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  1. A lot of them are airing on Netflix or some other Online streaming site and that where they are going not TV Networks.
  2. Actor

    Look like Roseanne coming back
  3. Roseanne coming back.
  4. I read Kunal and Simon got a Million or close but not sure. They almost got thrown off the show during the last Contracts Negotiations in 2014. Glad it went more smoothly this time around
  5. I agree here. Often being an Emmys winner or once being nominated for one means nothing in contracts. Valerie Harper won an Emmy while on MTM but got paid less then MTM (Obviously) and Ed. On Golden Girls Estelle got paid less even so she won an Emmy. Estelle and Valerie both Supporting Actresses. Mayim and Melissa are both Supporting actresses and been on the show for only 7 and 6 seasons respectively and both started out as a guest star than Recurring Guest before becoming a Full-Time Permanent Cast Member. It Also has to f do qith Face value. It actually quite fair and the others took a pay cut so the two later arrivals could get a raise.
  6. Well to be honest it people who don't like Sheldon who are suggesting that. I am not the biggest fan of Sheldon but no he did not cheat. For n tinhg, he did not response in return. But even then it be debatable I still say Leonard didn't cheat either.
  7. What TV Shows do you hate? For me some are: Th Beverly Hillbillies The Rapist Cosby Show Married With Children Well & Grace (Don't know if I hate it I just don't like it!) Yes Dear According to Jim
  8. Personally, I like to see more group oriented Episodes in season 11 like they use to have in season 4 and 5. But it seems those days are gone. TBH Season 7 was really the last great season. A lot of shows seem to decline in quality after their 5th, 6th or 7th seasons. Maybe season 11 should be the last. Thank You @kazzie for your report. Glad you had a fun time.
  9. A person you see almost every day for 10 Years and live across the hall from who sometimes you are around for several hours (or more) a day is not a stranger! Penny and Sheldon may have been strangers in season 1 but in season 10 they absolutely are not.
  10. @rachelshamyfan is correct Sheldon propose! I read it on twitter from a TBBT Forum Member not saying who.
  11. I didn't say Amy should give birth in last episode just that she should announce she pregnant. I rather see that then other.
  12. No. she gonna be back next season. But the cast always takes a picture on the last episode of the season. - We'll probably know for sure what happened in the tonight season finale in next several hours. The Sheldon and Ramona could be the B Story Plot. That will be interesting to see where they will go with that, There many directions they could go. I do like the idea of the other being concerned about Ramona Intentions. Legacy99 is right. The Episode title could be a reference to Lenny. CBS never gave out a Press Release on TBBT season finale and what it be about but just a Press Release with a list of their shows including titles of the season finales for those shows and a short episode plot for each It was probably what they were given by Producers. But Episodes now tend to have Three storylines sometimes just two. Personally, I do not want Amy and Sheldon to have a kid on this show... ever. I would be fine with Amy announcing in Final Episode that she Pregnant.
  13. I think I have an Idea who that may be. Not saying anything. Hope have great time
  14. Happy Taping Day Everyone. Last taping pf the Season. Is anyone going? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I think some people on here get to paranoid sometimes lol Same thing happen last year and year before and the year before that! Each time people thought it was a sign of something bad and that Mayim as leaving. Relax people. Amy has always appeared less at end of season due to Jewish Holiday Passover. Mayim and Melissa will be back next year! No worries or doubt there. I think they wanted to negotiate the contract of original five first. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk