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  1. I would love for them to move in together, Blue Bernie! Although I think that it should take at least a few episodes to get to that point. Mid-season at least, because I don't think that even after his time away and all the things that have been revealed this season, that Sheldon would be ready to immediately jump into living with her. But I definitely think it's a possibility now. Fingers crossed!
  2. Amy is my favorite character, so I understand the concern that she not just be left in the background with no focus on her own needs or progression. But at this point, I'm not too worried. I do wish they'd focus on her more, but I don't see her as a doormat currently like some other people do. As has been pointed out, she sticks up for herself when she needs to, but at other times she lets things go, and I think that speaks more for her understanding of Sheldon than anything else. As for season 8, I'm no longer worried at all. While there's drama of course, we need to remember that this is first and foremost a comedy. I think a lot of us have focused on doom and gloom over the past couple of days when we discovered the finale wasn't what we were hoping for, but I think we've all established that this can turn into a fabulous season 8 for Shamy (arguably, even better than what any of us envisioned with an ILY or something at the finale because now Sheldon can hopefully come to better grips with his feelings and what he wants from this relationship, which really needs to happen with a character like him in order to fully embrace it all). With all the build up and with Sheldon calling her at the end of the season, it doesn't look like the writers have a breakup planned. I can see them starting off the season with some funny plots for Sheldon on the train, and keeping things mostly light-hearted. But I do think that when he's back, it will be apparent how he's missed her, and like I said before, I think he's really going to try to move himself toward that place he knows he needs and wants to be with Amy. It's just going to be a progression, as is realistic for him. I really think the two of them are going to be just fine, both together and individually. I do hope we'll get to see a bit more from Amy's perspective though next season.
  3. I don't think most of us are expecting a speedy resolution, i.e. Sheldon returns in episode 1 and confesses his undying love and he's suddenly worked everything out in his life and relationship. At least I'm not. What I do expect though is that the writers have definitely set up the plot lines to lead toward change. What I WANT to happen is to see that Sheldon has at least worked through a few things when he does return, and that while he's still the same old Sheldon, he has come to terms with some of these changes and has maybe figured out a thing or two (even though he's still struggling), and that as the season progresses, we'll see him able to slowly do what the psychic said and open himself up fully to his relationship with Amy. But like everything else with Sheldon, it will take time. It's not going to happen overnight, or in one or two episodes. There's been SO much setup though, and I really do think that it WILL have a payoff. There would be absolutely not reason to even GO there if they weren't planning for something.
  4. I love everything about this, and couldn't have said it better myself!
  5. Okay, I just had to come here and fangirl with everyone else. So here goes: AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! :-D I adored the psychic scene. And I agree with everyone who has said that the freakout makes SO much sense. He was clearly affected by what she said, and I too saw the glisten in his eyes and the way the wheels of acknowledgement were really turning in his head. His squeaky voice and the way he runs off is SO much a reaction of being forced to face a truth he doesn't want to acknowledge. Then when I think about what he says to Amy in the finale, it totally all fits together. I was right in my assumption--It's clear to me--he's THOUGHT about it. And the truth scares him so he storms out. Now I REALLY can't wait for season 8! And Mayim was adorable in the end scene. I love that they kept Sheldon's gulp. It's SO telling of what he's really thinking.
  6. I really like the chat scenario, and I agree IF something like that were to happen, it would probably be via Skype or something. What I can see happening (or what I'd LIKE to see anyway) is Sheldon returns and is surprised to see his apartment looking the same, but then he realizes that some things are missing. Leonard has moved in with Penny, and they decided to let Sheldon keep the apartment since he was going through so much change already. But things don't feel quite the same for him being there alone. After dropping his stuff off, he immediately goes to see Amy. Amy is excited to see him, and they share a rather heated kiss (it can still be closed mouthed, but passionate). Then Sheldon and Amy BOTH tell each other how much they've missed one another. And at that point, Amy tells him that things need to change, and Sheldon informs her that he knows and he's come to some epiphanies while he's been gone, etc. And then they talk. We may not get to hear the conversation, but at the end of it, they have a mutual understanding and they've grown to a closer place again. This is probably all my wishful thinking, but it's what I keep envisioning in my head.
