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  1. Yeah, we all know Sheldon tries to cover up his true intentions at times. And we also know he wanted to get the woman he loves a present. I'm hoping we'll see a future episode where this photo is displayed somewhere in her apartment. I'd love to see their prom picture too. Wouldn't it be great if it was actually Sheldon who had kept that one?
  2. I only got to see it twice last night, but I'm putting it on again as soon as I get home. What's funny is it was actually my husband who put it on for the second viewing last night. Maybe some of my Shamy loving is finally wearing off on him... I loved this episode so much, it is definitely one of my all-time favorites. For all the reasons already mentioned. So many great moments, but I think the frame scene was my favorite.
  3. Happy Birthday, Such a Hag! Hope it's awesome!
  4. Thank you so much for the great taping report! Sounds like such a cute and funny episode.
  5. And just think, one day he'll be saying that TO her at the altar.
  6. "Oooh, Amy, I like that one! It makes my upper flurmin stiffen." Okay, I'm stopping now.
  7. Can you imagine if Sheldon bought Amy lingerie? All of the fandom would pass out!
  8. I wasn't contributing to the talk about favorite episodes because it's so HARD for me to pick one. I have a ton of favorite moments, and of course, they're all Shamy related. But I think that Prom may just be my favorite episode. I mean, we find out Sheldon has urges, he thinks she's pretty, AND he loves her. All in one episode. It's like a fanfiction come to life.
  9. I'm glad I can help. I know what you mean, but I do think that's why they keep referring to them at least, so we'll be more ready for that more passionate kiss. That, combined with the ILY and the reinforcement of that, plus the little things where it seems like they're getting more comfortable with each other on screen--I think it's all a means of preparation. Although I truly wouldn't mind seeing a little progression on screen either.
  10. I love it, Maddie! Great job! As for the kissing, I really do believe we'll get one at some point this season. I'm hoping for Valentine's Day, but we'll see. They seem to be holding out on ALL the couples for those kisses, and my guess and hope is that it's because when we see them again, they want it to be a treat. That, combined with the "foreshadowing" of all the off-screen kisses and the Tijuana sex show comment, leads me to believe that when they finally DO show a kiss, it's going to be a good one. I'm really thinking we'll get that passionate kiss (or maybe even a makeout scene) we've all been waiting for. In the meantime, I'm super anxious to see Sheldon with that loving expression as he talks about his woman.
  11. It's simply his usual tactic of hiding behind a sarcastic/scathing remark after revealing his vulnerability/feelings, it sounds like. I'm starting to find that endearing in its own odd way, because we all know what he's doing. And I'm sure that look on his face is going to be enough to make anything that follows turn me into a puddle of goo.
  12. I know many of us are concerned because of all the Shamy goodness they're giving us so early this season, but one thing that occurred to me is how they like to reiterate a point once they've made it with this couple. They did the same thing with the train kiss. Sheldon kissed her, it was out of the blue, and then they let us know that yes, he really did enjoy it and is willing to kiss her now a few episodes later by showing another kiss. And then again when he left that voicemail on Stephen Hawking's phone. I equate the ILY in Prom to this, with them having both characters express their love again, affirming that yes, they really are in love. I appreciate this, especially since with Sheldon, some people tend to not believe he's capable of certain things or that it doesn't mean what you think it does. So this just drives home the point. I really also think that the writers have decided to focus on them a bit because the end of season 7 was being set up precisely for this purpose. We've really been waiting quite a while for such nice things between them and this amount of growth. As I stated in my other post, I believe one reason for showing their growth and closeness at this point is because they want to get back to that plot point of Sheldon's career falling into place, and I believe another is that they're trying to move them enough at the beginning of the season so that when other things come up later (like coitus talk, further intimacy, etc) it won't be completely out of the blue. With Lenny being engaged now, they've probably decided it's prime time to focus a bit on Shamy, especially since they know how popular this couple is. I do think it will slow down probably after the Christmas episode, and after the short hiatus, we'll see more Lenny with their wedding plans, and storylines focused on other characters for a bit. If conflict comes, I think and hope that those conflicts can and will be resolved within the same episodes. This couple has had their share of ups and downs, but it's never been anything too overly dramatic. The season 7 finale was probably the worst "setback" we've had, and look at how that all turned out. Shamy is different and special, and they kind of need to keep moving forward, so I'm going to believe that they will do so and that whatever drama arises will be plots for them to work through to move them even closer. Our babies are growing up! I'm so proud of them and their love. I know they're endgame, and I'm looking forward to seeing how their relationship continues to progress.
  13. Wow...seriously? Did I really hit "like" 75 times???
  14. This is the first time I've actually ran out of my quota of likes for the day.
  15. This had me rolling. But...now that I look at it closely, I really do think that's his hand. So funny how we always analyze the little details.
  16. Here are my thoughts after reading all of these posts, fangirling until all hours of the night, and re-reading the TR like three times. First of all, I agree with everyone who is nervous about what they're going to do with Shamy in the second half of this season, because it's all been so wonderful, and they've been giving us a total Shamy fest so far. I'm in fangirl heaven right now! And I can see them wanting to throw a wrench in there at some point and making them have to work through something. I do, however, think that if they go that route, it's not going to be anything TOO major, like a breakup. They've fully established that these two are in love. And for Sheldon to fully acknowledge and be comfortable with those feelings is huge, and I don't see him back pedaling on that anymore. I do think there will probably be SOMETHING for them to work through, but maybe it will just be the intimacy issue again. I think whatever it is will only end up making them stronger, not tear them apart. They really are setting things up for them to grow closer and make progress (and boy, have they so far this season!). I know they like to do the step back after major progress often, but with limited time to get them to coitus (and hopefully marriage) before the show ends (even if they do end up with an 11th season) I don't see it being anything major. They already threw a major wrench in there with the season 7 finale, and I really think they did that IN ORDER to move them forward this season. With the psychic's words, I can see them finally showing Sheldon committing fully to her so that his career can now get back on track. I'm not too worried that he'll "wake up" and realize that Amy has been distracting him too much from his work. While I agree that he IS kind of like a lovesick teenager, I think things are going to fall into place for him, like the psychic said. I've always obsessed with that whole scene and felt like it was there for a reason, and I think we're seeing it play out now. I think and hope that if anything, they'll probably back off Shamy for a while and focus on other plots and characters for a bit, and like I said, maybe have more serious plots for them like a serious conversation about sex, etc. Those are the types of things that still need to be addressed in their relationship and that can cause the desired "conflict", drama, or relationship growth that the writers will probably want to maintain while still slowly moving them toward the utlimate goal. I'm so glad they're on the same page now though, and that they love each other so much, because it shows that whatever comes their way, they can work through it together and come to an agreed upon result. Also, the fact that Amy is talking to Meemaw! God, I love that. And it kind of shows that she's already being accepted as part of the family--getting the cookie recipe and everything. I would LOVE to see them actually meet at some point.
  17. Thanks so much to all of you who contributed to the report! So much goodness in this episode! Can't wait to see it on screen!
  18. Tapings usually start around 6 or 6:30 and go until around 9:30-ish.
  19. Which would make it all the sweeter if Sheldon bought Amy a present. And then kissed her brains out under the mistletoe.
  20. I love how Sheldon is gulping in your avatar as you type this.
  21. I'm loving the way the Shamy shippers are thinking today. It reminds me that I'm at home here.
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