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  1. ok... we have three pages left till 1000 sooooo, here's a thought and comment on it. We saw Bernadette and Howard's wedding on the roof top. All friends and 2 parents. We saw Leonard and Penny's wedding via live streaming. Friends only were present and weren't really present, no parents. How about if season 10 opens with a time jump of the whole summer and we see Amy in her kitchen making french toast. Then Sheldon walks into her living room and goes to the kitchen and kisses Amy on the cheek. She asks what that was for and he responds by saying he thought it was social protocol or customary for the husband to kiss the wife in the morning and then we see the rings on their fingers. This wedding happened with no friends present, no audience, just two random witnesses at the court house. DISCUSS! that OR we found out they had a big ass Texan wedding and we, the audience, are shown flash backs. either way... DISCUSS!
  2. If I absolutely had to pick an episode, it would definitely be the earworm one (9.10). After 6 months of being apart... Sheldon gave Amy the kiss of a lifetime, none like we had ever seen before. All that emotion he had just escaped from his lips and hands. He held her close and had NO intention of letting her go when he saw he had the green light. That was just about the most romantic thing, in my opinion of course, he had ever done up to that point. I loved that the writers paralleled 9.10 to 5.10 but the outcome and reactions were much different this time around.
  3. kind of disappointed in the finale but that's ok... we got kissing AND coitus this year so the writers figure they have given us far too much already. Remember, " COOL YOUR JETS, I JUST GAVE YOU MY VIRGINITY"
  4. well, with the tid bit we just got from delsino, ( thanks), I'm going to go out on a limb here and say it will have nothing to do with anything of the things we are talking about. It will be a celebration for some kind of achievement (perhaps the app the guys did for Howard or the idea Leonard had and Sheldon helped with- that's why the mothers came last year...) back to the show.............
  5. i know this is kind of off topic but reading this reminded me of this: Has Sheldon succeeded in his experiment all those years ago? Some are probably going to say 'yes'.
  6. it would be a good way to wrap things up. The show started with the premise that these two will get married so ending the show with a renewal of vows and Penny finding out she is pregnant and Leonard turning to Sheldon with a smirk saying, " See... I told you our babies will be smart and beautiful." and then it fades out. I would actually enjoy that.
  7. true... we'll find out soon enough exactly, they are really leaving us guessing this year... At first, I was also thinking and even hoping for a proposal this season BUT... then at work today, I started thinking that it would be too cliche. Howard and Bernadette got engaged at the end of season 4(e.20) & Leonard and Penny at the end of season 7(e.23) and we all know that Raj isn't getting married on the show any time soon. I don't know if that's something the writers are intending to do for a third time ( even though third time's a charm, right?)
  8. well, Sheldon's only purpose is to ruin yet another Lenny wedding since he so rightfully ruined it the first time... that is the secret plot now... he could be planning a do- over himself for what happened last year on their anniversary. ( crossing my fingers, toes, eyes, legs... whatever)
  9. not everyone... why aren't Penny's parents present? It took her how long to tell her Dad that they had eloped, you would think she would want him there this time. weird stuff. =============================================== weird stuff aside, it does seem like a good way to celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary... ( technically they left to get married in the finale but got married 11 hours later- the beginning of season 9 so the writers could go either way with when the anniversary actually is...)
  10. well, the real 'spockumentary' is now playing... maybe they went to see that and from there.... literally anything can happen from that point on ('cause it's gonna be a Thursday ) * and if it is the spockumentary, the whole gang will have tickets waiting for them ... perhaps... who knows... just some speculation on my part...
  11. do you really need me to explain it for you???? they had a wild encounter in the hall... on the cart... broke the lamp... and Amy had to rush inside to get the strawberry syrup and accidentally closed the door. Sheldon got disoriented and forgot that his keys are in his pocket... He wanted in so he can tell her to bring the whipped cream as well...
  12. nope... I watch them all. No exceptions. I may, of course, re-watch the parts I especially like before moving on to the next episode.
  13. sooooo many possibilities!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm very curious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in Darth Vader's voice, " we are the parents!" ... yeah... I know...
  14. SHELDON'S MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (perhaps in the same room with Amy since season 4!!!)
  15. Push seems like she's begging and being manipulative. I don't believe she has to 'push' for anything anymore. I'm pretty sure that if she flat out expressed what she wanted, Sheldon would gladly oblige.
  16. I think each episode from 8.24 and onward had us purposefully feel various things ( anger, pity,sorry, etc) based on what message the writers were trying to convey. In 9.01, Sheldon came off as an insensitive ass but in 9.07( the Spock episode), they portrayed him as hurt and vulnerable. In the same respects, in the Thanksgiving episode, we were feeling sorry for Amy for being turned down like that but in 8.24, we were pretty flabbergasted by her request to break up. The same applies to the other characters too...it's all what the writers want us to feel in each individual scene or even episode. I'm ok with all of it.
  17. In my opinion, I think Amy should flat out tell Sheldon that she doesn't want to wait till her next birthday while drinking tea and wait to see what he responds. (This might bode well for Sheldon who might be thinking that because of his 'verbal' agreement, he has no right to ask for something like that... he might think it would be a breach of contract ) But a study like this may also help 'break the ice' ... but then again, we have nooo idea what the writers have had them doing off screen either.
  18. I like all the characters on the show ...all for their own traits and for various reasons. Why I like Sheldon? He's different, and more often than not, not afraid to tell it like it is. Most of us shy away from expressing how we really feel so as not to hurt someone BUT ... the truth hurts. He's not afraid to say it. (and lately, he's not afraid to say it to himself as well.) I also love how they have taken this extremely complex man/robot and evolved him slowly over time (9! years). You don't get that kind of character growth in sitcoms. All the other characters ,for me, were ones I have seen before.
  19. it's funny that I should see this post now. Today I watched 8.5 ( "The Focus Attenuation") and the guys were in the cafeteria discussing where they should go to focus on work and someone suggested a cabin in the woods. Sheldon says he would NEVER go there! . How things change in a season and a half! ( I reckon the cabin at Big Bear came first....)
  20. oh... we'll get there! they probably wanted to write "something IS going on there" , implying that the writers aren't giving us the whole story.
  21. i thought it was a cute episode for all couples. and the 'big bear' being used cleverly for both story lines... funny
  22. god only knows! :/ probably though, they show reruns most of the year. you might just catch season 2! LOL
  23. The big bang theory is on every Saturday and Sunday at 4:40pm on Star channel, two episodes per day. Right now they are showing season 8 again and HOPEFULLY when that's done, we'll get to see season 9. (fingers crossed) . it's with subtitles ( thank god! )
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