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  1. I am reminded of stories of my mum and aunts going to the movies as girls and taking my uncle with them - for, as they put it, 'scarecrow value'. Some pipsqueak tried to harass my mum and aunts. The girls gave him a good ticking-off in chaste Kannada and English (neither of which the would-be harasser understood) and said scornfully to their big buff brother 'fat lot of use you were, scarecrow'. my uncle has never gone to the movies with his sisters since. Fifty years and counting. (obviously this is not to minimise harassment, or even the actual role that is expected of many big brothers in India and elsewhere. Just reminded of my uncle, still incredibly embarrassed by his sisters all those years later. And his indignant sisters.) was raj actually told he was responsible for priya? I don't remember. If he wasn't then I don't know if we can say 'indian brothers be like...'. 1 billion Indians, after all. At least 1 billion ways of BEING Indian.
  2. Big Bang's Little Bang? The Big Bang Corollary? The Big Bang Lemma? The Little Bang Theory? The Kid With The Two T-Shirts? (requires slightly specialised knowledge, that)
  3. Young Sheldon, eh? They're.....not even pretending to try, are they?
  4. I think for the story to have any sort of bite, we'd have had to see Beverley and Alfred interact, and we would have had to have a clear and sustained idea of Beverley nursing hurt beneath her clinical indifference. And even then, honestly why would we care all that much? I yield to no woman in my love of Christine Baranski, but in the context of the show I'm basically interested in what is going on with Beverley and Alfred only insofar as it affects Leonard (and by extension Penny). It's even harder to care when I have literally only met Alfred for the first time in the S9 finale, and the show hasn't done anything with Beverley and Alfred's interactions to suggest anything other than irritation - not in a passion-charged 'I hate you' way, but in an exhausted 'Oh here we fucking go' way. And, as you say, they didn't even do anything with the Mary/Alfred thing. The whole thing was a storm in a teacup. A cup with cold tea. That nobody actually ordered and nobody wanted to drink.
  5. Yeah, it was pretty mystifying who the audience was meant to be for that whole caper. How does one recurring character feel about another recurring character hooking up with another character introduced for the first time this episode? Tune in next season to find out! What effect will the possible liaison between their parents have on two characters who live together and already refer to each other as brothers? Tune in next season to find out! I mean, I might even have somewhat forgiven the show if it were going with the story of the Thawing of Ice Princess Beverley Hofstadter (only somewhat, though). But - um - not so much, eh? I mean, honestly, is there a viewer - regular or casual - who is so invested in the sexual shenanigans of the extended families of the show's main characters? Or is there a thriving community of Judd Hirsch/Laurie Metcalfe 'shippers out there? There may be, for all I know. And I guess they got their itches kinda sorta not-really scratched?
  6. To be fair, that line was actually not the most objectionable part of the Lenny plot in that episode - at least to me. The Central Casting Nerds objectifying Penny, and Leonard crowing over how he landed her (with an obviously miserable and uncomfortable Penny sitting behind him) is MY least favourite bit.
  7. For me (and I stress that I am speaking only for myself), my issue is not even that Leonard kissed Mandy. I loathe that he did it, and I absolutely consider it cheating, but look, everyone is allowed one drunken mistake. If he'd freaked out about it and told Penny immediately, I would have said 'yeah, it sucks and you're absolutely allowed to be angry, but it was one kiss, he clearly feels awful about it and he told you immediately.' but Leonard didn't follow that course, did he? Because - well - the showrunners had yet to come up with that brilliant plot twist. But okay, onscreen all we know is that Leonard says he kissed a girl who was not his girlfriend, said nothing about it for two years, and after he confessed, penny forgave him and they got married, he let slip the not-irrelevant detail that he sees the little chippy every day. And was pissy and defensive and not nearly apologetic enough about THAT little crime of omission. that's beginning to be my problem. but my biggest problem? Is that the show immediately bent over backwards to make it not be leonard's fault. His crime wasn't infidelity! His crime was self-sabotage! Leonard would never have had the guts to cheat before he was with Penny! So, in a way, it's kind of HER fault! (never mind that we were shown that leonard was contemplating cheating on Priya, yeah? Yeah). Leonard can never ever be guilty of a sin of commission or omission! Leonard's only crime is loving too much and daring too little! and that is MUCH more my problem. I am happy to root for Leonard even if he's done an awful thing, so long as he learns and grows from it. But when he is scooped up and clucked over and shielded from any serious moral consequence like the shittiest spoiled brat in school, I turn off. so I think it is a perfectly valid decision to say 'well, it's fine, penny forgave him'. I agree, she did, and that is what matters. But I can't help feeling that as far as the showrunners are concerned, it's not a question of forgiveness, so much as rewriting the law to say that no crime occurred. stupid Boat Kiss. Stupid, ugly, contrived, shittily-written, half-digested Boat Kiss. Blech.
