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  1. I agree with everything posted so far so I'm not going to say what an excellent way to resolve such a difficult  issue this was nor am I going to say how much Sheldon has changed (for the better... even he realized that he wasn't Spock). 

    I will leave you with this: :party:   :girlinlove::giveheart:      :firstmove:




    * and I refuse to accept that people don't change ..EVEN ON TV SHOWS... when they fall in love OR that some people are incapable of falling in love. Now that's just malarkey!

  2. 19 minutes ago, Chrismo said:

    But Shamy always gets the storyline. Even this season Sheldon disrupted their 2nd wedding. As for the dinner parties weren't they both in in 4a. By the way Sheldon already tried to throw it in Lennys face that Shamy had the better relationship

    the question is WHY does Shamy always get the story line? Lenny were a done deal from day 1. It's 10 years later. For me, they shouldn't have foreshadowed that relationship from day one. It takes all the fun out.  

  3.  About two years ago.... the psychic said,"give yourself to the relationship... once you do...all your other pursuits will come into focus"...

    Amy is the key to his happiness... everything would fall into place once he committed to her....

    then he fled & came back... then they broke up... then he realized the psychic wasn't so full of malarkey after all. He wanted her back... he got her back (thanks to an earworm) . He has been giving pieces of himself to her since the middle of season 9 and you see him now. HE IS HAPPY ... she IS his key. :kissing:

  4. 7 minutes ago, Kev0821 said:

    Episode title! Please take this with a grain of salt, but per the Futon Critic, Nov. 3rd's episode is titled, "The Veracity Elasticity."


    what a weird name.... I'm going to go google all the possibilities :)   thanks!

    Ok... I googled: 

    1. conformity to facts; accuracy.
      "officials expressed doubts concerning the veracity of the story"
      synonyms: truthfulness, truth, accuracy, accurateness, correctness, exactness, precision,preciseness, realism, authenticity, faithfulness, fidelity; More
      • habitual truthfulness.
        "voters should be concerned about his veracity and character"

    and elasticity... not conforming to facts all the time? HMMMMMM..... 

  5. loved every minute of it!( yes, because of Shamy... I'm not going to lie) 

    It  was funny seeing how they adapted to their first night and then an argument using scientific terms which got Amy to agree to continue their experiment but at the same time got Sheldon all hot  to agree to a make out so easily....HILARIOUS!!! loved Penny's 'daaaamn' in this scene and the way Leonard kind of had to translate the argument. Cute stuff. 

    Lenny dancing in the living room  in their undies... cute!

    Howard's comment about getting Bernadette pregnant... funny!

    Raj in bed with Cinnamon... adorable... she's the only girl who won't leave or question him. :p

  6. It was a good simple episode and even though it was 6 am when I was watching this... I laughed out loud SILENTLY quite often. Nice goofy stuff...nothing heavy.   I actually liked everyone tonight. 

    And no, nothing bothered me...and I'm not wearing rose colored  glasses :girlglasses:. I am,however, deprived of sleep just like Sheldon so good night all. :lazy:

  7. I'm just catching up on things and I don't normally comment here but to all you Lennys ... sorry that Sheldon is IN the wedding... literally. Let's hope it comes out lighter on screen and funnier.  :umbrage:

    This desire by the writers to hit it home that 'three's company' is getting old. We get it... anyway.

    Hope the episode is mostly what you have waited for.:girlwink: 

  8. Season 6 remains my favourite season and 9.10 is my favourite episode. 

    Season 6 for me was funny ... yes, that includes the whole Shamy dynamic. Their interactions were hilarious(for me) because neither knew quite where they stood but they knew they liked each other in a different way. This scared the crap out of Sheldon and he handled himself poorly but it was still funny. 

    9.10- shows us a side of Sheldon we haven't really seen when it comes to passion ( for a human)  

  9. 19 hours ago, Stephen Hawking said:

    Then, when Shamy are all tucked up in bed, the front door opens and Leonard and Penny walk in, because something has happened, causing them to cut short their trip. :icon_biggrin: 

    ...and Sheldon never trusts Amy again. End of story. 

