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  1. With this new spoiler about Mary being in the scene and the reveal about the ring still taking place in the premiere, I definitely agree with those who think that this will be some sort of Skype call between Sheldon and his mother. It can either be her calling to check how the proposal went or him revealing to her that he was going to propose. Either way, he's going to have to tell his mother that he failed and that Amy left him, which I'm sure will be very hard for him. And then his mother, in true Mary style, will tell him to get off his butt and go after that girl because she's the best thing that's ever happened to him. And deep down, Sheldon knows this. It would explain how we jumped from anger at the end of the premiere to him still going after her in episode two, because there's a missing tag scene that ties it all together. And now Sheldon is trying with renewed vigor and has no idea how to do this right. It's endearing and sweet and it's nice to see him work for it after all the work and patience Amy has put in. That's not to say that she's been perfect this whole relationship either, but she's been the one pursuing him most of the time, and I'm one of those fans who thinks it's great to see the tables turned a little bit. I agree with the comments that this won't drag out too long because the writers know Shamy is their cash cow. But at the same time, they're also aware that certain things need to be fixed in their relationship before they can truly move forward together in a happy, healthy way. That's what this breakup period is all about. And as I keep saying, the fact that Sheldon is still pursuing her lends so much damn hope, because it tells me that he won't give up until he has her back. The writers know what they're doing, and although I get nervous and anxious at times about this, I trust them. They love Shamy. They know how much WE love Shamy. And this whole plotline is to fix what needs to be fixed and move Sheldon into a place--in a believable manner--where he desires intimacy with Amy and is a bit more mindful of treating her right. And it's also going to move Amy into a place where she will be more willing and comfortable expressing her needs and knowing that she doesn't have to tiptoe around him any longer. Isn't this what most of us have been wanting? We've been waiting and waiting and WAITING for coitus and various other things, and this is the plotline that will lead us there. I know it's hard to watch them be apart for a while because we all love them so much and want them back together, but when they do reunite, it really will be explosive. I really have no doubt of that. It's hard for me to wait because I'm not a patient person, but I know the payoff will all be worth it in the end.
  2. Aaaaahhhhh! I'm all freaking out with excitement now! My heart is pounding!
  3. Where did the ring spoiler come from? I mean, what's the source? I can totally see them slipping that in secretly, since yeah, we got nothing at all at the taping. Very interesting...
  4. That was exactly my point. That we should be mindful on ALL sides.
  5. I think one of the issues here is that it IS difficult to judge tone from something typed online, and I think we'd all benefit from trying to remember that when we type.
  6. I do hope that people will be willing to share some details as they attend tapings, because otherwise those of us who are spoiled will go insane. But if people aren't comfortable doing an entire TR I really can't say I blame them, mainly for the reasons stated above. It's always been a case where those who attend tapings do these writeups because they want to share with us, and I've always really appreciated that. I can understand why people are hesitant currently. It was great to see that Bill has no problem with it (which was evident since we haven't ever been told to stop), but the tweeting him and harassing him needs to stop, and I can see why people might be hesitant to share when that kind of thing is going on. I whole-heartedly agree with this.
  7. Agreed. And last season, that tub scene in Troll made me immediately think that they were preparing the audience as a whole for more intimate scenes with Shamy as well. I think, really, that for some people, they are going to have a really hard time picturing him doing anything remotely sexual, and these kinds of scenes are the writers' way of easing people into it. The sweeps are episodes 5-8, right? With the first Thursday being episode 5? I see some other numbers and just wanted to clarify.
  8. You're very welcome, and I'm glad it helped. I know this is rough for all of us, but I have no doubt they're doing this to strengthen Shamy and make them better than ever. No, I'm not going next week, sorry.
