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  1. Hey, Sheldon Cooper's Additional Council of Ladies got a shout out in the new issue of TV guide!!

    Big Bang was voted favorite comedy and in the blurb, Molaro mentions that, "...there were 19 women all wearing Sheldon Cooper's Council of Ladies t-shirts..."



    HOLY CRAP!!  Must find a TV Guide!!!

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  2. Thanks ShamyShipper. You always put things into perspective for me when I'm disappointed. :) Although won't it be weird to go from those chaste kisses of last year to something really passionate? We need to see a progression ;)


    I'm glad I can help.  :)  I know what you mean, but I do think that's why they keep referring to them at least, so we'll be more ready for that more passionate kiss.  That, combined with the ILY and the reinforcement of that, plus the little things where it seems like they're getting more comfortable with each other on screen--I think it's all a means of preparation.  Although I truly wouldn't mind seeing a little progression on screen either.  ;)

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  3. I did a REALLY crude paint outline from an enlarged screen grab:  





    Now, if you'll excuse me - I am going to commit myself into an asylum now....


    This had me rolling.  :laugh:


    But...now that I look at it closely, I really do think that's his hand.  So funny how we always analyze the little details.

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  4. I just lost feeling in my extermities...


    a fantasy just played out in my head.


    The "crisis"  Leonard gets tenure, Sheldon panics - some angst ensues

    After some deep thought, the psychics words hit him - it HAS been better - but he has not fully committed himself as he has been dening it to himself a bit.


    He decides he HAS to commit...he pops the question and says they'll move in together.  


    BAM  tenure









    a girl can dream....right?


    I like the way you dream!

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