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  1. Saw this. Checked Jim's IG.  Now practically drooling over his physique, again.

    Those arms.


    As for gift-giving, bonus points if he suggests it, since we all know how Sheldon feels about gift-giving.


    Or, what if Amy just decides to get him something, expecting nothing in return, and then he surprises her with a gift of his own, and it's something really sweet? 


    And yes, how can you NOT drool?  ;)

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  2. The closed-captioning/subtitles on iTunes has the line "Sheldon will move OUT eventually".

    And the bit about Sheldon spending the rest of his life with Leonard didn't bother me, as I took it to me grounded in the solid friendship they have--ie, Sheldon expects to have Leonard in his life forever, perhaps even to be best friends forever. I don't think he's wrong. Their affection for one another will not suddenly end once they cease being roommates.


    I kind of got that impression too, Irene.  He expects them to be friends forever.  And I think that is kind of the extent of it.

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  3. exactly!!  And as we've all kinda said....Sheldon sees living with Amy in romantic terms.  I really don't think he sees her living with him in another room like she might have originally thought (although I think even she probably now sees them living together in a romantic way....last time she said that separate bedrooms stuff was over 2 years ago)....A LOT has changed since then....


    Yes!  I was going to make this point too, but forgot. LOL...

    We've said before that when Sheldon thinks of them living together, it seems as though he's thinking on an intimate level, as you said, with them sharing a room, etc.  So now that we know he has some desire for her, he needs to get himself to a more comfortable place with those feelings before he'll be ready to have her move in.

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  4. While I think that line was in there for a joke....I do expect the later half of the season to have Shamy get more into heavier topics...and their future, intimacy (addressed in prom but still out there) & living arrangements are still hanging out there....I don't expect tension to the degree of anything more than an episode BUT once these topics come up it may not be all sunshine & roses.  No permanent damage, but these topics are hanging out there.


    I personally think the living together topic will come up (or more Lenny moving in together and the Sheldon factor) but actual changes won't occur until season 9.  I don't think it will be Amy bringing it up though....I think it will be Lenny bringing up Sheldon living with Amy.....


    But this season we've seen that Shamy is hanging out more alone as a united couple.  As is Lenny....So again, as this continues and Lenny seperates even more from Sheldon, he will begin to understand where things stand and where things are headed (just like the ILY....Sheldon is not a spontaneous person....he puts a LOT of thought into things and once he is comfortable with something, he then moves along).  So once he realizes all this stuff...he will get it


    Definitely agreed.  That comment Sheldon makes did bother me little bit for half a second, but then I realized it was put in there for a joke, and when you combine it with Amy's comment about him moving out/on (do we know for sure what she says there?  I've seen conflicting takes on it, and I haven't rewatched it yet) I think the writers are foreshadowing that he won't be living with/depending on Leonard forever.  Obviously with him being in love with Amy and accepting/recognizing that, he will eventually be living with her.  Even with all of his acceptance of change this season, he still likes to take things slow.  So an ILY confession doesn't mean automatic move-in together, etc.  Sheldon will get there.  He's growing up before our eyes.  I think once he gets more comfortable with the idea of intimacy, he'll get comfortable with the idea of letting Leonard go and moving forward toward his future with Amy.

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  5. Very old married couple stuff... Loved it

    And Amy did say "Sheldon will move out eventually".... Interesting...


    I can kind of see this as more foreshadowing.  Not that I necessarily think Sheldon will actually move out of there, but it felt more like Amy talking about them living together again without actually saying anything about it (which I'm glad for).  Kind of like "eventually, he'll be living with me".  At least, that's how I choose to think of it since the writers have had it brought up so much already.  It's almost like they're letting us know they haven't forgotten about it and it'll be coming at some point.


    Now that I saw the comment that she actually says "move on" instead of "out", I still think this applies.  He's going to move on from relying on Leonard and living with him and he's going to be living with and relying on Amy instead.

    I missed a lot of that episode 'cause my stream wasn't working, and then it started up again when Shamy were in the car, but only near the end of that scene.