  7. The more I think about it, the more I realize that what really bothers me is not so much the events of the finale, but the uncertainty and suspense of what's going to happen next. I hate not knowing and being left in the dark. I'm far too impatient for that, and so many things are left up in the air with this plotline. I know Sheldon will return, and it seems like he and Amy will still be a couple. But I hate not knowing what the writers have planned and whether they'll follow through with all of these plot points they've opened up. If I really think about it, I can kind of get why they didn't resolve things or give us the payoff in the finale. They want to keep us in that suspense all through the break. They want us to pine over this and wonder and, like I said in my other post, they want us to react. The thing is though, if they're going to set us up like this and get us all emotional, then they NEED to give us something next season. An audience can only take so much before they decide investing in this isn't worth their time. Just like how some of you here are already ready to throw in the towel. I'm one of the few, it seems, who doesn't want the two of them to break up. But I DO want growth. I want Sheldon to remain Sheldon, but I want to see that he's been enlightened, even if only a tad. I want to see that all of this time away to reflect on everything has given him a new perspective and that he's finally decided to take all the advice that's been hammered into him and acknowledge his true feelings for Amy and start really showing her in a meaningful way (and no, that doesn't mean sex. I'd like them to get there eventually, but I think that's still a far ways off). Deep down, he loves her, and to me, that really comes out in so many ways, even when he's snapping at her about their future. As many of us have pointed out, it's those things that he knows are truths but that are scary to him that he lashes out about. If he hadn't thought about a future with Amy, he would have never brought it up, and if he didn't know deep down that he was considering all of that, he wouldn't have stormed out of her apartment. And I agree with everyone who has talked about the Strawberry Quik line. That is SO telling to me. Things ARE better with Amy, and that scares him, because let's face it, he's having emotions he's always denied his entire life, and he really has no tools handy to deal with them. Since the writers have been so adamant about keeping Sheldon as sheldon, I think really, this was the only way (in their minds at least) to make a "change" in Sheldon and make it seem believable. He had to go through a bunch of crap and get scared and go off and be alone for a while in order to get all of his thoughts and emotions in order and decide he needs to embrace these changes and his relationship. So that's why although I hate the idea of not knowing where this is going, and it still hurts a bit that he ran off after snapping at Amy and then not saying goodbye to her, it also gives me hope that because of all of this, and all the foreshadowing throughout this season (the psychic, etc) that it's leading to something even greater for Shamy. I mean, why would they even do the psychic scene otherwise? Why have Penny confirm to Sheldon that Amy is the key to his happiness, why set us up with so much hope with the kissing and all the various other things that have happened? Most of the important plot points do come back around at some point, but sometimes they like to drag it out. I think they know that many people are very invested in Shamy so they're torturing us by dragging it out even further. Look at Leonard and Penny even--their relationship went through all sorts of breakups and getting back together and all kinds of drama, and now they're finally engaged. What I've liked about Shamy is that while they have their own sorts of issues, it's never been so overly dramatic and it hasn't been a roller coaster of breaking up and getting back together. They actually seem more stable to me as a couple, because despite everything, and even Sheldon's freak out and almost break-up in the Table episode, there's an understanding between them, and there's also a connection--and yes, even LOVE--between them that keeps them together. Personally, I'm looking forward to tonight's episode, because I'm hoping it will give me something to cling to after the finale is over, and that maybe rewatching it at that point will also help shed more light on what the writers have been setting up here. (and I REFUSE to do anything at this point but to believe that all of this IS leading somewhere. Maybe I'm just fooling myself, but I have to believe the writers aren't that stupid.) I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they use the take with Sheldon swallowing when Amy shows up in her uniform. It's little details like that that can say so much.
  8. You make such great points here, KayMarie! And I'm right there with you on the stages of grief thing. I still have moments where I feel bad about all of this, but overall, I agree that it really needed to happen and that this can definitely be a GOOD thing in the long run. I'm personally glad that they didn't break up and that Sheldon is calling her. It shows that he still really cares about her, and I'm really looking forward to their reuinion and how all of this change and his soul searching will play out in season 8. I really hope the writers have something good planned for Shamy. Judging by all the set up they've done this season, I really think that has to be the case.
  9. Thank you so much for that post, Miss Carmeli! That was beautiful, and you made me feel better too! I totally agree with this! And now I'm looking forward to the next season.
  10. Thank you, Anita! To be honest, even though this is really how I see things, I keep flip-flopping between thinking everything will work out just fine, and being depressed about the whole thing. I was thinking up fanfic plotlines a while ago and was actually tearing up. So I'm glad to see you agree with these thoughts, and it's nice to have that perspective about your son. I really do hope that when Sheldon returns, things won't just go back to how they were, but that he'll at least be able to tell Amy how he feels.
  11. I totally agree with this. I'm getting SO tired of Leonard and Penny being there for most of the BIG Sheldon moments and Amy is nowhere in sight. I mean, yes, they still do have important moments together, obviously, and he goes to her often for advice, etc. But in many instances, I'm sorry, but I really don't care How Penny or Leonard are going to react to something that happens to Sheldon. I know they matter in his life, and they're his friends, and they've known him so long, etc etc. But what matters a lot more to me is how AMY is going to deal with it or react to it. She's the one who's in a relationship with him. She's the one who loves him. Also, I didn't hate Sheldon before Amy came along, but I can definitely relate to what you said in your post. I wasn't really invested in him. He used to kind of drive me nuts, to be honest. He was funny, sure, but I just couldn't see how anyone would be willing to put up with him. And then when Amy came along, I became invested. She's my favorite character, and Sheldon has become my second. But a lot of that has to do with their relationship. I care about what happens to them. I want them to end up together. I want him to finally overcome some of his issues and grow up so he can become the man she needs him to be. The scene you described with Amy showing up at the train station would have been SO perfect. I do agree with what people are saying about how he probably wouldn't have left if she had been there, but I think in your scenario, they could have definitely still made it work for him to take his sabbatical, and it wouldn't have left us feeling like we'd been punched in the gut.