  9. One more thing I want to point out about the kiss. I don't know if this will help or not, but here's my thought. I was personally a bit concerned they might actually try to go down the road of Sheldon trying to date or kiss another girl to make Amy jealous. I have zero worries about it now, and here's why--they already got the shock of something like that out of the way. And although the idea of Shenny still makes me want to vomit, in a way, I'm glad it went down the way it did. I would much rather have it be with Penny because we KNOW that would NEVER EVER happen in "real life". They've already established that the two of them feel like brother and sister to each other and that they're not in love with each other. Penny is married to Leonard now and Sheldon is still fighting to win back Amy's affections. As much as Intimacy is still not my favorite episode, I'm glad they did make that clear before anything like this occurred. And the best part is, this was a dream and not at all real, and it wasn't either of them who dreamed the scene. There will be no Sheldon kissing anyone in real life aside from Amy. There is absolutely no point after they gave us this shock.
  10. Okay, as promised, I'm going to give my point of view about the taping for episode two. Once again, I haven't read any of the comments here, but I do know that a lot of people freaked out about the kiss, so I'm going to start with that. To be completely honest, we were pretty much all flipping our shit at that scene. I was screaming "Nooooo!!!!" It was quite horrific. We were joking later about how a photo of our faces would have looked at that exact moment. But here's the thing--yes, I still do want some brain bleach because just the thought of Shenny makes me want to throw up in my mouth. BUT--I'm just so glad that it was a dream. A nightmare, in fact, and it came from Leonard's imagination. I was SO relieved when I realized it, and here's the thing: the writers TOTALLY did that scene for the shock value. I know some people are upset at the thought that Shamy will never have a scene that sexy, but that's where I disagree. Will it be that "raunchy" of a scene? Probably not. But there was no love in the Shenny dream kiss. It's a bit rough knowing that this was the "hottest" scene on BBT so far, and it was Shenny, but I really do believe that part of this is their way of setting up the audience and preparing us for a more sexual Sheldon. Clearly the REAL Sheldon still has no interest in Penny and is going after Amy rather vehemently. He's making sexual innuendos in regards to her and trying to make her jealous with comments implying he's got all these women, etc. Boy is waking up! And I truly do believe that their reunion is going to be hot. It's going to be passionate and tender and full of love, because that's what they deserve (and after five years of waiting, I think we all deserve it too! Not to mention, the writers kind of owe us a little after being such brats with that shocker). We've been waiting so long, and I know it's hard to see/hear about a scene like this, but that whole episode was so full of implication that it's becoming apparent he wants Amy in a physical way. Plus, the kiss was SO out of character for Sheldon that it just isn't believable. It was so over the top it's laughable. When he kisses Amy with that kind of passion it's going to be the REAL thing, and it's going to be SO Sheldon and that will make it even hotter. Just think--if they can show us a scene like that, what's in store for us for Shamy later? They've proven now that they're not afraid to go there. After giving it a lot of thought, I'm still not fond of the imagery. I still want brain bleach, but I can see the comedy in what they did and how they really wanted to throw us all for a loop for a few seconds, and the fact that it's not real is what makes it bearable. Now onto the rest. If you put the kiss scene aside, I think the rest of the episode--whether you can accept the dream kiss or not--is a good episode. It was definitely lighter and funnier than the premiere, which was what I was hoping for. It continues to give hope for Shamy, and there were a lot of sweet moments that show how much Sheldon still loves her and is trying (even when he gets snarky). I love that Sheldon is clearly still fighting for Amy. He's researching. He's trying things he's seen in movies, and he's probably googling stuff about it, and if he's researching and googling, what ELSE is he looking up? It's my belief that he's probably gathering intel on physical intimacy as well, because clearly it's on his mind a LOT. Unfortunately, the poor boy is trying all the wrong things right now and he's only making Amy madder, but there's going to be a point soon where he wakes up and realizes that he needs to try a different approach. My belief is that he's going to break down soon--most likely when Leonard moves out (which is probably coming really soon) and he's left alone. It's really going to hit him then. Right now he's still a bit cocky and is remembering the other times when Amy has gotten mad at him and he was able to convince her to forgive him and return to normal. He keeps thinking that he'll find the thing to win her back, but it's not working that way this time, and I'm honestly glad she's standing her ground this time because I really think it's needed for them to move forward together in a healthy, happy way. Amy needs to tell him what she needs and wants, and I think she's still trying to figure that out. Even though she's mad at him, it's clear that she's hurting too. She even tells him that it's hard for her as well. I think