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  1. yea, that's an odd spoiler.  Unless its a secret scene and video call situation because Laurie is tied up on Broadway right now.  Hmmm so Santa Molaro might have been right after all if its a secret scene.  I saw what they showed and def didn't see Laurie lol

    Where did the ring spoiler come from?  I mean, what's the source?  I can totally see them slipping that in secretly, since yeah, we got nothing at all at the taping.  Very interesting...

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  2. I agree with this.  But it goes bother ways.  As posters reading the taping reports we have to keep in mind that things might seem a little different when we watch it.  As people who report from the tapings we have to keep in that there is only so much one can correctly convey in what we type and have to understand that people may not get it until they see it and let people react as they will.  Telling people, "well I was there so..." is a bit condescending.  While discussing what I saw at the premier taping with a few they had certain reactions that I didn't have at the taping.  I tried to explain more, sometimes that worked to convey what I saw, sometimes it didn't.  I can't fault others for that and I can't take personal offense to that.

    That was exactly my point.  That we should be mindful on ALL sides.

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  3. I do hope that people will be willing to share some details as they attend tapings, because otherwise those of us who are spoiled will go insane.  :wink:  But if people aren't comfortable doing an entire TR I really can't say I blame them, mainly for the reasons stated above.  It's always been a case where those who attend tapings do these writeups because they want to share with us, and I've always really appreciated that.  I can understand why people are hesitant currently.  It was great to see that Bill has no problem with it (which was evident since we haven't ever been told to stop), but the tweeting him and harassing him needs to stop, and I can see why people might be hesitant to share when that kind of thing is going on.


    I'll be honest here.  I haven't been posting much on the boards or reading most of the threads since the premiere was taped and the reason for that is that this forum has suddenly turned into a really ugly place to be.

    Members attacking members, members & non-members attacking cast and crew and all the negativity being spewed over something no one save for those of us who have seen episode 1 taped/played back and episode 2 taped.  I just really wish people would reserve their judgement on the material until they see it on the screen in the way the writers and actors intend for us to see it.  Things are being blown way out of proportion and I just can't be a part of it.  

    I will say this.  Regardless if you're a fan of the current story line or not, both episodes are good.  Some are funnier than others but they are both really good and they serve a very real purpose in telling the story they are trying to tell this season.  Its a good story arc and it has so much promise.  I just wish people could stop fixating on the one or two aspects they apparently hate based on spoilers and instead of reserving judgement until they see it as it plays out on screen.  Anyone who watches this show knows how much nuance there is in line delivery, facial expressions, body language etc.

    Please stop driving yourselves crazy imagining all this doom and gloom cause I assure you, that's not what these episodes are delivering.

    I whole-heartedly agree with this. 

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  4. I do see their reconciliation occurring during sweeps, hands down.


    and to respond to others, I did not say nor think that the make-out was implying Sheldon was horny when I said to sexualize Sheldon.  What I meant (and I've explained it several different ways now) is it simply plants the seed in peoples heads that Sheldon could eventually do something like that.  Not that he as a character is horny.  The writers have planted seeds like this before.  To me its just to prepare viewers for whats to come.  Silver lining, sure.  I do first and foremost agree it was for shock value.  It was so OOC for both of them.  And yes, it was Leonard's nightmare (lets stop calling it a dream---that's creepy now).  But what I mean is to see him in that kinda "take a woman down and have your way with her" sorta scene.  Again, agree to disagree.

    Agreed.  And last season, that tub scene in Troll made me immediately think that they were preparing the audience as a whole for more intimate scenes with Shamy as well.  I think, really, that for some people, they are going to have a really hard time picturing him doing anything remotely sexual, and these kinds of scenes are the writers' way of easing people into it.

    The sweeps are episodes 5-8, right?  With the first Thursday being episode 5?  I see some other numbers and just wanted to clarify.

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  5. Thank you so much , again you've made me feel 100 times better :) 

    You're not by any chance going again next week are you ? :) 

    You're very welcome, and I'm glad it helped.  I know this is rough for all of us, but I have no doubt they're doing this to strengthen Shamy and make them better than ever.  No, I'm not going next week, sorry.

