with all of them! :)

    Depends how they plan out the wedding (assuming it's going to happen this season) but I reckon we could see a lot more PAmyDette. I kind of wonder how much of a Bridezilla Amy might be and what crazy shit she might rope her friends into lol. I haven't forgotten some of the stuff she came up with when they were getting married LOL!

    The more PAmyDette the better as far as i'm concerned, you can't go wrong with them.

    Hee! I think I'd be weary of a 'traditionally' Bridezilla Amy? But man I would LOVE to see Penny and Bernie go to some sort of RenFayre mediaeval reenactment thing that Amy's been banging on about, and expect to hate it but get suuuuuuuper caught up in, like, a bowls or falconry tournament. 

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  2. 14 hours ago, serena_1995 said:

    I feel the opposite.  Many might disagree, but some of my favorite funny moments in the show have been because of Sheldon and the girls. Sheldon/Penny/Amy dealing with the infested chair in 4B ? Sheldon/Penny/Amy tiara scene ? Sheldon going on girls' night and Amy helping him with Sheldon vs Priya war in Agreement Dissection? That was all very funny IMO. 

    I'll second the love for Sheldon with the girls, particularly that time he gatecrashed their boozing times. That occasion's a standout to me because it is one of the very few times that Sheldon is the straight man, reacting to other people's craziness. More of that, please! By which I mean 'Sheldon as the straight man', though I do also enjoy Sheldon Cooper and his Council of Ladies.

    14 hours ago, serena_1995 said:

    Anyway, I do want more balance and want them to mix up dynamics.  Instead of only girls alone/boys alone episodes(I didn't like some mildly gendered episodes like Positive Negative or Locomotive Reverberation) I would love Howard with the girls..or Sheldon with the girls.  If done well, it would add some unpredictability from a situational comedy perspective. And may be one of the girls can hang out with the guys on their guys' night  ? a rare Howard/Amy/Leonard plot ? why not ?

    Yeah, I think it's always a good and healthy sign if a show mixes up its character dynamics. It's a sign of confidence in the ensemble's chemistry.

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  3. 16 hours ago, Tensor said:

    I haven't gone back to check on that.  If you give me a few weeks, I'll check it for you.  And, a question, for two and three, do you want just Lenny vs Sheldon?  The problem there would be Sheldon isn't alone very much.  Or would you want a comparison to Sheldon with others, except Lenny) and Lenny with others, except Lenny, along with Shenny time?  Or, just total screen time for each of the characters, and each of the couples, no matter who they are with.   

    For season four, would you want a comparison of alone time for Lenny and Shamy?  Or time with Shamy and others, except Lenny) and Lenny and others, except Shamy.  

    I'm asking as there are so many different ways to separate it.

    Maybe this will be my summer project.  Check on various different screen times for each of the years.   

    data nerd question: How does one define 'sheldon scene'? Or 'howard scene' etc.? Does a scene with the character in it count? Does the character have to have speaking lines? Or does the character not even need to be present, but be referred to?

    and also, that's quite a lot of footage. Do you do it manually or use some sort of scraping tool? (pushes glasses up nose)

    er - PM me, if I'm boring everyone else!

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  4. favourite moments in no particular order:

    shamy argument in 10.04, with Lenny in the peanut gallery

    Leonard dance moves in 10.04

    shamy/lenny duelling secret languages 10.07

    buridan's donkey

    pamydette lying/gossipping scenes in 10.02

    howard/raj mission impossible scenes when trying to reach the crib

    Howard reminiscing about his mother with bernie

    shamy science disses when collaborating

    'like a rat pack peewee herman'.

    Tami Jo! TAMI JO! TAMI JO!


    least favourite moments in no particular order:

    Sheldon being drugged by his partner, tee hee!

    Sheldon being ordered out of the room by Mean Mommy Amy, tee hee!

    the tragic origins of the triple knock. Oy to the vey.

    Leonard bragging about landing the hot girl at apeist-con

    Leonard being a friday-faced sourpuss over his wife's career unhappiness, and then being validated by the show

    bert and his love life

    and I have a feeling I am not going to love what they do to Ramona's character either.

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  5. Okay, I thought this one was delightful. I've put my Shamy thoughts in the Shamy thread, so for the rest, in no particular order:

    - I am a little sad that this was another episode in which a story about a woman's career (Amy's in this case) was essentially taken over by her male partner's feelings. I liked the execution much better this time around, but come on show - you don't have a quota of girls' stories that has been basically exhausted by Bernie, do you?

    - Speaking of Bernie: man, Melissa Rauch is on fire this season. They have just hit the sweet spot with Howardette, haven't they? After dickering about in the Oedipal wilderness for so long, they've finally discovered the formula: Howard is pervy on the outside but a sappy romantic on the inside, Bernie looks like a little cookie-baking elf on the outside, but inside is a maelstrom of, okay, rage, but also some really rather....twisted.......thoughts, directed squarely at her sexy greyhound. The movie just got rated 'R', indeed.

    - The visual gag of the empty 3A slew me!

    - But yikes, what an unceremonious end to the gyroscope plot. I mean, it's no secret that I thought it was dull and executed poorly, but poor guys. And what a waste of Dean Norris.

    - both Shamy and Howardette had plots about how they were dealing with loss or disappointment. How about Lenny? Shamy had Sheldon stepping up when dealing with two losses, Howardette had the couple reminding each other of their dysfunctional coping mechanisms, and I would have liked Lenny to triangulate by following up on Penny's career from last episode. Maybe have Leonard throw himself into helping Penny look for other jobs? 

    - so......what was the point of having Raj drift from place to place, again?

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