  10. 21 hours ago, Kathy2611 said:

    Exactly!!  That's my thinking too.  I'm still in the camp that they've been sleeping together off camera

    me too and I think it has been only at Amy's for the sake of privacy. It would be funny if Amy tries to get fresh with him in 4A and he points out that those kinds of amorous activities are to be done in the privacy of 314 only but Amy points out that they would be completely alone since Lenny are out of town. Sheldon sees her logic and grabs her hand leading her to his bedroom. :)    ( yeah yeah yeah... a girl can dream, can't she??? ) 

  11. On 6/5/2016 at 8:40 PM, nibbler747 said:

    I also like that Amy didn't change the way she dressed and was happy with her wardrobe and wasn't open to influence.  It shows an inner confidence which is so great to see.  Love that Sheldon loves her just the way she is.  No changes required.

    That being said every main character seems to have a uniform minus Penny.  Sheldon's superhero/comic tees, Leonard's enviro tees plus hoodie , Raj's old man cardigans plus cargos, Howie's skinny colourful jeans plus Dickie and bright top, Bernie's dresses, tights and cropped cardigans and Amy's old lady wear.

    Hmmm I looked at what I wear to work....I may dress like one of the characters.  Dresses, tights, platform sandals so I can be a bit taller, a cardigan cause I'm always cold.  Lol!  I guess I have a uniform too!


    we all have a 'uniform' but we really never pay attention to it. I literally wear jeans every day. During the winter, they are paired up with sweaters/jumpers and during the warmer months, tees and other colourful shirts. This is my attire even at work. I have been dressing like this for the last 25 years. Comfort trumps style for me any day. :icon_wink:

    On 6/6/2016 at 1:31 PM, Jonny83 said:

    lol I don't think it's too bad. Some of those orthopedic shoes though...

    those would actually be great with jeans that flare out just a little bit. I'd wear those.:icon_cheesygrin:

  12. On 5/25/2016 at 5:45 AM, serena_nyc1995 said:


    Does anyone have any guesses as to when Amy first fell in love with Sheldon ? 

    Personally, I think she started having a  crush on him in season 4 at some point and then when she had the opportunity to kiss him, she grabbed it (even though she was drunk but sometimes you are more likely to speak the truth under such circumstances).

    He liked the kiss and even kissed her back if you look closely so I reckon that he also had a crush on her then. Amy probably knew she loved him by season 6 ( poor girl was blinded :girlglasses:) and Sheldon figured out it WAS love he was feeling for Amy during his 45 day train trip when he had plenty of time to reflect on everything. 


  13. On 5/18/2016 at 10:04 PM, Stephen Hawking said:

    She probably forced herself to sound nonchalant to Sheldon, because she didn't want to sound all desperate and needy to him.

    she should have told him then to get his scrawny ass back or else she's signing the termination agreement.THAT's what she should have done then.

    But anyway.... 

  14. To weigh in here, my favourite has been and continues to be season 6 and the rest... well, in no particular order. There are episodes in each season I really liked that were either funny or quirky or romantic and then there were episodes that just left me :scratchhead:. All in all, every show/sitcom has its highs and lows. 

  15. off topic...:offtopic:

    my computer is dying ( no, i won't hold a brief ceremony for it nor will i take it to my hoarder's warehouse o' fun) so i was looking at newer models ( mine is 8 years old with Windows Vista and just 2GB of RAM). TBBT has actually helped me pick out a laptop ( not like Sheldon's- those are too expensive for me) based on some of the characteristics mentioned on the show. I was reading the description and i was proud to know what 4K resolution is. :)

    now back to your discussion.... 

  16. just saw the episode... here are my 2 cents: 

    Amy called Sheldon 'babe'.... now I'm thinking in what context exactly... hmmmmmm.....

    Sheldon gave Amy a 3 minute massage???? when??? where???? 

    I hate that all these little things are happening off screen. Yeah, I know... cool my jets, we got coitus BUT seriously! 

    I understand why Amy started venting in front of Beverly. She is probably the only other one who understands what makes Sheldon tick. 

    I am glad that their little spat was settled and like others have said, I would rather have had them  go out in the hall alone for this bit and then seen a quick peck on the cheek from Sheldon as he left again. Oh well. I guess the writers thought this was better. 

    Are we there yet???????????????????????????????? Is it season 10 taping day yet???? :girlglasses:

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