  8. Well, you could argue that zuckerberg's hoodie and jobs's black turtleneck are dress codes in and of themselves... http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=steve+jobs&prmd=ivnsp&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwi-36nV19HSAhUIj1QKHV02Ae8Q_AUIBigB#mhpiv=7
  9. 'Once More, with Feeling' basically redeemed Season Six for me. Agree with the problem of the episode length, grrrr. oh man I would love, love, LOVE for ShAmy to have a 'Pasadena Scientist' song. Or -oo,oo! - in line with their 'snark improves cognition' storyline, a rap battle! 'You put the 'null' in 'null hypothesis'/ 'well, you put the 'fail' in 'fail to reject'!'/ 'Face it, I just took you to school, little lady'/ 'school? Where you got an 'f' in every subject?' and so forth.
  10. happy happy, Jonny! Have a fabulous day!
  11. yeah, look at portraits of Raleigh and so on. Velvet, silks, ruffs, EXTREMELY tight tights, pearl earrings...and there's still no question that the guy is an adventurer and a fighter and a jouster and can do some serious damage. If you look at the Regency era, that's where you can see the modern austere look for men get its start. But upper-class men were still expected to have beautifully-tailored and very expensive clothes. And they were still, you know, duelling and bare-knuckle-boxing and the like. Basically, fashion and more stereotypically 'masculine' activities weren't seen as incompatible. and I agree, there's still a money barrier but it's cheaper to express an interest in fashion. Probably there were always ways - it's just that the upper classes are better documented...
  12. and of course it is quite a modern idea that men aren't supposed to care about their appearance and clothes and whatnot. Up until the mid-19th century in western countries, there was no social stigma attached to men caring about clothes and grooming (in fact, the opposite). The only barrier was money, not gender.
  13. I know nobody (except me) wants to see a musical episode of TBBT...but Johnny Galecki needs to do more dancing on the show. Look at those hips. Shakira (and Bollywood) would be proud.
  14. it's possible (anything is possible). But I also feel like if the showrunners want that ending, they'll have to get a move on. For one thing, they seem to be writing Sheldon and Amy as pretty happy and in sync. For another, neither Sheldon nor penny seems troubled by the other's relationship. Which brings me to the real issue: Even if Leonard and Amy were abruptly removed from the equation, Sheldon and penny have never shown any romantic or sexual interest in each other. No lingering, ambiguous hugs, no long wistful looks, no charged slow-dancing, no 'have you ever wondered if...?' Every time the question is brought up - and particularly in recent times - the conclusion has been an outright 'i think of you as a brother/sister'. Not in the panicked, flustered manner of someone combating roiling, illicit desires. But in the loving, firm manner of someone telling the truth. Of course Sheldon and penny love each other. But the writers have done a tidy job of saying that the love is that of a sibling. And never mind their romantic travails, that's a much harder barrier to overcome if the writers want them to get jiggy with it.
