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  1. That's very true. My initial thought was episode 2 or 3. Just with some of Molaro's comments, I wasn't as sure. It's good to remember this is a comedy though, and as such, it should be resolved quickly.
  2. Yeah, clearly the writers aren't done with Shamy. Look at all the milestones they got them through this season. And it's pretty clear that this relationship is a major area of character growth for Sheldon, who, let's face it, is kind of the focal point of the show (Leonard and Penny too, but you know what I mean). This relationship has become really important to the show and to a lot of fans. The writers know what they're doing, and sometimes it takes something major to get Sheldon to do what he should. They want us to fret over them for the hiatus, and they want to create some drama BECAUSE they're so important. So yes, they'll be fine in the long run, and this will end up being really good for them. But the fact that they're hurting still hurts, as does not knowing how long this hurt will last or what they'll have to go through to get back to where they need to be. I AM looking forward to seeing where the writers take this though.
  3. Well, my HUSBAND was bummed out for Shamy after watching the finale, which is definitely saying something. He's a huge fan of the show and likes Shamy but doesn't get invested the way I do. Kudos to Jim and Mayim for their great acting. I wanted to point out something from the interviews Vonmar posted: Glamour: That opening scene with Sheldon and Amy...I seriously thought I was seeing things! Steve Molaro: [Laughs] This is probably their third or fourth time kissing. There’s been date nights where they’ve kissed before, but to see it like this is certainly a step forward I think. Glamour: There seemed to be more passion behind this one. Steve: It’s a tiny moment, but when Sheldon leans in to start again, I think that’s extremely telling. She stops him because of what he says about watching The Flash, but he was about to start it up again. It’s small, but it’s really interesting. They are still invested in moving these two forward. If there are any doubts, take comfort in the above. Also, Molaro seems to be driving my point home that Sheldon is starting to wake up physically. He's going to tell Amy he desires her in season 9 and knock her off her feet!
  4. The tag was the Skype scene, ending with him closing the laptop and asking Gollum what he's going to do with this ring, and pulling it out of the drawer. What I'm thinking is IF (big IF) there is a secret scene, THAT would be the real tag, and they would have just told us this scene was it.
  5. It really depends on how he would approach Amy if they did a secret proposal scene, whether or not that would mean a longer break for them. She did use the word "exhausting" but the way she spoke was implying that it was exhausting not knowing if he would ever come around, etc. So if he proves to her that he HAS, in fact, come around (and if he goes there right away, it would be clear enough he didn't go out and buy a ring after their Skype chat, but already had it) and tells her what is truly in his heart, it may end up being just fine. It really just depends... It's all good, Kazzie. There is a very good chance there won't be a secret scene at all. But this is the fun part of fandom--getting all crazy and excited contemplating the possibilities.
  6. If we look at this logically, they've already shown us the ring. So why wait until next season for him to propose? The shock value is in this episode. And if they really want to give the fandom a heart attack, they'll have him get down on one knee before it fades out. I'm not going to get my hopes up too high, but it does make sense, especially since they know how much we like spoilers. In this case, they could be playing us at our own game. In just a short time, we'll know.
  7. I'm still not getting my hopes up for a secret scene. But if you're right about this, you rule the universe.
  8. No embarrassment here either. I waited all damn SEASON for that kiss!
  9. I like you, hokie3457. Why don't you pull up a chair and stay a while?
  10. Which is why I think the writers have decided that it's come about time to address this issue finally and move them forward. I think they've been dropping little hints that he's starting to think more in that direction, and then the finale (despite his Flash talk) makes it even more apparent. It will be so nice for Amy once he reveals this to her.
  11. Sheldon, or the writers? Okay, okay, sorry... (only I'm not...)
  12. I've been envisioning a very stubbly, messy haired, wrinkle-clothed Sheldon ever since seeing the taping, IF they decide to make it a few days or more. And I agree on the double wedding. I REALLY don't want that. I think both couples deserve their own special days.
  13. Yes. Beginning of season 9, Sheldon is going to tell her he desires her physically. This kiss and the ring are our proof. I really do need a moment...
  14. I'm REALLY hoping we'll get a quick shot of them kissing from behind Amy so you guys can see the hand movement on her back that I saw.
