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  1. I didn't realize she named her rabbit "Simon"
  2. 'The Big Bang Theory tapes its 279th and final episode' https://ew.com/tv/2019/04/30/the-big-bang-theory-tapes-final-episode/ "Some parts of the finale will feel just like another week in the wacky world of Big Bang: Yes, Sheldon (Jim Parsons) wears a superhero T over a long-sleeved shirt, a few old friends stop by, and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) has plenty of fun poking at his longtime roommate. But in between solid jokes about sex, apartment decor, childcare and food, there are some tender and very unexpected surprises. And there’s at least two revelations that no one will see coming."
  3. I was given permission by someone who works on the show (or might knows someone who work on the show) to post this video. Kaley speaking to the Audience after taping the series finale https://twitter.com/courtblock/status/1123436924411240449
  4. There a video of Kaley on Twitter talking to the Audience with Johnny and you can tell she is very broken up. . Also A video of the Final Bow. I would share it but not sure if this person works on the show or not
  5. I wonder if this is a clue or a hint on how the show will end. The very very last scene: A close up of the two apartments door numbers? Friends had a very similar ending. Copied to start at 3:03
  6. I am enjjoying all these Social Media Posts, look-backs, pictures and memories being posted today. Thank everyone. I regret never getting the change to see a TV Taping. I have always wanted to see Taping of a TV Show (not counting Morning Shows,Late Night or Daytime Talk Shows), After Big Bang theory y there no show currently on the air that I am interested in seeing a Taping of in person.
  7. The post after this (Happy Birthday Post to Johnny and Kunal), I had forgotten her first TV Kiss was Johnny.
  8. There also going to be behind the scenes stuff. Maybe a tour of the set?
  9. Agree 100%. Johnny and Kaley (who was the only actress at the time on the show other than Sara Gilbert but she wasn't ever really part of the show) were there from episode 1 so it only fitting that they are the one to host the retrospective. I am sure there will be scenes or some backstage stuff with the other cast.
  10. This is why we dumped the British in 1776. lol. Seems so complicated. In all seriousness most people in the states don't eat like they do on the show. Seems like the gang ate take out every other day for Dinner or at least inn early seasons anyway before the Guys got married. But being single men at the time what would have been expected. In the States (No specific regions) Breakfast everywhere is 6am to 11am. But more places are starting to serve it either all day or at least part of the afternoont. Lunch is usually served 11am to 4pm (however technically Lunch is usually considered to be between 11 and 2 even if places are still serving Lunch after that time) with Dinner usually being eaten between 5 and 7. But in general everywhere Lunch is Lunch and Dinner is Dinner. Breakfast is Breakfast. There is no "Tea" here. Although a lot of Americans do drink Tea (including me), Coffee (which I also drink a lot ofis still more common/popular here then Tea with many people drinking it throughout the day and even at night. In the South Sweet Tea is extremely popular but it has started to catch on slowly in the North. . Regular unsweetened Ice Tea is very popular in the North more than in the South.
  11. I seen many people on Big bang Theory Facebook Fan Groups oups everyday complaint or blame Jim for the show ending. I don't recall Ted Danson being crucified when he decided he didn't want to do Cheers anymore after 11 seasons or Jerry Seinfeld when he decided to end the show after 9 seasons. I think the only thing that could have been done differently was how the other cast found out (not at the table read that morning Jim told Producers he didn't want to do the show anymore) and the release of the announcement. We all know none of them were willing to do the show without the other. None of the cast blame anyone . Johnny was also ready too move on
  12. This retrospective was planned before that. That poll came out last week
  13. Both of them already have new projects lined up post Big Bang Theory. Kaley has a new show (not broadcast network though) coming as Johnny will probably also make a couple more guest appearances on the Conners I imagine.
  14. Last time I check so were the other five! It a ensemble cast and are each other equal. And maybe they didn't want too or were too busy
  15. I don't blame him really. I think he want to get away from Sheldon and it can't come soon enough
  16. Looking forward to that. I think it should air before the finale tohugh
  17. I imagine a few things may be donated to the Smithsonian Institute or the Museum of Broadcast Communication. Some stuff will probably be stored away in a warehouse or garage somewhere either on the Warner lot or off site. I am sure the cast and crew will be able to take something from the set. I be surprised if Jim get the couch. they will probably donate that.
  18. I think Kaley will be the biggest wreck on Tuesday Night Not surprised.
  19. Because it their last week together after 8-12 years and probably whatever the script to I imagine. It a mix of both.
  20. Some great pictures posted today. I am looking forward to see what posted the next six day. No doubt this will be a very tough week or the cast and crew.
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