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  1. I've pictured the ILY in my head over and over, but what I've not pictured is how Sheldon admits to having urges.

    I read that in the taping report, and didn't really understand the alien discussion. So, I'll guess I shall wait until the episode plays to fully understand it.

    But my god, even though the ILY is shocking, Sheldon admitting to having urges is more mind-blowing in a way.

    Like, to me, it was obvious he loves Amy, but having urges too? I wasn't sure before. That's certainly gonna be interesting to follow through with that statement.

    And like I said before, I definitely feel like between the end of S8 and the beginning of S9, they're really gonna (begin to) explore Sheldon's sexuality.

    I didn't really understand the alien thing fully either while watching, but it does make a little more sense in person. His urges comment is kind of surrounded by jokes, but I still felt like the way he said it had truth to it. Plus, just Sheldon saying those words is pretty big.

    In any case, the foreshadowing is there, and we all know what that means...

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  2. I can't wait for you all to see Prom. It's an all around amazing episode, can't believe I got to see it early.   


    HOWEVER. I'm really excited to see it ALONE :p I need more space to freak out. Although the lovely TheShamyShipper and I did a lot of pinching each others arms and not breathing.... I had to lean over to her so I didn't hurt the poor lady next to me.. lol... I started freaking out before it happened so she was probably like whut.. 


    The whole audience clapped and cheered for the ILY it was grreatttt! I can't wait to see it again! It was a bit crazy seeing it like that so I'm really excited now with you all to see it on the streaming site like God intended :p. With 50 packs of brownies.

    I'm so glad I had you there for emotional support!! :) But it all sort of feels like a blur now, so I know what you mean about needing to see it again, and maybe alone this time.

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  3. Cute :) I can't wait to see the actual scene, I have so many versions of how he says it, his face ect, in my head (hence all my questions to narrow these versions down.)

    Just don't kill me if I'm slightly off on the facial expression. It's really hard to remember his exact expression. What I CAN tell you is that it's very sweet and touching and perfect.

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  4. oh gOSH. for some reason, i pictured him with a really solemn expression, not smiling at all. but here he appears to be smiling ever so gently.

    It's kind of a solemn yet soft expression. Hard to describe, but definitely similar.

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  5. That's true. I have a friend who insists on believing that there's a laughter track. I told him there isn't and he said "you tried to defend the show because you are a big fan".

    I hope you told him, " No, I was actually there as part of that laughing audience."

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  6. I wondered about that myself, because there was no audience reaction when Penny told Leonard she loved him.  Maybe it was just that the way the scene played out was different, though.

    It could have either been that the audience had a delayed reaction or they may have asked them to stay silent on the second take. At the taping a week ago, there were times when they asked us not to say "aww" or even cheer. I think usually that happens when a scene is supposed to be funny overall though and not a tender moment, so I'm not sure why that would happen with the Lenny ILY.

    Wait! (excuse my ignorance, have not been on as of late), there is a SIK in Prom Equivalency?!

    Sorry I wasn't clearer on that. Didn't mean to give you a heart attack. ;)

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  7. I hope they did! It's nice, adds to the enormity of it.

    Agreed. I really think they need to have the audience's reaction in big moments like those. Typically they don't remove them. I think I could hear some reaction on the playback, but the rest of us were drowning it out. ;) I think the only thing they removed the reaction for was the second SIK and that was because Jim was trying to say his line during it.

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  8. Who saw the finished version of the ILY (not the taping, but as part of the whole episode?) Did they keep the audience's reaction to the ILY?

    It was really hard to tell because the live audience was so loud, but I think they kept it...

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  9. One of my favorite Shamy moments last season was when she leaned against him while he was trying to decide on a gaming system.  It was very casual, which shows they're getting much more comfortable touching.

    Good point. I really liked that too. I'd like to see more of those moments.

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  10. And like I said, we're only a 3rd way through the season ;) And Sheldon has only just told Amy he loves her. Let us not forget what we've seen from this season so far: sharing of food (fries), lots of eye-coitus, Sheldon seeing Amy as his wife/fiancee, lots of smiling between the two, the acknowledgement that they both enjoy spending time together... an ILY!!

    Who knows, kimbee, we might even get hand-holding in the taping report tonight! We've already gotten so much from Shamy in regards to progress this season. All affectionate stuff will be spaced out.

    Don't forget the "superior relationship" comments, him telling her she looks pretty, and his little comment about urges. ;)

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  11. They have only officially been in love with eachother for 1 episode, and amy couldn't even get the words out. Misinterpretation agitation takes place before prom. Just give it some time. I'm very curious about how they will act in tonight's episode, but I'm not expecting fireworks.

    To be fair though, having watched the episode now, it's clear to me she was going to say it. Sheldon just beat her to it. ;). But yeah, I guess we're all needy baby greedy babies because we always want more. I'm okay with them progressing slowly again from here, as long as there's some progression. We know they love each other now, and that's huge. Everything else will happen over time. And like I said yesterday, I'm okay with a few episodes now with no big Shamy moments. But having said that, I do hope that they'll be able to show us the occasional physical moment--a hand hold, cuddling, another kiss--to let us know that they're getting more comfortable with each other now (and also just because it's sweet/hot).

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