  15. I've been having a lot of fun reading everyone's theories for season 9. I have so many scenarios playing in my head (some of which closely match a few posted here) that I just can't decide which one I think is most probable. I really don't think the Shamy drama will go past episode 3. If you look at all the past seasons, the cliffhangers have always been resolved by episode 2 or 3. I also don't think the writers will want the general audience to be worried that the two might not "get back together" by dragging it out too long, because then they risk angry viewers who might act on emotion and stop watching. Also, since as of right now there are only 2 more confirmed seasons, they'll need to get the ball rolling again fairly quickly if Shamy is going to get married and also tackle the milestone of coitus. I really see season 9 opening the next day after the finale, or right around that time frame. One, because I agree that Lenny probably won't get married in Vegas, but two, because I really can't see Sheldon being able to stand being away from Amy for weeks or months. He's going to want to fix whatever it is and get answers as quickly as possible. Lenny might play a role in that, as some have said, offering a bit of guidance, but I do think that ultimately Shamy will fix this in their own unique way. I can actually see the possibility of them getting engaged at the beginning of the season since we already know he has the ring, and that would be concrete evidence he could give to Amy to show her how serious he really is. I do understand the desire to drag out that plotline a bit though, and I think it would be fun (and potentially humorous) to see him work at winning her back. Whatever the case, I think the writers will throw the proposal at us when we're least expecting it.
  16. It started with the dialogue. Like maybe they just felt like one take for the kiss was enough. Even though we obviously wanted more.
  17. Like kerry said already, it would really make no sense for them to cut out the kiss. What Michy was referring to was, they filmed the whole scene, starting with the kiss, and then when they did the second take, they started it just after the kiss had been broken. They're not going to start the episode without showing the kiss at all though, since it was shown in the promo on tv, and also because I really don't think they would do that to us. So my guess is, they're going to use the take we all got to see at the taping. The only other option would be that they refilmed it afterwards, but I don't see why they would. In any case, we'll be getting a kiss, and I'm pretty sure they'll use the footage we saw. Thursday cannot come fast enough!
  18. I really think that sometimes a joke about a rotting mushroom log is just a joke about a rotting mushroom log. Just my own two cents, but I really don't think she even looked particularly upset when she brought it up. In every relationship though, there are times when a couple is not quite in sync or doesn't listen or read cues properly. We know Sheldon struggles with this. So Amy wanted flowers once; I'm sure she thinks it would be nice to experience that traditional gesture once. And I don't fault her for that. As to their relationship, she seemed perfectly happy with Sheldon until he made it seem like all he was thinking about during their kissing was The Flash. I have a feeling there was a lot more going on in that head of his than just that. Amy had been getting her hopes up all season, I'm sure, with all the progress they'd been making, and then that felt like a blow. All she needs is to know that Sheldon really is fully invested in her and the relationship. Once she has that confirmation, everything will be fine. I've said it before, but I'll reiterate--this is just a plot device by TPTB to create a dramatic cliffhanger and to move then toward their final milestones. Also, it seems like every time there is a Shamy argument/angst it ends up bringing them closer.
  19. Someone else who was there can correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure the scene opens with them already mid-makeout.
  20. We're not crazy! Our mother's had us tested! . No, okay, we are, but in the best possible way. :D And yes, I'm sure TPTB loved seeing our reactions. It will be interesting to see if they left in our screams about the ring too, since as sheldorslady pointed out to me, that's supposed to be a more somber scene. Yes, this is so true! I very distinctly remember their knees touching because it seemed monumental at the time. And it's what got me thinking "OMG they're going to kiss!!!" And yes, Sheldon was leaning way into her, and their mouths were moving, and I still swear to God that from my angle I was watching his hand lightly stroke her back. Be right back, I'm gonna need a moment...
  21. I do hope they didn't reshoot the kiss scene after what we saw. They only did it once and then did the promo shots. It's very possible though that what was used for the promo was from that so they wouldn't show us the good stuff yet. Also, since what they showed was the end of the kiss, it's difficult to say what the rest of it looked like. Knowing they were about to end it, they could have been preparing for that and stilled their mouths more. BTW -- Can I just say that it amuses me how we're analyzing this kiss so closely, up to the movements of their lips? LOL... No matter what though, it was a very NICE kiss.
  22. Ha ha! I've considered the idea of Mary stepping in too, and if they did it right, it could be cute and sweet. However, I think that overall, I might prefer it if Sheldon and Amy were to figure this out on their own. For Sheldon to go to her of his own accord and tell her how he truly feels would be really poignant and show how much he's grown. But I would like to see Mary interacting with Amy while she plans the wedding, etc. Or maybe Sheldon, once he's fixed things with Amy, can tell his mom how he's planning to propose. That would be a really sweet moment, I think.
  23. This is a hard one to answer, because none of us looked at the screens while they were kissing, which would have shown us their mouths closer up. We were too glued to the set. We've been debating it, but at the very least, there WAS mouth movement, which did make it look like it was a deeper kiss. If anyone else has more clarification, I'm sure they'll share, but I can't be totally certain.
  24. No, I for sure think that it was because that was how long they meant for it to be. Hopefully they won't cut any of it down. I think with having to wait ALL season for a kiss, paired with the fact that we have this emotional ending/cliffhanger for them which we have to wait for FOUR months to see resolved, they will be nice to us and leave in the whole thing. Fingers crossed!
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