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  6. Fantastic, yes let's hope so positive thoughts :) 

    If you have a chance I'd love to hear what you think of it after you've been to watch !. Only if you have the time and the inclination !! :) 

    Thanks so much again .

    I responded to this, but somehow my post disappeared.  Anyway, I would be happy to give my impression of episode 2.  It might be the next morning like last time, but I'll definitely share.

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  7. I so love this, I've just read it a 4th time - thank you again, makes so much sense. 

    Are you going to next weeks taping as well ? 

    I'm so glad it helped! Yes, I'll be there. I'm really hoping for something a little more upbeat for number 2! Fingers crossed!!!

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  8. I literally never said it was about you specifically. But seeing people who freaked out and threatened to quit the show over The Intimacy Acceleration essentially telling us to calm the fuck down is ironic as hell. What I'm gathering from it all is that it's fine to want to quit over literally ONE episode, but wanting to quit over years of frustration isn't. 

    Also never talked about Amy being a cheater, what the hell? You said you want the guy to sit Sheldon down and set him straight. Given how both Leonard and Howard cheated on their girlfriends, and given how Raj is so scared of his he can't even break up with her, you can see how that advice is making me really uncomfortable. People love to claim Sheldon is a bad boyfriend, but out of the four guys, he's the only one who has never lied about his feelings, and I think people (general people, not you in particular) (and Amy, for that matter) would do well to remember that.

    That's why I asked if it WAS directed at me, because I wasn't sure, and I just wanted to clear up what I meant if it was.

    Okay, I guess I misread your comment about cheaters.  Because Penny eluded to Amy thinking he was a bad boyfriend, I thought you were referring to her.  Sometimes it's hard to get the context in something typed up online.

    This is what I actually said about the guys: "I also think the boys will be talking and the girls will be talking, and maybe the guys can help Sheldon start to see where he went wrong."

    Not necessarily that I HOPE it will, but I think it might.  I can see how from your perspective (which was a good point) they may not be the best people to give Sheldon relationship advice.  But what I was eluding to is that talking things through with friends often sheds a light on what you didn't necessarily see for yourself.  Even just Leonard talking about what he did to screw things up with Penny (though an entirely different situation to Shamy's) could get Sheldon thinking, etc.  I personally don't think Sheldon is a terrible boyfriend, but I do think that he still has some growing to do (as does Amy).

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  9. Okay, so I lied, and I did read a few comments. 

    How about we try this new thing where we don't tell people how to feel, tho. It's all well for y'all if you liked what you saw, but, yeah, I still don't feel better reading this post (I actually kinda feel worse at the suggestion that the two cheaters should explain to a faithful Sheldon how he is a bad boyfriend lmao)

    I'm not sure if that first part was directed at me or not, but just in case it was, I want to point out that I did exactly the opposite of telling anyone how to feel.  This is what I stated:  "I know it's hard right now, and you're all perfectly capable of making your own decisions about how to feel and whether to continue to watch the show"  I simply suggested we maybe try to give it a chance since we don't know exactly where it's all going yet.

    Also, I'm really confused about this two "cheaters" thing.  Amy has NEVER cheated on Sheldon.

    Ok, I have a question though. Do you think the moral of the Shamy story, since the beginning, is exclusively for Sheldon to "grow"? Is there absolutely nothing Sheldon is right about and that Amy has to learn from Sheldon? Does Amy have any path at all in this story other than waiting for Sheldon to "grow/step up/learn his lesson"? 

    I don't think the show has ever really dwelled on Amy's "path" in this. I was hoping this would be it but now, given that they made it to be more about Sheldon being a bit of a jackass again, I'm not sure. It's something I've always wanted explored and that I'm not sure I'll ever get to see, but I think it would be refreshing to see occasionally a message in their story that certain aspects of conventional romance that Amy craves are not really all that cracked up to be and that there isn't one type of relationship that everyone should strive to align themselves to.