if he would give her the space she needs to think it all through she would be able to come to him and articulate her needs. And I think once Sheldon is hit with the realization that he can't just put a bandaid on things this time, he's going to grow as a person and start considering her needs more. And with the sexual thoughts that seem to be occupying his mind more and more lately, I can really see their reunion being explosive. (And remember: Molaro called the fact that Sheldon leaned in for more kissing in the finale "extremely telling"). Like I said before, they're setting all of this up so that BOTH of them can realize what they need/want and move forward together toward marriage, sex, and everything else. This brings me back to the idea of the five stages of grief that I mentioned in my post for episode 1, and that others have mentioned as well. Sheldon isn't really that angry anymore, but now he's bargaining. He's trying everything in the book to make her jealous or get her to take him back. As Amy said, she sees him more now that they're broken up than she even did when they were together. He's clearly pining over her and I'm really glad he hasn't lost his determination. He WILL figure things out and "win" her back. Next comes that depression I mentioned where he breaks down and realizes that things aren't so easy to fix this time, and he's going to be missing her desperately. Once he comes to the conclusion about the fact that he hasn't always been the most attentive to her needs, he will hit the acceptance stage. No, he won't accept that she's not his, but I think he will realize and accept the fact that he needs to give her space. This will be his most self sacrificing and humbling moment and it will show Amy that he truly cares about her feelings. And then once she's had that time to consider things, they can talk and move toward their future with a mutual understanding. I know it's hard not to react with knee-jerk emotions. Try being at this taping for that opening scene. But as we always say, things play out a bit differently on screen than what we see at the taping or what is conveyed in online details. I'm thinking they'll even probably cut the Shenny scene down a bit now that they got their initial audience reaction to it. I really do still have faith though. Putting the fake/un-Sheldony/nightmare kiss aside and just focusing on what REALLY happened and what was real in that episode, the Shamy is moving forward. It may not feel like it right now, but everything that is happening is bringing them a step closer to getting back together and learning how to be a couple in the long-term. And now that Lenny is fixed, there will be plenty of time to focus on this plotline and bring them back together in the best way possible.
  11. I responded to this, but somehow my post disappeared. Anyway, I would be happy to give my impression of episode 2. It might be the next morning like last time, but I'll definitely share.
  12. I'm so glad it helped! Yes, I'll be there. I'm really hoping for something a little more upbeat for number 2! Fingers crossed!!!
  13. That's why I asked if it WAS directed at me, because I wasn't sure, and I just wanted to clear up what I meant if it was. Okay, I guess I misread your comment about cheaters. Because Penny eluded to Amy thinking he was a bad boyfriend, I thought you were referring to her. Sometimes it's hard to get the context in something typed up online. This is what I actually said about the guys: "I also think the boys will be talking and the girls will be talking, and maybe the guys can help Sheldon start to see where he went wrong." Not necessarily that I HOPE it will, but I think it might. I can see how from your perspective (which was a good point) they may not be the best people to give Sheldon relationship advice. But what I was eluding to is that talking things through with friends often sheds a light on what you didn't necessarily see for yourself. Even just Leonard talking about what he did to screw things up with Penny (though an entirely different situation to Shamy's) could get Sheldon thinking, etc. I personally don't think Sheldon is a terrible boyfriend, but I do think that he still has some growing to do (as does Amy).
  14. Okay, so I lied, and I did read a few comments. I'm not sure if that first part was directed at me or not, but just in case it was, I want to point out that I did exactly the opposite of telling anyone how to feel. This is what I stated: "I know it's hard right now, and you're all perfectly capable of making your own decisions about how to feel and whether to continue to watch the show" I simply suggested we maybe try to give it a chance since we don't know exactly where it's all going yet. Also, I'm really confused about this two "cheaters" thing. Amy has NEVER cheated on Sheldon. I do think a big part of the Shamy relationship has been for Sheldon to grow and to learn to love someone, etc. He IS kind of the central character, and at first Amy was created to be his romantic interest. Having said that, the fact that they're starting to show Amy stand up for herself also seems to imply (at least in my opinion) that we ARE getting a bit of Amy growth in all of this. I think this break will be about them both coming to decisions about each other and growing together as a couple. In my own opinion, I do think that Amy will come to see that for better or worse, she wants Sheldon, even if she doesn't get all those conventional things. But I also think that there has to be give and take on his side as well. I believe they'll both learn how to compromise properly like any other couple.
