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  1. With this new spoiler about Mary being in the scene and the reveal about the ring still taking place in the premiere, I definitely agree with those who think that this will be some sort of Skype call between Sheldon and his mother. It can either be her calling to check how the proposal went or him revealing to her that he was going to propose. Either way, he's going to have to tell his mother that he failed and that Amy left him, which I'm sure will be very hard for him. And then his mother, in true Mary style, will tell him to get off his butt and go after that girl because she's the best
  2. Aaaaahhhhh! I'm all freaking out with excitement now! My heart is pounding!
  3. Where did the ring spoiler come from? I mean, what's the source? I can totally see them slipping that in secretly, since yeah, we got nothing at all at the taping. Very interesting...
  4. That was exactly my point. That we should be mindful on ALL sides.
  5. I think one of the issues here is that it IS difficult to judge tone from something typed online, and I think we'd all benefit from trying to remember that when we type.
  6. I do hope that people will be willing to share some details as they attend tapings, because otherwise those of us who are spoiled will go insane. But if people aren't comfortable doing an entire TR I really can't say I blame them, mainly for the reasons stated above. It's always been a case where those who attend tapings do these writeups because they want to share with us, and I've always really appreciated that. I can understand why people are hesitant currently. It was great to see that Bill has no problem with it (which was evident since we haven't ever been told to stop), but the tw
  7. Agreed. And last season, that tub scene in Troll made me immediately think that they were preparing the audience as a whole for more intimate scenes with Shamy as well. I think, really, that for some people, they are going to have a really hard time picturing him doing anything remotely sexual, and these kinds of scenes are the writers' way of easing people into it. The sweeps are episodes 5-8, right? With the first Thursday being episode 5? I see some other numbers and just wanted to clarify.
  8. You're very welcome, and I'm glad it helped. I know this is rough for all of us, but I have no doubt they're doing this to strengthen Shamy and make them better than ever. No, I'm not going next week, sorry.
  9. One more thing I want to point out about the kiss. I don't know if this will help or not, but here's my thought. I was personally a bit concerned they might actually try to go down the road of Sheldon trying to date or kiss another girl to make Amy jealous. I have zero worries about it now, and here's why--they already got the shock of something like that out of the way. And although the idea of Shenny still makes me want to vomit, in a way, I'm glad it went down the way it did. I would much rather have it be with Penny because we KNOW that would NEVER EVER happen in "real life". They've
  10. Okay, as promised, I'm going to give my point of view about the taping for episode two. Once again, I haven't read any of the comments here, but I do know that a lot of people freaked out about the kiss, so I'm going to start with that. To be completely honest, we were pretty much all flipping our shit at that scene. I was screaming "Nooooo!!!!" It was quite horrific. We were joking later about how a photo of our faces would have looked at that exact moment. But here's the thing--yes, I still do want some brain bleach because just the thought of Shenny makes me want to throw up in my mout
  11. I responded to this, but somehow my post disappeared. Anyway, I would be happy to give my impression of episode 2. It might be the next morning like last time, but I'll definitely share.
  12. I'm so glad it helped! Yes, I'll be there. I'm really hoping for something a little more upbeat for number 2! Fingers crossed!!!
  13. That's why I asked if it WAS directed at me, because I wasn't sure, and I just wanted to clear up what I meant if it was. Okay, I guess I misread your comment about cheaters. Because Penny eluded to Amy thinking he was a bad boyfriend, I thought you were referring to her. Sometimes it's hard to get the context in something typed up online. This is what I actually said about the guys: "I also think the boys will be talking and the girls will be talking, and maybe the guys can help Sheldon start to see where he went wrong." Not necessarily that I HOPE it will, but I think it might. I can see
  14. Okay, so I lied, and I did read a few comments. I'm not sure if that first part was directed at me or not, but just in case it was, I want to point out that I did exactly the opposite of telling anyone how to feel. This is what I stated: "I know it's hard right now, and you're all perfectly capable of making your own decisions about how to feel and whether to continue to watch the show" I simply suggested we maybe try to give it a chance since we don't know exactly where it's all going yet. Also, I'm really confused about this two "cheaters" thing. Amy has NEVER cheated on Sheldon. I d
  15. Okay, I'm going to start out by letting you all know that I have read NO comments here from last night's taping, and I probably won't, because I need to not dwell on negative thoughts at the moment. I probably will also not be reading the comments to this post I'm making for the same reason. But after hearing that there's a lot of upset, I wanted to give you a perspective from someone who was at the taping. I do hope it will help a bit, and maybe start some more positive conversation (because all of us could use a bit of that right now). Also, I apologize in advance for the novel. This was
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