    I do think a big part of the Shamy relationship has been for Sheldon to grow and to learn to love someone, etc.  He IS kind of the central character, and at first Amy was created to be his romantic interest.  Having said that, the fact that they're starting to show Amy stand up for herself also seems to imply (at least in my opinion) that we ARE getting a bit of Amy growth in all of this.  I think this break will be about them both coming to decisions about each other and growing together as a couple.  In my own opinion, I do think that Amy will come to see that for better or worse, she wants Sheldon, even if she doesn't get all those conventional things.  But I also think that there has to be give and take on his side as well.  I believe they'll both learn how to compromise properly like any other couple.

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  10. I definitely agree that when Sheldon said she looked pretty and then panicked at prom, it was because he was having a sexual reaction toward her. It was the first time he had seen that much of her skin (cleavage, anyone?) and his friends had teased him about the expectation of sex on prom night, which not only scared him, but which, I believe, he knew his body was ready for. He also admitted that night, whether under the guise of being an alien or not, that he has urges. It was a lot for him to take in. But yet, he kept moving forward with her all season, and he bought a RING of all things, knowing full well that as a married man he would be expected to have sex with Amy. Foreplay indeed, Dr. Cooper. The fact that he was able to touch her comfortably during their makeout and then leaned back in for more makes me think he's right there, dangling over the edge and just about ready to take the plunge. Will he admit this to Amy finally, in light of her reevaluation of their relationship?

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  11. just a thought here.... 


    if they are modelling this show after older ones.... (i mean early '90's) the Shamy might not get back together for at least half a season. But they will still have to interact with each other and try to be normal. it's going to drive them crazy! ( and us) 


    i wonder if they are going to go down this path???????????????  :icon_cry:  :sorry:  :cry:


    It's possible.  It's really hard to say how any of this is going to play out.  What I'm confident of though is that Shamy will end up better than ever when this is all over.


    I keep saying that I don't think it will take more than a few episodes because with two seasons left, they still need to get to the makeup, the proposal, marriage and coitus.  That's 48 episodes, with maybe every third or fourth one being Shamy-centered.  Which means they have maybe 12 - 16 episodes to really focus on the Shamy milestones and what leads up to each.  That's just an estimate of course, but despite their popularity, I doubt they're going to turn it into The Shamy Show.  They'll need to also focus on whatever fallout Lenny might experience from the finale, as well as the relationships and plots of the other characters.  This might just be wishful thinking on my part, but I can't see them stretching it out for too long.  Had they done this kind of thing earlier in the series, then maybe.  Also, I don't think Sheldon will be able to hold out that long before going completely nuts.  :laugh:


    Having said that, I wouldn't mind a couple of episodes where there is tension between them while they're forced to interact, and both of them realizing just how much they need each other.  I want their reunion to be explosive (maybe in more ways than one ;)).

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  12. I just read this Molaro interview in Spanish (well Google translated it), and it said that they are not sure if they are going to have Sheldon go after Amy at all. That they want to see how this break up has an effect on the group. So that is sad, after so much progress this year. I hope they end up together in the end, but I really don't think this is going to resolved any time soon. It more sounds like how will the group function when Sheldon and Amy are both there, but are awkward with each other, and no longer involved. Sigh...honestly that just sounds depressing to me.

    I liked the idea above, of Sheldon being sexually frustrated, but not being able to do anything about it. Not sure if they will go there though....

    I read that article, and really, Molaro is just saying he doesn't know if that's the route they'll be taking or not. And if it is, do you think he'd actually tell us? He's being purposely evasive. Otherwise, what would be the point of the cliffhanger they created? Also, who's to say it won't be Amy going after HIM? We all need to try not to worry so much. Long, drawn out drama has never been Shamy's style. It might take a few episodes, but our favorite power couple will be just fine. Shamy is gold for them, this is a comedy, and there's only so much time to make their milestones.

    Remember how most of us fretted after the season 7 finale? I know this feels more serious, but I have a feeling it's going to be an amazing season.

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  13. While I wouldn't mind seeing Meemaw at some point, I agree that it shouldn't be for the purposes of getting Sheldon and Amy back together (for lack of a better term). I really think Sheldon needs to--and will--do this on his own. It will be a testament to how much he's grown and show that he is, in fact, ready to be a married man. Input from his friends can help get him thinking, but ultimately, he needs to figure this out and fix it on his own.

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