  15. Okay, I'm going to start out by letting you all know that I have read NO comments here from last night's taping, and I probably won't, because I need to not dwell on negative thoughts at the moment. I probably will also not be reading the comments to this post I'm making for the same reason. But after hearing that there's a lot of upset, I wanted to give you a perspective from someone who was at the taping. I do hope it will help a bit, and maybe start some more positive conversation (because all of us could use a bit of that right now). Also, I apologize in advance for the novel. This was the most intense and depressing episode of BBT I have ever seen (for obvious reasons) and it went beyond what I was imagining, particularly with Lenny (who I really felt was left in a worse place than Shamy last night, to be honest). As for Shamy, it was both better and worse than I was imagining at the same time. What I loved was that Sheldon went after her right away. It was clear that this meant something to him. He wanted her back immediately. Heck, he even chased her down to the Wolowitz's house. Those moments were sweet and funny, and they showed that she matters so much to him. That gave me hope. Then, yes, after she broke it off completely, he was angry and upset. This to me, is totally Sheldon. He's confused and hurting and he's lashing out and trying to figure out how to deal with this. He's never been in this situation before, remember. I believe he's going through the stages of grief, the first and foremost being denial. Then he moved on to anger once he understood that she was calling things off with him. I'm hoping for some real bargaining and depression next--not because I want to see him hurting, but because it will show that he is NOT giving up on her. I've heard that there are people who think that way--that Sheldon will just give up on Amy now and will just never go after her. I don't think that could be further from the truth. It hurts right now as fans, and it's easy to get caught up in that hurt and our own emotions and reactions to it immediately and feel that things are hopeless. But it was clear to me how much this is affecting him. Amy finally standing up for herself when he puts her down/insults her was something that NEEDED to happen. That was why she told him she's breaking up with him, and I'm glad she took a stand. I'm not happy they're broken up; it hurts my heart. But just think about the reunion they will have later! Also, right after that when they were consoling her in the kitchen, she said that she hopes she did the right thing. She's doubting her choice. She clearly still loves him. And when Stuart tried to put the moves on her, she looked at him like "WTF!?!?" and made a comment about it being inappropriate. She's not over Sheldon, and I truly believe he's not over her. Let's look at this logically too. Season 8 was all about Sheldon growing more and them hitting so many milestones. Why would they do all of that and set it all up that way (even establishing that he loves her and has a RING) just to destroy the ship? I really think this season's beginning is about him learning some hard lessons that still need to be learned, and this was the way they thought it would be believable for someone like Sheldon. All that drama could have been a way for them to get us to go through this with him as well and to feel the hurt he's feeling. He loves her, he wants to spend the rest of his life with her, and then he's hit with this, and it's going to make him have to evaluate some things about himself and his relationship. He doesn't know how to cope right now (he was never expecting this, and that fact is also a part of him taking her for granted that he needs to wake up to) and will be going through some hard emotions until he comes to the realization that he screwed up. This is another step in his growth toward being a man, and being the right man to marry her. I know some people think that it's Amy who is being unfair/unreasonable after all the growth Sheldon has made, and people will argue that she knew what she was getting herself into, etc. But Amy has also grown as a person since they first got together, and she has needs of her own. She needs to be with someone who respects her and puts her first, and I don't think that's unreasonable at all. I want to remind you too to look back at previous seasons. Most of us hated when Sheldon would make snide comments to Amy and she would just let them roll off her back. We wanted her to grow a backbone and for Sheldon to be nicer. Would any of us put up with some of the things Sheldon does in real life? Or would we put up with feeling like we're not an equal or not held in as high regard as we should be, or if we were insulted frequently? He's gotten better about those things, but they still happen. And combined