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  1. Just seeing the kiss in the promo is good, its longer though, right???


    As long as they don't cut any of it out, I would say it lasted a good 10 seconds or more.  The audience cheered and screamed, and then we started cheering and screaming some more, because that kiss was STILL going.  ;D

  2. While I feel Amy will owe Sheldon an apology for over-reacting, I don't want her coming back to him. Instead I want him to drive to her to try to make amends. Knowing his aversion to driving, this would show her how important she is to him that he is taking initiative to work things out.

    I think I read a comment earlier that by Sheldon asking what to do with the ring could very well mean he is now having 2nd thoughts about proposing. Amy's wanting to re-evaluate their relationship could have him thinking that all of his efforts since returning from the train trip were in vain because he honestly does not understand what happened.

    I hope this is not the case, and he sees this as an opportunity to step up, beg Amy to help him understand what is going on, listen, and reassure her of his love and intent.

    I know that's a concern, and it's one I've considered. But I honestly don't think the writers would have introduced that idea only to take it away from us. He MIGHT have second thoughts for a bit, but only while he's unsure of how Amy feels and whether she does want to be with him. It won't be because he suddenly isn't sure if he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Sheldon said it himself--when he has a feeling, he knows it. Also, he doesn't do anything rashly. He's probably been thinking about this for a long time. I really have no doubts that he'll eventually be putting that ring on her finger.

  3. To those of you who went to the taping...would you say the kiss was slow and sweet or more passionate? Hard to tell from promo. But I LOVE the fact that Amy pulled away first!Thank you Kazzie!!!!

    I would have to say the kiss was slow, sweet, yet the most passionate kiss I've seen from them for sure. And it lasted QUITE a while.

  4. interesting. Mayim commented on one of her instagram photos of her ex -husband's lovely roses and that she's allergic..... oh well... nevermind. 


    8.24 PROMO  TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Yes, roses be damned!!!  ;D

  5. Oh, I'd love it if they called the baby Carol (for Carol Ann Suzi) and they could say it's short for Caroline since Howard is a big Neil Diamond fan and they could say his favorite song is "Sweet Caroline."

    She had roses handed to her by Dr. Lorvitz (Billy Bob Thorton). We won't know if they're fake or not.


    Actually, now that you said that about the roses, I was at that taping, and I'm almost 100% positive they were real.  They ended up giving them to a couple in the audience since they were there celebrating their anniversary.  They were seated behind us, and the flowers DID look real...

  6. We already knew Shamy would be just fine, but this is a great confirmation of that fact.  :)  I'm so excited at the thought of Mary and Amy interacting.  I've been waiting for that forever!  I wonder if it will be over wedding plans?  I can see Mary wanting it in a church and Amy not being quite so sure...

  7. I am loving the convo guys :)


    Anyway, my ideal scenario would be: a surprising/original take on a reconciliation in 9x02 (after 9x01 explores Sheldon and Amy's separate turmoil, and Lenny's wedding/lack thereof), followed by a phase of resettling into their relationship with a new dynamic, maybe one where we explore Amy's side of the story more, followed by (am I being too daring here?) intercourse for the 200th ep and that ring making a reappearance in the last two episodes. Or swap these last two around, that would work too. I would not be opposed to a did they/didn't they cliffhanger about intercourse, but I frankly don't see the point of going there. I could have seen that work this season, but by the time we get to the end of S9 the likelihood of the answer being "they did" will be far too high to justify a cliffhanger. I don't know people would fall for it. 


    eta: Oh, I forgot to say that one thing I LOVE about the finale is "Distressed Sheldon desperately trying to get in touch with Amy who won't answer". It's such a throwback to one of my absolute favorite moments in their relationship (5x08). There's nothing more endearing that worried Sheldon who can't settle until Amy picks up the phone.


    Good point.  If they DO build up the physical side this coming season (which I really think they will) then the cliffhanger might not make sense.

  8. Ha ha!  I agree with you about the cliffhangers, Kathr2611.  I think though that because Shamy really is their big cash cow now, it COULD happen again.  Hopefully not, and I think a cliffhanger with Howard and Bernadette is a great idea.  They really haven't been utilizing them all that much lately, aside from the plot with Howard's mother.

  9. I like this even better




    I don't think Sheldon and Amy will be able to stay away from each other for long.  They'll both go nuts, particularly Sheldon.  ;)  Typically too, the cliffhangers are usually resolved by episode 2 or 3, so I can see them maybe stretching it out that far, but I would think they would reconcile by then.  I could be wrong, but if you look at all the other stories they have to tell about the other characters in the space of those 24 episodes, I don't see them dragging that out too much.  The proposal though, that could come at any time.  My guess right now is possibly November sweeps.  Since we know he has the ring already, they might as well not alienate the audience by making them/us wait forever.  But who knows?  It could even be when they reconcile.  My guess is that just as season 8 was a build toward all the emotional milestones, season 9 will be a build toward the physical aspects of their relationship.  My main question is whether coitus will happen sometime during the season or if they'll leave us with that as a cliffhanger where we won't find out for sure if they did it until the season 10 premiere.