  15. I am glad that Sheldon chose science, and I would hope that Amy would too. I mean, she sort of already has, yes? Didn't she need to be lured back into continuing cohabitation #ForScience? Also, I don't see it as one over the other. Their love of science is so fundamental to who they are. It's such a huge part of what drew them to each other, and it's such a big part of their relationship already. I can't really root for people in a relationship unless they make sense for me as individuals. ShAmy's personhood and their individuality, for me, is a massive part of why I enjoy them together. And science and their arrogance and their intellectual snobbery are such huge, huge parts of that. I don't know, I guess I would see a 'me or science?' ultimatum as almost a 'me or our baby?'. Unthinkable. and the ShAmy already have a baby! And Sheldon is already trying to win it away from Mommy! Sigh. Oh this season.
  16. THANKS, RJ! I HOPE YOU HAD FUN! SHAMY WORKING TOGETHER EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER MIND PROPOSALS AND BABIES, THIS - THIS - IS WHAT I WAS WAITING FOR! * AW. FUCK. YEAH. AND SNARK HELPS THEIR COGNITIVE PROCESSES?!?! Squee gun? Squee gun? Where my squee gun at? oh, THERE you are. I know the last few nice-enough-but-meh episodes had you allllll excited. I know you'd had your heart set on that holiday in the Caribbean. But sorry, pal. It's all hands on deck, I'm afraid. *(obviously no offence meant to anyone who wanted proposals and babies)
  17. on a shallow note: Nayyar looks awfully cute here. That's a better hair-part for him than Raj's usual near-middle, tamped-down look.
  18. Hee! Ah, that line. The source of so much speculation and angst. If the showrunners remember that line, I will eat my hat. But also: Well, as mirs points out, it's an equivocal story at best how Amy feels about marriage. Even in the episode where Amy found out that Sheldon had a ring, she said 'who says I want to get engaged?' And something about not wanting the stupid ring? And for every weepy reference to marriage, we have an Amy who puts the brakes on Sheldon's own desire to move forward. We have consistent evidence that Amy wants proof that Sheldon thinks about the two of them as a unit. Where marriage and babies enter into the picture is a slightly different thing.
  19. Yeah, but it's Sheldon who's obsessed with children and eggs and whatnot. Has Amy shown much anxiety about that on-screen? Incidentally, the only way that I'd like the proposal issue to be resolved is for Amy to realise that she doesn't need the sodding ring to prove that Sheldon loves her or is committed to her. That stupid weepy breakdown in the car is basically the only sodding time recently that Amy's whined about marriage and progress - especially given the warp-speed at which they've moved this season. Before that it was Amy who wanted a time-out, Amy who was dating other dudes, Amy who wanted back into the relationship with no conditions, Amy who took coitus off the table during the moving-in episode, Amy who needed to be manipulated into continuing cohabitation, and Amy who hightailed it when Sheldon wanted to drop trou and make babies. But yeah, sure, one moment where Amy is trying to play along with Penny and Bernie's frustrations, and the show would like you to ignore all other available evidence and believe that Amy's desperate for a ring, is unhappy with where her relationship is at, Sheldon's a flight-risk, etcetera etcetera etcetera. Now, to be clear: Amy's allowed to want to get married. Nobody's saying no. I'm just saying that it's a bit of a stretch for the show to pull that card given that Amy's the one who has repeatedly put the kibosh on precipitate forward momentum and hasn't otherwise shown all that keen an appetite for formal/traditional arrangements. And also, sadly, there's been too much blood under the bridge with the push/pull for me to relish more of it. If there must be a proposal, I'd like it to be pretty matter-of-fact. In fact....hey, @April, do you remember ages back when we were spitballing about a Shamy wedding, and you floated the idea of a Shamy wedding happening offscreen and for the pair to bring it up with shrugged shoulders? I would be completely on board. Just basically: 'oh yeah, we got married. Now if you'll excuse us, we've got a Renaissance Fayre to go to!'