    My favourite bit of that episode was the back-and-forth bantering between Sheldon and Amy about the man in the supermarket.

    I don't know why, but it felt so natural, like they had been married for years, talking about something as trivial as a man in the supermarket.


    That whole discussion struck me too that they're spending a LOT of time together, and doing a lot of "married couple" things together.

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  6. Or the Mistletoe is hung up somewhere, and Amy becomes all sneaky, "accidentally" pushing Sheldon towards it LOL

    And he's like "Aaaamy... don't think I don't know what you're doing."

    But suddenly he's beneath the Mistletoe and Amy says "It's the tradition, Sheldon."

    So he rolls his eyes and kisses her, a little too long, and this keeps happening throughout the night.


    "Social convention dictates that whenever we're underneath the mistletoe together, we have to kiss."  Vixen indeed.  ;)

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  7. THIS....This is exactly how I see it play out.


    they are dancing, post-wedding and all that, not a Shamy episode or anything (except a look at each other here or there) and then while dancing he whispers in her ear that he is ready....and you just see them leave...and close


    now the tag could be not related to them, or it could be there post-coitus basking in their glows in bed, with sheets...and just both saying something like "wow"...


    I like this, although I think I'd like to see a bit more from their first time, like more interaction surrounding it.  So I could see them leaving together and then a totally different tag without them.  It would keep you guessing til the next week too.

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  8. as of now, according to the CBS program guide, it appears 11/27 is a repeat.... (11/27 seems like its confirmed as it has a "R" next to the episode which means repeat). 


    12/4 has nothing assigned (and I keep checking), but historically that week is repeats for new shows as its the first week post sweep and holiday programming starts.  But I could be very wrong on this one. 


    My guess is the one taping now will air on 12/11 which makes sense for a holiday episode....


    Thank you for the info, Kerry!

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  9. I like all the couples too, and I want them all to be happy.  I like your explanation of why you like Lenny, SRAM.  It makes a lot of sense.  We all come from different places and backgrounds, and have different experiences and personal preferences that color why we like certain things/characters/couples/etc.  It's interesting to hear a well thought out point of view, so thank you.  As I said, I really do like all the couples, but Shamy is my favorite, because I find them so unique and interesting.  They really are like no other couple on television.  I love how they started out as friends, perfectly matched and so much alike, and how they've grown and evolved together over the years, starting as two odd/quirky people who had no interest in relationships to realizing they had a strong connection, to wanting to be more than friends, and now to loving each other.  And it's so fun to watch them hit these milestones that for many other coupled are so normal or run-of-the-mill.  For instance, when my husband and I first held hands, yes, it was nice and it had a significance to it, but not on the same level that it does with Shamy.  Every one of their milestones, be it emotional or physical, has a real impact and means so much because of the slow progress they're making together and the for the fact that Sheldon still has his issues with physical contact and admitting feelings (which, thankfully he has finally done).  It's beautiful and special to me to watch them both grow and mature together and for these two oddball people who never thought they wanted or needed love to find that one person that they're willing to change for and realize they really do want to be with.  Plus, the slow progression becomes such a tease that I can't help but to root them on and wait on the edge of my seat to see where they'll go next, what step they'll take and how they'll grow together even more.

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    "Would it be reasonable to assume there will be some movement this season with regard to their sexual relationship? Also, are you nervous about breaking that story, knowing how much attention it will get?"
    "I have no idea when that will be broached, but I have learned that if we’re sweating and scared of a scene, that’s usually a good sign to do it."





    I love the very telling way that he doesn't skirt around this question, but simply says they don't know WHEN it will be broached.  WHEN, not IF.  :biggrin:

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  11. He already knows, in the Season 7 finale when he is breaking down due to be overwhelmed one of the things that he says is "my girlfriend loves me so much she wants to move in with me".


    But I agree, it would be nice to hear her say those words to him. 


    Exactly.  Not that it wouldn't be nice to hear her say the words aloud.

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