  10. I see both their perspectives. It makes perfect sense to me. The tears they cry, I bleed for them both. and most importantly: TGIS IS A CLFFHANGER. THIS IS NOT OVER.

    No way is it over. In fact, I think it just took a very, very interesting twist. Is Season 9 here yet?


    Exactly.  This is not over by a LONG shot.  I think CaffeineBuzz was very on point with her observations.  This cliffhanger is going to be the thing that gets them on the same page.  Once she discovers that Sheldon really IS in the mindframe of wanting her--that he sees his future with her for the rest of his life, and that he does desire her physically (because I truly think they're setting things up for him to reveal that as well), and once he realizes that that was really all she needed, they will be just fine.  I think that in the end, this cliffhanger the writers have left us with is going to be the best thing for their relationship.  They'll have a whole new understanding of one another and they'll be able to move forward together in their relationship. 

    Season 9 simply can't come fast enough.

  11. Okay, so I really haven't read through very many of the comments here, but I do know that there are very mixed feelings about the finale and what's in store for season 9, and I just wanted to say something real quick before going back into hiding again.  Apologies ahead of time if any of this has already been pointed out.


    The thing is, yes, the two of them have made some awesome leaps forward this season, and I really think the writers got them to the emotional place they need to be.  Realistically, I can see Amy getting her hopes up more and more with each milestone they made, particularly the fact that he does want to plan a future with her (joint Mars application) and that first sleepover (despite the probable lack of physicality there beyond maybe some kissing).  But think about it logically--she's been waiting for almost FIVE years to get the kind of physical intimacy she really wants with the man she loves, and she starts to believe that maybe they're finally heading toward that road, and then bam!  He's not thinking about HER while they're kissing, but a stupid tv show.  I think Amy has every right to decide to take a step back to evaluate things at that point.  It's clear she loves him dearly, and she looks so heartbroken when she tells him over Skype that she needs this break.  She doesn't WANT to leave him, but she's really not sure what to do at this point.  I'm sure most of us, if we put ourselves in her position, would feel the same.  There is also the little issue of her being unaware of the ring and the fact that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.  Sheldon is no idiot; he understands what that entails.  He KNOWS she wants physical contact, and I believe that he's almost there himself. 


    The makeout was very intense, and his hands were on her body, and he went in for more.  Now, I can't fully explain the whole Flash thing, but it's my belief that either he's so comfortable being with her this way now, that he's allowing his mind to wander while he enjoys the kiss (because Sheldon's brain works a bit differently from most people's) or perhaps it could be that he uses thinking about other things as a sort of defense mechanism so that he doesn't get too carried away.  Because I have the distinct feeling that Sheldon is starting to desire her physically as well.  And maybe he's been thinking that despite that desire, he's not quite ready for it just yet.


    In either case, it's about time for Sheldon to shit or get off the pot, as they say (and I don't mean that he should have to sacrifice his own needs/wants, just that if it IS what he wants with her, then he needs to make it known).  And I really think that's what the writers are doing here.  The season 7 finale sent him away and brought him back with a whole new appreciation for her.  Most of us were distraught, but look how great it turned out.  (I also find it ironic that many were of the opinion that Amy should have broken up with him at that point, but now there's so much anger at her for wanting to make sure she can be in this relationship when she doesn't think Sheldon will ever be ready, but I digress.)  They set up that heart-wrenching season 7 finale to get these two where they need to be emotionally in season 8.  And now they've thrown in a new wrench.  Essentially, Sheldon is already there.  He wants to spend his life with her, and he know that means giving her physical intimacy, maybe even children down the line, etc.  He's RIGHT THERE.  Now all he needs is that little added push that he needs for ANY of his big milestones.  He's essentially made this decision on his own already, he just needs to amp it up now and decide that he's ready.


    Season 9 is going to be epic, seriously.  Because Sheldon is finally going to take that shit.  And it's going to be glorious.

  12. As for hand movement during the kiss, I could have sworn Sheldon was caressing her back a little. But as the others said, we were too busy freaking out to remember straight, so don't hold me to that. All I know is that they were both into it, and it was HOT. And Sheldon wanted more.