  12. That was so great, Lucy81218! Thank you so much for posting that. I got all teary eyed! (oh, and hi, I'm new here too!)
  13. Hello, I'm new here, and I've only been visiting these forums for a few weeks off and on now, but after reading about the finale, I just really needed to come here and vent and get my 2 cents in (okay, it's much more than 2 cents. It's turned into a novel! Sorry!). Much of what I'm going to say has already been brought up now, so please bear with me if I sound like a broken record. When I first started reading the reactions here (not having actually seen the set report yet), I was really upset, like many of you, and I was feeling SUPER depressed. I was really hoping that we would have a great heartfelt Shamy moment in this, although I had a feeling that the writers wouldn't give us that. I really wish I would have been wrong. But I think, in the end, my main disappointment had more to do with that failure to provide an "I love you" or something meaningful than with what actually does happen in this episode. Well, okay, I AM disappointed, but I actually don't think it's that bad now that I've red the details and have had time to calm down, and I'll explain why. When I was first reading the reactions here, it made it sound like Sheldon said something earth-shatteringly bad to Amy. I get that it was rude and mean and that it definitely IS kind of a blow, but I think it's very in character for Sheldon. We all know he hates change and doesn't deal with it well, and when he's forced to face things that are true but scary, he pushes back. This entire season has been focused on all the changes he's been having to deal with, and how he's growing up (even if just a tad). It's very obvious that he enjoys kissing Amy, and I think it's also obvious that he really cares about her. I know some of you are doubting that now, and some of you feel like he really doesn't even want to be in the relationship, but I would REALLY have to question why the writers would even bother to begin with if that's the path they were heading down with all of this, especially after all the things that have gone on between them, Sheldon's (agonizingly) slow progression, and then these not-so-subtle hints that he needs to open himself up to his relationship with Amy, and also that he should appreciate the people in his life. But, in the end, he's SHELDON. He has issues. He's never going to be like other people. And he's not very good at expressing or even acknowledging his emotions. Yes, it definitely sucks for Amy, and I have spent many an episode feeling SO sorry for her. But as has been pointed out, she GETS him. She's the only one who really does. And I think Sheldon knows that--even though their relationship has changed since they've become a couple. He goes to her with his problems, he asks for her opinion before making decisions. She's still the one he goes to. And the thing is, I don't think Sheldon MEANS to be mean to Amy. He's just so clueless, and he reacts or speaks without thinking. And yes, Amy should get upset with him more, but it's not like she never does. And when she does get upset, Sheldon knows about it. And he doesn't like when he upsets her. He's brought himself to apologize to her (which is super hard for him) and he always tries to make amends in those situations, even if it's only in his crazy Sheldon-y way. And then, as has been pointed out, there are the times when he figures things out for himself, like when he stops halfway down the hall to turn back around and take care of her when she's sick. She brings out this side of him because she's different. Because his feelings for her aren't the same as his feelings toward his friends or other people. I know that many of you are mad at Sheldon right now, and I actually laughed at the comment about him being a douchebag, because let's face it, he totally is sometimes. But like I said, I think he's seriously clueless about it so many times because his psychological issues make him blind to it. Not that that's any kind of excuse at all to treat Amy in any other way than what she deserves. But I do think that he has definitely been changing, but change--especially in a person like Sheldon--doesn't happen over night. Sheldon has always run away from his problems and from change, and in this season, he has dealt with a LOT and has grown up a little bit along the way as well. And I think up until the finale, he has actually dealt with all the change quite admirably, especially for him. I think his words to her and to Stuart about her, are a product of being scared and confused. Yes, she should be hurt by what he said to her, but she also understands how his mind works and I'm sure she knows that he's overwhelmed. She knows not to take it as personally as it would be taken from anyone else. I don't think his comment to Stuart is supposed to be meant as some horrible thing that's ruining his life, I think it's more that it's another change that he's having to deal with, as someone else said, and he's just completely overwhelmed and confused. Now that I've had time to clear my head, I think his leaving really HAD to happen in order to effect change. He needs to be alone with himself for a while to really figure out everything that has been said and that is happening, and to sort his feelings out. My heart was breaking for her by the end of this, and I'm sure she's going to be hurt, and yes, I hope they make sure she lets Sheldon know this. But what I love about Amy is that she so totally understands him, and that's why their relationship works and why she's the only one he's ever even considered being with romantically. I'm not saying that's always fair to her--he definitely needs to start stepping up. I don't want to see her treated as a doormat, and I have to be honest that it bugs the crap out of me how she's left out of important scenes sometimes just because they want to focus