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  1. I think all parties and ships would agree that by no means will these two do it once and never want to do it again...you can't really think that can you??

    Both are bubbling volcanos and once they erupt (pun intended) it will light fires in both of them forever... Both have years of pent up frustration....he is wound so damn tight that sex will probably be just what he needs to regain focus in a way...


    "Everything will fall into place once you commit to her."

    Oh, wouldn't that be awesome if coitus was the thing she was referring to, and it cleared and calmed his mind enough so that he could get his career and everything else on the right track?  Once he realized that was the catalyst, he'd be wanting to do it three times a night!  ;)

  2. Just finished watching tenure and Sheldon was so dismissive of Amy and the whole "those moments you worship me".... Boy thank goodness he's come a long way!! I look back and then to present day and what a huge difference!! They are so equal now it's great


    I know I'm SUPER behind here.  First of all, I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!


    Kerry, I was watching season 7 the other day and I was struck with the same thoughts.  Even while Sheldon was growing up a bit last season, their relationship felt so different.  They truly do feel like equals now, and you can tell that he really, truly loves her.  I love that so much.  All hail that damn train trip that hurt our hearts!  ;)

  3. Back onto that Sheldon driving thing. What if he was the SD for Lenny and Amy, who were all drunk and he had to drive them all home AND help them into bed? Hahaha. He helps Leonard and Penny to bed in Leonard's room, puts Amy to bed in his room and he takes the couch (I assume he would). That would be great to see...it's always nice to see the tables turned every once in awhile and Sheldon does something for them for a change. Haha.


    I like it!  Although I wish he'd just say "Aw screw it" and crawl into bed beside her.  ;)

  4. Yeah, the Lenny parenting him thing is getting a little old.  I wish the writers would stop doing that.  I get that it's kind of their "funny" little dynamic for the three right now, but Amy really IS making Sheldon a better man.  MAN being the operative word.  And it would be nice for him not to be coddled quite so much.  If anyone's going to do that from time to time, it really should be Amy anyway.

  5. I think that would have been a BIG experiment.

    I think Sheldon knows Bon Jovi, too. Amy was playing Dead or Alive on her harp during boyfriend/girlfriend singalong night and he supposedly knew he was supposed to sing "wanted" even though he was too distracted to sing.


    LOLOLOLOL!!!  Yes, my mistake.  You're right, of course.  :biggrin:

  6. amy should have just started talking about sex to him...or taken off her sweater...that would have definitely increased his anxiety levels!!! :p


    It's nice to imagine that just MAYBE they wouldn't have been able to finish their little experiment because Sheldon would have found himself helpless to fight against ANOTHER little experiment at that point.  :spiteful:

  7. I know he's BIG pain in the B but still it seemed a little rough when he was in this state...but that's just my opinion... anyway I think Amy missed pretty good opportunity to make him sleep in her bed   :icon_biggrin:


    Like I said though, better something little like this, where you know they made up later than some huge, major blowout.  Shamy will be just fine.  :)

  8. You'd think that with all the thinking he must have doing recently in regards to colitis, his anxiety levels would be off the scale already, but it would seem not.


    Maybe the idea of coitus no longer makes him as anxious (as in terrified) as he still lets on.  ;)

  9. I wonder about the shirt too! I think Sheldon would have known if one of his shirt was missing. I think Sheldon was the one who gave it to her. 

    I'm still not over the fact that he watched her not the movies lol, and he watched her hands while listening to harp music. I'm wondering besides her eyes and her hands, what other parts of her body he has been watching? (he once said her lips looked too slippery lol) 

    and that line about his underwear, what were they doing in his bedroom? was she helping him reorganize his room?


    As for the body parts he's been checking out, there was the episode where Howard and Bernadette were talking about going to City Hall to get married, and Amy stood up, announcing her upset over that while Sheldon was clearly checking out her butt.  ;)  Well all know he's a butt man anyway, so I guess that's just another piece of evidence.  :biggrin:

  10. All of Shelly's job stuff is coming to a head...... When will he act on what the psychic told him?  :icon_redface:


    I think he already has.  :)  I mean, he admitted he loves her and is willing to say it openly now, and they've grown much closer.  He's super happy about his relationship with her.  I know the move-in and coitus are still left, and maybe that's part of it as well, but he's at least walking down that road.

    So, just for fun, I've done this little Shamy write-up on buzzfeed.com that I want to share with you all. It's everything we already know but I thought it would be fun to do it for people in the world who aren't as hardcore fans as we are ;)






    Love it!  You did a great job!  :)

  11. Can I just say that so far I am loving all the sexual innuendoes in this episode. Bananas and Amy taking off...something. Thank you writers


    Yes.  Even with some tension between them, we still get the good stuff.  ;)  Just wait til Amy is taking things off while he's AWAKE and...well, I'll leave the banana comment off because that would have gotten too dirty.  :angel:

  12. OMG she kicked him out? I'm upset now...


    I wouldn't get too upset just yet.  Sounds like things turned out fine from what Rachel said, and also, I think it's good to have a few tiny moments of tension between them thrown in (as long as they get resolved) to balance out all the greatness we've been getting.  Otherwise, it makes me worry that if we get nothing but goodness, something big and bad could happen down the road.  This way I feel much safer.

  13. Yeah, we all know Sheldon tries to cover up his true intentions at times.  And we also know he wanted to get the woman he loves a present.  ;)  I'm hoping we'll see a future episode where this photo is displayed somewhere in her apartment.  I'd love to see their prom picture too.  Wouldn't it be great if it was actually Sheldon who had kept that one?

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