with her need for intimacy that from her perspective is still not returned, I can't blame her for needing to evaluate things. His insult was just the last straw. But even still, she's doubting that decision because she loves him. I think with her spelling it out for him that he's selfish and rude, it will get him thinking. And I think with Penny basically telling him he was a bad boyfriend to Amy, that will get him thinking too. But he needed a wake up call. It's a painful one--for all of us--but it did need to happen. Sheldon has such tunnel vision much of the time, and this will broaden his field of vision so he can be aware of how he's treating her/affecting her in the future. Hopefully they won't drag all of this out overly long, and I can totally see that when they do get back together (and they will!) it's going to be so explosive. As for the intimacy issue--yes, she knew what she was getting into back then, but that doesn't mean that her need/desire for that should be discarded. "Oh well, she's with Sheldon, so she'll just have to deal with being celibate her whole life". I don't agree with that sentiment. They've grown together so much and they've both evolved, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with her wanting that with him. If she was trying to force him into it, that would be another story, but she has never done that. I think after five years with someone where that seemed to be going nowhere, any of us would be evaluating our options. The intimacy and the taking her for granted at times are really their final hurdles, and because of that, I believe that Sheldon will be missing her and he will start realizing how much he really does desire her--in EVERY way. They had to do this in a way that would truly wake him up to all of this, and while it's harsh, it will be exactly what he needs in the end. As for the ring information we didn't get, I'm sure this has already been said, but I'll say it myself as well: I have a feeling we might find out about that next episode since they often do a two-part premiere. I also think the boys will be talking and the girls will be talking, and maybe the guys can help Sheldon start to see where he went wrong. I really believe he's soon going to hit those next steps in the grieving process and try to bargain to get her back and also get depressed without her. This isn't over. The writers know what gold they have with Shamy. CBS promotes them like nothing else. Things seem dire now, but they'll get better. Even after all the drama from last night, we need to remember that this is a comedy show. I seriously doubt the writers will leave it this dramatic/depressing for long, and with their two main couples in such peril. I guess that would be my main worry at this point--that they'll keep things too dramatic for a sitcom for too long and the show will lose some of its magic. For now though, I'm going to have faith in the writers because they have a plan, and I really can't see things staying in this dramatic state for long. Things have to get better from here. This show has been so much about Sheldon's journey and growth. If it would have been HIM breaking up with HER, I think the situation would be more dire, because then he would have just decided he was done and that would be that. With it being Amy doing the breaking up (and that decision clearly affecting them both) it will give him the opportunity to grow from the experience and make things right. He wouldn't be upset and angry if it meant nothing to him. If he was going to give up, he'd be shrugging like "Well, I guess that's over then." The writers even said in that TV Guide article that Amy will make her way back to him and that Sheldon will learn how to make this work. I know it's hard right now, and you're all perfectly capable of making your own decisions about how to feel and whether to continue to watch the show, but I would suggest that you at least wait to see what will play out in the next few episodes. They'll have filmed the first few before the premiere even airs. Hopefully we'll know more by then and can go into the season a bit calmer, because we'll know that things are moving in the right direction.
  16. Happy Shamy-versary! Long live Shamy and all hail the dirty sock!!
  17. I was just thinking about how this break is actually a really good thing. We want them to be really stable before they decide to have sex. Sheldon needs to be absolutely certain that it's what he wants first, and I think this break is really going to open his eyes to what he desires as well as get them to have that open discussion about what they both need and want and finally bridge that gap between them. This will also ensure that there will be no freak outs or other things to jeopardize their relationship, and will seal their feelings for one another once and for all.