more on Penny and Leonard (and let me be honest, I'm pretty miffed at them both after having read what goes on in this episode). I don't want Sheldon and Amy to break up, but I do agree with all of you who said that she needs to put him in his place and let him know how he's hurt her and make him do the work for once in the relationship. That would be great to see. And I think it could have a lot of comedic potential too, so I don't think we should rule it out as a possibility. I think Amy knows deep down that Sheldon really does care for her. She may even get that he loves her (I still honestly think he really does, and I'm REALLY hoping this comes out of his mouth and through his actions in season . And contrary to what some others have said about her self-confidence, I think the fact that she doesn't completely freak out about things in this episode shows that she DOES have at least an ounce of self-confidence and that she's confident in the relationship. It's definitely sad though that he leaves without saying goodbye and now she gets to miss him and wonder what's going to happen while he's gone and when he gets back. But I'm truly hoping this is the catalyst their relationship needs to move forward. Sheldon always runs away from truths he doesn't want or isn't yet ready to face. I think with all of these life-altering things going on, Amy's suggestion about moving in together set him off, because he's thought about it. He knows he loves her, knows it's a possibility they might actually get married someday, etc, and that's a huge change, and now he's forced to face that reality instead of pushing it aside, and combined with everything else, it scares the crap out of him. What I've noticed is that when Sheldon embraces something, he truly EMBRACES it. Even kissing Amy. He obviously enjoys it on the train, he wrote it into the relationship agreement, and when he kisses her on date night, he's happy to do so. He even tells Stephen Hawking "I kiss girls now". And yeah, I get that that's not necessarily love, but it shows that he's embracing a part of himself that he has always otherwise denied--the need or like of physical contact. The need or want to be with someone, etc. Whether we have faith in the writers or not, I really don't think they'd set all of this up in season 7 with the slow progression into more intimacy and the repeated reminders of how important Amy is in his life just to start season 8 as though none of this ever happened. And I especially don't think they'd set all of that up and then just drop it. I think they really just wanted a strong reaction out of everyone and to throw us for a loop. Good writing, and good art of any kind, makes us feel strongly and invokes emotions. They want that from us at this point. They know a lot of people are invested in this, and they want to leave us in suspense, wondering what's going to happen from here. I just really hope they give us the payoff we're hoping for. I think the fact that he recognizes that Amy loves him is huge. Yes, he ran away, but it wasn't just because of her--it was a culmination of so many things. And he's still calling her--that's very telling and encouraging. He's not really running from HER. She's still the one he's turning to while he's on this trip. He needs her. So while this is not at ALL what I was hoping for from the season 7 finale, I think there are still great things for Shamy ahead. I really do believe that Sheldon loves her, and I really do think we're going to see that. I just refuse to believe that they would set all of this up for no payoff at all. Things move slowly on this show, especially where Sheldon is concerned, but we're getting there. This may feel like a giant step backward, but I think it's really what had to happen to get him into the place he needs to be to finally move forward. I think Sheldon is just really starting to see how important she really IS to him, and how important he is to her, and that scares him. He wants to be in control of his emotions at all times. In fact, he doesn't even feel comfortable HAVING emotions many times, so he's rebelling against it a bit. The bottom line for me is this: The writers have set up so many plot points--the talks about how physical intimacy some day is a possibility, the D&D game, telling Amy how he feels like what they have is extremely intimate, taking care of her when she's sick, their first real kiss, and his liking and repeating of the kiss, the repeated mentions of them living together, even the little scene where he wakes up practically naked and we're led to believe for a second that Amy is in bed with him, and especially all the stuff about how she's the key to his happiness and how he should appreciate her. I don't think they would keep going down this road if wasn't leading SOMEWHERE. I REALLY have to hope that the writers aren't that dense, and that they have a plan. Everything just takes more time with Sheldon, and sometimes it's like he has to be hit over the head with a brick to get it. Like his mother says "You have to take your time with Sheldon." It's a recurring theme. But just seeing how much progress he's made and the fact that they've even given him a girlfriend to begin with, and the fact that they've even said that they can see the possibility of the two of them getting physical eventually, it really makes me believe that things will work out--not just physically, but emotionally between the two. Sheldon will continue to grow and push back against that growth at his Sheldony pace, which is aggravating at times, but which is also why the end result will be so rewarding. I still believe in the Shamy, and I will until the end! And now I'm off to figure out how the heck to keep my fanfic on track with this huge wrench thrown into my plans. I think I'll have to write a separate one about when Sheldon returns as well...
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