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  1. I don't mind that they never revealed Penny last name. It one of those running gags (along with Howard Mom) the show will always be remembered for. A lot of shows have them.
  2. Jim is gay so their relationship was never gonna be anything more than that anyway.
  3. They are all good Friends off camera. You can always tell when they do Group Interviews. During it 12 years runn The Big Bang Theory was/has never been plagued by stories or rumors of backstage drama or feuds like so many shows (some true) throughout history have. Although there were the tabloids stories several years ago that Kaley and Mayim did not get along very well but I took them with a grain of salt. I think they seem to get along just fine. I mean maybe they probably aren't having slumber parties every weekend but I think they do at least on cordial terms get along well. Whenever you get a TV Show that has 2 or more women on it, there are always stories it seem that leak to the press that the women on the show don't get along, are feuding, can't stand each other or be in the same room together. Whether true or not.
  4. The Cheesecake Factory makes a return.. Seem like forever.
  5. Stuart is a recurring character (like Leonard and Sheldon Mom) and been their since season 1
  6. I like the idea of a Lenny spinoff. They probably would changed the Leonard and PEnny a bit if that happens especially if they want it to alst. I think there enough you could do there. Problem is the writers have put too much focus on Shamy the last couple seasons. I think Howardette spinoff would be interesting but don't know if that would last. Simon and Melissa have great chemistry
  7. Kaley worked with these people (the cast and crew) for 12 years so it make sense why she be emotional. I expect many of them will be when they tape the final episode. When you work together for 12 years you go through a lot together personally and professionally.
  8. My favorites are 3-7. I feel some of the best Episodes came from those years. Thank Goodness for Reruns and DVD's. We also have Fanfiction.
  9. The Show been on for 12 Seasons. It hard for any Sitcom that been on that long to stay top notch funny and continue making strong/good quality episodes week after week like they were in Season 3 and 4. It was expected. I have said in the past that The Bang Theory should have ended after Season 9. Most other long-running sitcoms (with 7 or more seasons) had the same problem: Friends should have ended after season 7, Frasier after season 8, Cheers began to lose some steam after season 9 but was still a great show during it last 2 seasons show nonetheless and Happy Days should have ended after Ron Howard left after season 7. Two and a Half Men should have ended when Charlie Sheen left. Seinfeld got even better with every passing seaso but choose to go out on top
  10. Agree. I hope they something like for the series finale. This has become pretty common for Final Episodes of TV Shows over the last 10 years. Leaves the Fans with closure to their favorite characters
  11. I remember it was a huge success when it first came on the air, but it popularity began to wane after the second season. It won few awards (Felicity Huffman though was only actress on the show to get a Emmy) but not many and it made Eva Longoria a household name. It was a unique show in it way and a big part of why it can't be easily syndicated. It was one of those shows that was popular when it first started but not a show that could be easily watched over and over mostly because it was a comedy-drama mystery type show with a new mystery every season that was solved by the end. I think it can be described as a cult hit/following. Along with Lost and Grey's Anatomy It helped ABC out of the 4th place back in 2005 If they show The King of Sweden it would be an actor playing him. I think most could care less about the King of Sweden and some people don't even know Sweden has a monarchy.
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