  18. There have been so many good points made here! First of all, I don't want them to change Sheldon's core personality, and I really don't think they ever will. The writers have done a phenomenal job of changing him for Amy without changing who he is. I'm sure that will continue on into the end of the series. I really believe that they can have him grow and change even a little bit more for HER, but still be the same person with everyone else. Most of us have a side of ourselves that we only share with our significant others, so I think this is very plausible. It's been pointed out how happy Sheldon seems with Amy this season, so it would appear that he hasn't minded those changes so much either. I definitely understand the issues stated with fanfiction. Sometimes writers take Sheldon so wildly out of character that I don't even feel like I'm reading a Shamy story anymore. In their defense though, Sheldon IS a very difficult character to write, especially if you're going to try to get him to the point of coitus with Amy (although I think that's becoming easier to envision nowadays). It will be very interesting to see how the writers do that on the show. I mean, it's obvious they're leading things in that direction, and it's working fluidly so far, but I'm curious how it's going to go down. Sheldon knows she needs that, and I still really believe that he's RIGHT THERE. He's starting to want it too, and all he really needs is a little push to finally act on those desires. This break could be the catalyst that gets him moving forward on that, as well as a more open discussion between them as a result of the break. Will he just state matter-of-factly that he wants to have coitus with her? I kind of think it might go down that way. Either that, or there will be no talking; he'll simply show her. The thing is, I really believe that Sheldon IS sure about his feelings for Amy and what he wants for their future. As has been stated, he makes a major decision when he's absolutely certain, and he's got that ring in his desk drawer. He's all in--he DOES want her--in every way. She just isn't aware of that the way she needs to be. I agree that this break will probably be a growing experience for BOTH of them. Amy needs to figure out once and for all if she's willing to accept Sheldon for who and what he is, and if she will be happy in that relationship. I think she needs to remind herself who the man is that she fell in love with and WHY she fell in love with him. He's not like other men, and I really believe that's a huge part of his draw for her. She needs to remember that and not compare him to the other guys. And I think she also needs to really see all the ways Sheldon has changed for her and to understand that they really ARE on the same page, and that he's starting to want the same things she does. And Sheldon maybe needs to recognize Amy's need for clarification on these matters. He doesn't have to go to her spouting poetry (which would be insanely out of character and actually not all that appealing) but he needs to open up to her a bit more and express himself so that she can understand what he's thinking and feeling a bit more. And I really think he will this coming season, in his own Sheldon way of course. It's interesting because I seem to be in the minority who thinks that their make-up COULD involve the ring. I'm not saying it will--the writers could go in a totally different direction, and probably will, because they always manage to surprise me--but I do think it's plausible. Kerry, you pointed out that a ring does not prove she's #1, and I get your point. However, because Shamy think and do things a bit differently from the norm, I think if the writers approached it in a certain way, Sheldon proposing to her--making it clear that he already had the ring and was planning on asking her because he's realized he doesn't want his future to be without her--could show Amy just how much of a priority she is in his life. Of course, that would include him opening up to her a bit and revealing his feelings--which again, when it comes to HER I think is plausible (and something that a marriage proposal kind of needs, really). Of course, they could also wait a bit until the two of them are settled once again before he asks, where he can be more comfortable with the idea that she will probably say yes, and she can have already established the belief that she IS his top priority. I really love that Amy and Sheldon are a more balanced pair in their relationship now. I love that Amy speaks up more and does pay attention to her own wants and needs. And I think that the finale really is the final hurdle for them to overcome so that they can grow together into a super stable couple that is ready for marriage and their future. It's really all this couple is lacking at this point--for them to both be able to open up to each other and compromise and change, but to also accept those things about one another that are ingrained components of their personalities that will not waver. It's going to be beautiful to see this balance and growth, and I believe they will be inseparable once that happens.
  19. I definitely agree that when Sheldon said she looked pretty and then panicked at prom, it was because he was having a sexual reaction toward her. It was the first time he had seen that much of her skin (cleavage, anyone?) and his friends had teased him about the expectation of sex on prom night, which not only scared him, but which, I believe, he knew his body was ready for. He also admitted that night, whether under the guise of being an alien or not, that he has urges. It was a lot for him to take in. But yet, he kept moving forward with her all season, and he bought a RING of all things, knowing full well that as a married man he would be expected to have sex with Amy. Foreplay indeed, Dr. Cooper. The fact that he was able to touch her comfortably during their makeout and then leaned back in for more makes me think he's right there, dangling over the edge and just about ready to take the plunge. Will he admit this to Amy finally, in light of her reevaluation of their relationship?
