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  1. The jokes about Penny being a drunk who sleep around did get old after awhile. But it is a Chuck Lorre show and that is his kind of humor. Make one character the butt of bad or nasty jokes especially about their appearances. on Two and Half Men it was Charlie and Alan Mom . On Lorre sitcom "Mom" it Wendy who is often the but of jokes.
  2. Hello, Haven't posted in awhile. I was just thinking the other day that Lenny would have had their baby by now!
  3. I much prefer watching the Classics from the 1950s-1980s then most of what is on the air now. A lot of my favorite TV Shows are from those eras. I was watching a few episodes of Andy Griffith show the other day and was ins stitches from start to finish. Couldn't stop laughing
  4. I am a lot younger than you and I really like watching Dragnet. It has become one of my favorite. I much prefer the older classic detective and cops shows from the 50's-70s than the ones airing now. I enjoy watching watching the westerns especially Gunsmoke and Bonanza. On Saturday and Sunday there is two TV Channels that show different Westerns all day from Morning to Night. That usually half of my Saturday TV Viewing.
  5. I will still buy Season 12 just so my collection is complete.
  6. I hope they do. But I feel it a few seasons to late however I will be happy if they finally do get one for the final season.
  7. Then why is the Fan Fiction forum on here? Certainly, if someone doesn't want to participate they don't have too. I see what you mean but the admin would not have added a section for FanFiction if they didn't want it here.
  8. That is not correct. Ozzie and Harriet is the longest running live-action sitcom in TV History with 435 Episodes. The Big Bang Theory is Fifth. It the second longest-running multicam sitcom by Episodes
  9. Are you kidding? Howard had the most character growth over 12 seasons! You need to go and watch Season 1 and 2 again
  10. I been here for 5 years and never seen any. I don't think it allowed.
  11. Just like life really. Out story stat at birth and ends at death.
  12. What do you mean? that was not the "final episode" that was a just a special retrospective. Many TV Shows since 1990 have done something like that (A look back at the series) but usually it air before The final episode. Episode 23 and 24 was the Series Finale.
  13. I enjoyed the series finale. last night. There were a couple parts that bothered me, but I am not going to dwell on that. All in All I think it ended nicely. Sheldon speech at the ned was the best part. very happy for Penny and Leonard and the Elevator got fixed! That caught me off guard a bit but was not shocking! Kaley had requested that the elevator be fixed. I thought it was quit amazing that Sheldon edmonton Leonard comment form the pilot about his and Penny babies being smart and beautiful. But then I remembered he has great memory. You can tell Penny has never heard that befo
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