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  1. What's this about am ILY three times? I know he says, "just because I said I love you.... " but...if you're counting that then when is the 3rd?

    He does the "I love you too", then the explanation and said he knew it was love, and then the line about how even though e said " I love you ", no girls are allowed in his bedroom

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  2. Billy Bob was really good in the episode. It wasn't real plot heavy, but oh well. We get major plot in the Prom episode, so it's fine.

    I also wanted to say thank you to Chloe for doing the taping report. Those are not easy! Also, it was great meeting her and fangirling with her. :)

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  3. Thanks, ShamyShipper.  I don't think he had decided "Yes, I'm going to do this," but rather that he knows it's a social convention after Prom, as relayed by both Penny and Leonard, and he was really mulling it around in his head no matter how nervous he was.  We all know he's been pressuring himself over it and now that he's in a situation that it's "expected" he's putting it in the forefront of his thoughts eve more.  I'll wait to see the scene, but, to me, if he's saying "I can't do this" when he sees Amy then I'm of the camp that he possibly could have been thinking he might have been able to at least see where it would go.


    So want this episode to air, but, I am strangely calm about waiting.  I know it's coming and if I can survive hiatus I can survive two weeks.

    Totally agreed with this, and I can definitely agree that in that scene that was probably what was on his mind.

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  4. I hope Leonard and Penny were pleased to see Sheldon's reaction.

    His reaction to what, specifically? They didn't really show much reaction from them except for the parts where one of them was talking to Sheldon one on one, and that was mostly about after prom sex.

  5. Bob and also a really cool set full of awesome props, including the ones they've been showing on the their IG photos.

    I'm exhausted and have to get up early, so I'm going to bed, but look for Chloe's taping report, and I'll be happy to answer any questions about either episode in the morning. :)

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  6. Let's see...there wasn't that much really this time. Some laughs between Lenny and lots of makeup and hair fixes for Jim and Mayim. At one point all the guys were chewing gum before a scene. Not sure why. Chloe might remember some more details.

    When the ep was over, they all put on Team Bitter shirts and took a group photo around the couch with Billy Bob.

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  7. so, he has seen legs & arms (catholic girl outfit- gulp)... now boobs & wavy hair...( big gulp ? ..panic attack)  so i'm assuming the next time her wardrobe changes drastically it will be (huge gulp & just attack Amy?) :icon_cheesygrin:  hhhmmmm... i could live with that!  


    I like to call it 'the successive ,seductive progression'....  :cheese:

    You need to get to writing fanfiction now too!!

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  8. Take them off?  They get flung in the heat of passion and land in the punch bowl.


    hmmmm. maybe I should get to writing...

    Oh you should!!! RIGHT NOW!!

    Gaaahhh... She looks so beautiful! Sheldon isn't gonna know what hit him. Love it!

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  9. Is the prom episode really just delayed a week, or it there a possibility that it could be delayed more? I mean, most real proms are in the spring. I'm freaking out a little here  :icon_cry:

    I've been wondering the same thing. I mean, we're not going to have to wait til spring, but sweeps goes til almost the end of November. Tensor said it goes through the 26th (which is odd, because that's a Wednesday). I really hope we don't have to wait that long!!!

  10. On this topic of when Sheldon first started loving Amy, I think that it would be way too hard to pinpoint. In real life, many people don't know at what exact moment they fell in love. It's kind of more of a process. Having said that, I do think that Sheldon has loved Amy for quite some time, but hasn't been ready or willing to admit it to himself until recently. It's clear he's been enamored with her ever since he met her, and his feelings have just continued to get stronger as time has gone by. As Jim said, Sheldon probably realized he needed and wanted her in his life, but he didn't quite know why that was. I think personally that the kiss on the train was probably the catalyst that really got him thinking about and realizing his feelings. And it's funny, but for the first time I find myself able to say "thank God for his sabbatical."

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