  20. It's possible. It's really hard to say how any of this is going to play out. What I'm confident of though is that Shamy will end up better than ever when this is all over. I keep saying that I don't think it will take more than a few episodes because with two seasons left, they still need to get to the makeup, the proposal, marriage and coitus. That's 48 episodes, with maybe every third or fourth one being Shamy-centered. Which means they have maybe 12 - 16 episodes to really focus on the Shamy milestones and what leads up to each. That's just an estimate of course, but despite their popularity, I doubt they're going to turn it into The Shamy Show. They'll need to also focus on whatever fallout Lenny might experience from the finale, as well as the relationships and plots of the other characters. This might just be wishful thinking on my part, but I can't see them stretching it out for too long. Had they done this kind of thing earlier in the series, then maybe. Also, I don't think Sheldon will be able to hold out that long before going completely nuts. Having said that, I wouldn't mind a couple of episodes where there is tension between them while they're forced to interact, and both of them realizing just how much they need each other. I want their reunion to be explosive (maybe in more ways than one ).
  21. I read that article, and really, Molaro is just saying he doesn't know if that's the route they'll be taking or not. And if it is, do you think he'd actually tell us? He's being purposely evasive. Otherwise, what would be the point of the cliffhanger they created? Also, who's to say it won't be Amy going after HIM? We all need to try not to worry so much. Long, drawn out drama has never been Shamy's style. It might take a few episodes, but our favorite power couple will be just fine. Shamy is gold for them, this is a comedy, and there's only so much time to make their milestones. Remember how most of us fretted after the season 7 finale? I know this feels more serious, but I have a feeling it's going to be an amazing season.
  22. You don't think he's going to propose, Rachel? Or you don't think he was going to do it right then?
  23. I think what's ultimately going to happen is that both sides are going to decide that they can't and don't want to live without each other. I do think that Sheldon needs to figure out why Amy was upset on their anniversary so he can start to understand her needs a bit more, and I think she needs to remember that Sheldon is who he is and that's one of the main reasons she loves him. It's a communication issue for sure. I really do think they're actually on the same page, and they'll get it all resolved. As for worrying that Sheldon's character will change, I wouldn't fret it. Over these 8 years, the writers have done a phenomenal job of having him evolve while still staying Sheldon. I don't see that changing now. He'll find a way to communicate with her a little better while still being totally himself. And can I just say how amazing it is that Sheldon Cooper is head over heels in love with a woman? He has come so far, and I'm looking forward to seeing him propose and marry the woman he loves.
  24. While I wouldn't mind seeing Meemaw at some point, I agree that it shouldn't be for the purposes of getting Sheldon and Amy back together (for lack of a better term). I really think Sheldon needs to--and will--do this on his own. It will be a testament to how much he's grown and show that he is, in fact, ready to be a married man. Input from his friends can help get him thinking, but ultimately, he needs to figure this out and fix it on his own.
  25. Yeah, Shenny is never going to happen. Like SaddoTate pointed out, it seems that was the whole reason for the Intimacy episode this season--to finally put to rest any ideas that it could happen. People will hold onto what they want to hold onto though. As for the fears of them dragging this out all season, I really don't think they're going to get THAT dramatic. This isn't a drama. And like Jim said yesterday, there's something so sweet about Shamy. These two aren't the typical drama filled couple. It would be way against Amy's character to start dating around too when she's clearly still in love with Sheldon, and has not told him it's over. And think about what that would do to HIM. Something like that would break him completely, and I don't know if he'd recover at this point. Also, consider that as of right now there are only two more seasons confirmed. Don't let Molaro fool you--while they probably don't have all the details hashed out yet, they have a general idea where this is going (i.e. let's throw this wrench in for the finale to really wake Sheldon up about this relationship so he can finally show Amy just what she means in his life). With those two seasons left, it would make the most sense to have a couple/few episodes for them to get over this hurdle and resolve it once and for all, and then comes a proposal, wedding, and coitus. They still have plenty to tackle and not a lot of time to do it in. So they really can't drag this out too far, and it would go against the tone of the characters and their relationship to introduce a bunch of drawn out, heartbreaking drama. Not to mention, they've got to realize how many people they'd piss off with that, and I doubt they'd want to sabotage their own show.
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