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  1. "I write small like a serial killer" LOL
  2. I'm so very lucky to be home from work today and I'm watching Jim on Kelly & Michael. He is so adorable and sweet. I love that bird costume his mother made for him when he was little! And those socks! Ha Ha - great!
  3. WOW! I knew what was coming and it still hit me hard. The look on his face was just.......oh man. I know how hard it was for Amy to step back and evaluate their situation. Sometimes you have to do that for yourself. It's only fair to both parties in a relationship. I just can't wait until S9. This sets up so many Shamy possibilities.
  4. That just made me laugh Rachel. So nasty!
  5. You'll have to explain what pound store is. So you can be in a store with a child or something and vibrators are just out in the open? Here you can buy condoms in grocery stores or drug stores but not the other item! I think they can be bought at the stores that sell the drug smoking stuff. And the porn magazines maybe. I don't even know! I've only seen shyly spelled this way. And I would use "so-so" to describe mediocrity. Example: I thought the last episode of BBT was so so.
  6. Here is one for ya (sticking with the adult theme). When I was younger I lived in a city which was about an hours drive south of Windsor, Ontario Canada. So it was common back then for people going to bachelor and bachelorett parties (I'm sure you have in UK but I don't know what its referred to - like a party before you get married?) to go into Canada to see the (in my case) male strippers. In the US they are not allowed to be totally naked but in Canada (at that time anyway) they were. Completely.
  7. Okay, thanks for the info Star. That puts it in perspective. I've only seen the small clip put on here.
  8. I don't see a Shamy breakup coming. No way. But I could see Amy being offered a job somewhere other than California. Of course, she wont take said job, but it will be discussed with Sheldon. And he will have to consider her importance in his life. And for the record, I'm on board with a Shamy baby, but at the end of the series. I don't want any kids with lines or anything on this show ever.
  9. LOL I'm with ya! Jim seems a little A list to be on that. Nothing against her (never heard of her). Are they friends or something?
  10. I'm calling a summer filled with wondering whether Shamy did the deed or not! Coitus is coming!
  11. OMG!! Something good is gonna happen!!! Holy crap! I'm so excited!
  12. That is interesting Stephen! And in my state you can buy alcohol on Sunday, after 1:00pm. And to be honest, I'm not sure where adult magazines are even sold! Lol maybe I'll look into that....... Jk
  13. This is disappointing for sure, but I still believe that something good is coming for the finale. Please, please.....Shamy gods make it so!
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