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  1. Merry Christmas to us... and can't wait for next year.... (yes, I'm speechless)
  2. exactly. I was wondering if they would bring up the 'Debbie' if it were a girl. I'm so glad they did, and gave an explanation as to why they aren't going to use the name.
  3. I agree with everything posted so far so I'm not going to say what an excellent way to resolve such a difficult issue this was nor am I going to say how much Sheldon has changed (for the better... even he realized that he wasn't Spock). I will leave you with this: * and I refuse to accept that people don't change ..EVEN ON TV SHOWS... when they fall in love OR that some people are incapable of falling in love. Now that's just malarkey!
  4. the question is WHY does Shamy always get the story line? Lenny were a done deal from day 1. It's 10 years later. For me, they shouldn't have foreshadowed that relationship from day one. It takes all the fun out.
  5. About two years ago.... the psychic said,"give yourself to the relationship... once you do...all your other pursuits will come into focus"... Amy is the key to his happiness... everything would fall into place once he committed to her.... then he fled & came back... then they broke up... then he realized the psychic wasn't so full of malarkey after all. He wanted her back... he got her back (thanks to an earworm) . He has been giving pieces of himself to her since the middle of season 9 and you see him now. HE IS HAPPY ... she IS his key.
  6. what a weird name.... I'm going to go google all the possibilities thanks! Ok... I googled: veracity vəˈrasɪti/ noun conformity to facts; accuracy. "officials expressed doubts concerning the veracity of the story" synonyms: truthfulness, truth, accuracy, accurateness, correctness, exactness, precision,preciseness, realism, authenticity, faithfulness, fidelity; More habitual truthfulness. "voters should be concerned about his veracity and character" and elasticity... not conforming to facts all the time? HMMMMMM.....
  7. loved every minute of it!( yes, because of Shamy... I'm not going to lie) It was funny seeing how they adapted to their first night and then an argument using scientific terms which got Amy to agree to continue their experiment but at the same time got Sheldon all hot to agree to a make out so easily....HILARIOUS!!! loved Penny's 'daaaamn' in this scene and the way Leonard kind of had to translate the argument. Cute stuff. Lenny dancing in the living room in their undies... cute! Howard's comment about getting Bernadette pregnant... funny! Raj in bed with Cinnamon... adorable... she's the only girl who won't leave or question him.
  8. It was a good simple episode and even though it was 6 am when I was watching this... I laughed out loud SILENTLY quite often. Nice goofy stuff...nothing heavy. I actually liked everyone tonight. And no, nothing bothered me...and I'm not wearing rose colored glasses . I am,however, deprived of sleep just like Sheldon so good night all.
  9. there were some pretty funny moments... 1. Amy wanting to scan Penny's brain... then commenting on the clump of bitch cells lighting up 2. Sheldon's reactions when he is behind the general and can't speak 3. the happy meal line to Bernadette 4. the guys playing with the scanner... such goof balls!
  10. there are 13 weeks till Amy's birthday in real time.
  11. I'm just catching up on things and I don't normally comment here but to all you Lennys ... sorry that Sheldon is IN the wedding... literally. Let's hope it comes out lighter on screen and funnier. This desire by the writers to hit it home that 'three's company' is getting old. We get it... anyway. Hope the episode is mostly what you have waited for.
  12. Season 6 remains my favourite season and 9.10 is my favourite episode. Season 6 for me was funny ... yes, that includes the whole Shamy dynamic. Their interactions were hilarious(for me) because neither knew quite where they stood but they knew they liked each other in a different way. This scared the crap out of Sheldon and he handled himself poorly but it was still funny. 9.10- shows us a side of Sheldon we haven't really seen when it comes to passion ( for a human)
  13. I may be late to the conversation but any word on Penny's mom? I keep thinking a 'Peggy Bundy' style might come through...
  14. I wonder if Amy's dress was anything like this one? (at 0.36)
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