  20. The thing is, the show's done the push/pull so often with Sheldon and Amy that I sincerely never want them to go that route ever, ever, ever again. Basically, I don't want any source of tension or conflict about that goddamn proposal, because I do. Not. Trust. These writers. We've already had a burnt Sheldon. We've had a long period of Amy urging progress while Sheldon dug his heels in. Neither was fun. So the only source of conflict with a proposal that would not be either of these is an idea that I've seen on this thread which is that Amy gets posted somewhere else. Which I'm also not a fan of - this whole 'career or love' shit that women are so often asked to do in fiction. Plus, the 'career vs marriage/ long-distance' thing on some level was already kind of addressed with Wolowitzes and space, no? No, I don't trust the writers to come up with a neat conflict with a Shamy proposal at all. Also, I may be in the minority here, but I'm actually okay with them never having the proposal rear its ugly head for the remainder of the show. I mean, they're already living together and are clearly committed to each other. A proposal might be very nice, but what will it materially alter about where they are? And hey, there's stuff to do with the couple before then. Give Amy work-related conflicts that she and Sheldon can come up with (possibly harebrained, then reasonable) solutions to! Let them work together again, and bicker over the direction of their project, if you need to have conflict between the pair. Wheel out Amy's family, now that the show has decided that she has two parents! Have Amy stick up for Sheldon to her family, or go toe-to-toe with Leslie! Sheldon's already done those things for Amy, it would be nice for the show to have Amy be the dragon-slayer. Why not?
  21. It really is the prefect example, isn't it? Even after Leonard got the hot girl, the only story the writers seem to be able to write for this couple is 'Leonard + Hot Girl'. Horrible. Poor Penny. Not that Penny's escaped unscathed, of course. Leonard not putting in any effort, romance-wise? Leonard 'making' her stay with Sheldon? Bitch (and I say this with love), please. What is this but the writers' inability to conceive of any stories to tell with Lenny except generalised, poorly-explained and inorganic discontent? And I maintain that the problem is that the writers seem largely incapable of writing storylines for Leonard except for Lenny storylines - often with a largely gratuitous insertion of Sheldon. I know lots of my Lenny friends think that this is because of the writers' infatuation with Sheldon, and I'm sure that's a big part of the problem. But here is my theory about the rest of the problem. Conflict drives stories. This is understood. But when there are lots of elements in your fictional life, there are many sources of conflict. Yes, your relationship can be one of them. But so can work, family, friends, politics, hobbies etc.etc.etc. The more active all these elements are for both partners, the happier and healthier their onscreen relationship is likely to be. Whereas if all you've got going for you in your fictional life is your relationship, then guess what? Your relationship is the only source of conflict. Which means that all your stories will in some way involve dissatisfaction with your partner. Whereas if your fictional life is rich in other elements, you'll often be tackling that conflict with your partner. You and your partner, against the problem du jour. What could be more romantic than that? Honestly, this afflicts all the couples on the show. Here's Howardette as an example. For so long they were stuck in this horrible rut of 'Bernie morphing into Howard's mum, yelling at her slob of a husband'. Then came the pregnancy and the baby, and now they seem united in the face of a common - well, 'enemy'. Obviously not an enemy. But an issue that they need to work out how to solve, together. We need some breathing space, narratively, for Leonard and Penny. Give them their own plotlines, and sources of external conflict. Then let them face down the common enemy together. While bantering and cracking wise on their couch. I'd like that, I think.
  22. I think it's solvable once the writers realise that there is - there has to be - more to Leonard than their own avatar. Remember when Leonard got Howard and Sheldon to help him with outreach programmes to get young women interested in STEM subjects? When he corralled Raj and Howard to look into the notes of a dead colleague? That Leonard is compassionate and principled and courageous in his own way. Big, big fan of that Leonard. And also - whaddayaknow? - has naff-all to do with his sadsack childhood. Or if you want to keep bringing up that sadsack childhood, lean in. Bring back that nice shrink. Have Leonard deal with his own issues. Why not? And as to Penny: once Leonard's having non-Lenny adventures, the writers will be more free to give Penny adventures that do not directly and primarily affect her relationship with Leonard. Even her career angst was front-loaded with 'but how does this affect Lenneeeeee???????' And, to be clear, obviously there's going to be some discussion about how the deep unhappiness of one person affects the people in her life. But why not let Penny have troubles with a co-worker and bitch about them to Leonard, for example? Let them brainstorm solutions together? That does happen, you know? People actually treat their loved ones as a source of strength, rather than as an obstacle, a source of anxiety, or the Stasi from whom secrets (and bank accounts) must be kept? And in fact, Lenny did use to bounce ideas off each other and draw on each other for comfort.