  13. Just jumping in here real quick after a rather long hiatus. Hi guys! I basically wanted to say that I think it's probably really difficult to put this episode into perspective unless you were there because it's hard to convey the emotions that ran through us all, and all the little details that went into it. The makeout session was totally worth the wait, especially seeing Sheldon wanting to go back in for more. I do think they've made great progress this season, but with Amy still not quite getting certain things that she needs, she's more than justified in wanting to take a little break to evaluate things. Like someone pointed out, it's not necessarily a breakup. And even if it can be considered a breakup, they're doing this to set things up for next season. Sheldon WANTS TO MARRY HER. It's going to happen. This is huge. I was really sad to see their Skype session, but I was ecstatic at the ring. We know that most of their big steps forward take a little push for Sheldon to get there. I really believe this is what's going to make it click for him. He doesn't want to lose her. He loves her. And he's going to do what it takes to keep her. Things are going to get epic. I can definitely see coitus in the near future.

  14. Am I right in thinking that this is the first time he's gone straight after her when she storms out, upset about something? Whereas before he would be left nonplussed about her sudden departure, not even realising she is upset and had to be told to speak to her. If so, that's huge for him.


    I would say the first time he went after her was during Prom, but as far as her actually being upset over something he did, yes, I think this would be it.  He's really maturing and he's really starting to understand how to be a good man for her.  Cue the feels.

  15. I just love their emotional bond this season.  I'm anxious for them to start feeling more comfortable physically and to start moving that along, but their bond, their love, and their planning a future together are all so awesome.  And just with the hand holding and hug, it shows that Sheldon is getting more and more comfortable with touching his girlfriend.  :biggrin:

  16. And let's not forget Amy mentioning procreation.  Their children would be Martians and Sheldon seemed intrigued by that.  He did not freak out!  He ruminated about telling his CHILDREN!!! about who planted the first flag on Mars (their dad) or having them watch "Mars Attacks" while actually being on Mars. 


    This man is thinking of all the possibilities and they all include Amy. 


    You guys are killing me with this!  I love it so much!  And Dana, that opening sounds so great.  What I love is that they're making the audience think things.  Whenever they do this, it tends to be foreshadowing for something a bit later, so I can't wait to see what's in store for them!

  17. I decided to crawl out from under the rock where I've been hiding to say hello.  ;)  Anyway, while I've been REALLY hoping for more kisses, I'm pretty happy with the hug and the handhold, especially since Sheldon initiated the latter.  And I love the way you guys think in regards to the turtle.  I definitely think it speaks to the idea that they're both committed and in this relationship for the long haul.  So cute!  And awww...seeing what happykitty just wrote makes me so happy!  These two are really growing together and they love each other so much.  I can't wait for the taping report!

  18. Okay guys, here we go. I want to apologize in advance for the tag scene. We only saw it once, and if I'm being 100% honest, I spent most of it with my head buried in Jiab's shoulder, so I may have a few details off or missing. Any help from the other girls who were at the taping would be much appreciated!

    TAG SCENE. Playback.

    Little house, Amelia, Cooper. Penny's bedroom, Penny, Leonard.

    We open on a very naked Sheldon sitting in a bathtub, tended to by his Amelia. She asks him if the bathwater is okay. He acknowledges that she's drawn the bath for him and it would be silly to complain – but since she asked, it is a little nippy. "I can fix that!" she says, and she pulls a kettle from the stove and pours it in the water at his feet. That's much better.

    Cut to Leonard and Penny in bed. "You're right," he says, "This is really weird." Penny asks him if she should stop reading. Leonard says, no, no, continue, more offended than when Sheldon tried to take his Me-wow sticker.

    We cut back to Amelia sponging off Cooper. She asks him about physical relationships in the future and if it's any different than today.

    It is at this point that Leonard is completely done. Good night.



    Thank you so much for writing the taping report, Michy, and for helping me to relive such an epic, epic night!  I don't think I'll be forgetting that experience for a LONG time!!!

  19. On the subject of Shamy's first time...I do agree that it will probably be awkward.  Neither of them will have any experience, and Sheldon will probably be a bit apprehensive still despite his desire, or possibly concentrating too hard on the mechanics of it all.  But, I agree with those who said that it will be perfect for THEM.  They have nothing else to go by, and being that they're sharing this first time moment with each other is very special.  It will be a whole new level of intimacy and closeness just knowing they've never done something so intimate with anyone but each other.  :)  I also don't expect there to be the whole joke of how terrible Sheldon was at it.  If anything, I expect the opposite.  Everyone's total disbelief when Amy says what a sex god he is in bed.  ;)  LOL...  Not saying they'll go that way, but in my opinion, that would make the humor much stronger than using a joke that has already been done and going in a direction that some people would already expect.  And like others have pointed out, once Sheldon finally acknowledges and releases that passion, I really think he's going to be a force to be reckoned with.

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