  23. Interesting point. I've been thinking of (some of) the writers as the Leonard in the Lenny relationship for some time now. By which I mean that I think a subset of the writers projects onto Leonard. They are fiercely protective of the idea of Leonard as a bullied, unloved, long-suffering martyr who will be rewarded for his suffering with The Hot Girl Next Door. And that protectiveness, sadly, stifles Leonard as anything except the vessel of these writers' vicarious pinings. And as the life is choked out of Leonard, so it is choked out of Lenny. Why do I bring up Leonard specifically? After all, Penny suffers too (and we'll get to that in a moment). Well, I think Leonard suffers more because it's very rarely that he's allowed to do anything that will harm the cherished conception of him as a much-abused (and therefore much-deserving?) toad under the harrow. He might do things that would throw up temporary roadblocks to the Ultimate Felicity of Getting The Hot Chick Next Door (see: Boat Kiss). But the writers will speedily - but speedily - spin it as a minor infraction, for which he is not to blame, and for which nobody is allowed to be angry with him in any substantial way. He bitches about his living situation repeatedly and it is never brought to his attention that at least part of the solution to his ills lies within him. Leonard? Lamb-chop? You don't like living with Sheldon? Move. You've had a long-term, committed relationship for a long time. Even after you married, you continued to live with Sheldon. Granted, it was sweet of you to bunk with him when he was miserable. What.....was your reason to continue cohabitation after he reconciled with Amy and was no longer miserable? Especially since you had Schrodinger's Student Debt? And this is important, because it means that (some of) the writers resolutely refuse to see Leonard as anything except an object of pity and/or envy (with The Landing Of The Hot Chick). Which means that they don't see Leonard as a dynamic, evolving character with his own flaws. Understand me, these problems may exist with all of the other characters. But they are really noticeable in Leonard. And if you don't see Leonard as a guy with his own journey, but rather as a SIMS avatar with the end goal of The Hot Chick...well, what do you do when The Hot Chick Is Gotten? Which is where the problems with the writing of The Hot Chick enter into the picture. Now, Penny doesn't suffer in the same way. Nobody seems as protective of her in the writers' room. Perhaps even the opposite: the frequent slut-shaming, the grotesque misogyny of putting her at the mercy of a member of the male cast while blind-drunk. Twice. Oh, Penny suffers. BUT. She is also allowed to hang out with the rest of the cast and have her own equation with them. In fact, i would argue that it is Penny's friendships that actually constitute the heart of the show. Penny is allowed to have dimensions and angles that poor Leonard hasn't been allowed to have in a while. But she is also The Hot Chick, and it is understood that Leonard's story ends when The Hot Chick Has Been Gotten and Poor Leonard Goes To His Earthly Reward. But there are more episodes to write, and Leonard's got to be in them. So what is a poor writer, Mary Sueing for all (s)he is worth, even to do? Well, the only solution is for rumours of The Gottenness of the Hot Chick to have been greatly exaggerated. Deploy the Discontent of the Hot Chick! Romantic Discontent! Nebulously-Defined and Fundamentally Irresolvable Discontent! So long as The Hot Chick's eyes turn towards the horizon - any horizon - the Hero's story remains to be told! And herein lies the problem. I like Penny and Leonard very much when they're allowed to be their own people. But so long as the writers see them only as Trophy and Vessel for Wistful Imaginings, respectively, they'll continue to suffer. And so will Lenny, whether or not they separate.
  24. Fascinating. Lovely of the original five to take a paycut (or to commute their payment in some way) to make sure the deal went through. But I am amazed and even slightly annoyed that it had to come to that. Holy shit WB were really digging their heels in on this one. Interesting - I would have thought that the balance of power would actually be with the cast rather than the producers. Huh.
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