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  1. actually, they never translated the song and so i learned it in Spanish. the dialogue though... that's another story. I'm Greek- American. spent half of my life in the States and the rest in Greece so far. are YOU Greek????
  2. you can't imagine what you just reminded me of.... y a mucha honra.... maria la del barrio soy ( singing it though!!!) wasn't this Soraya???? i got to watch it translated in Greek.
  3. not a video. he downloaded a picture of the CERN supercollider. it's a windows photo gallery screen shot. He certainly opens a lot of different tabs/ pages while on his computer.
  4. If you had just eaten the best chocolate cake of your life and were told you had to wait forty days till lent was over to eat it again, you'd still crave that chocolate cake, perhaps even more so than usual, because it was just so damn good BUT you wouldn't consider yourself desperate just because you can't have it at that moment. That's Amy right now. I can totally get where she's coming from. However, she's also getting something from Sheldon no one has EVER received... his deep, dark secret. It did annoy her that she didn't know why his grandmother called him moonpie but the others did. Now knowing this secret has put her at ease somehow. Am I making any sense? ( my mind has currently wandered off to that chocolate cake). And the Skype session on the bed... totally fixed. At Paley, Jim said how much he enjoyed 'pillow talk'. The writers, imo, took advantage of this without having to go through a whole bedroom scene. win- win situation. Totally loved the Shamy interaction in 9.19!!!! ( for all the reasons stated above in other posts)
  5. now that... I will GLADLY accept! ( I just don't want to see anything negative again. Of course, it did spark some creativity and led to wonderful fan fics being written)
  6. let's face it, Shamy had a cliffhanger 2 years in a row ( he just gets up and leaves Amy without a goodbye and the next year, Amy breaks it off). There's noooo reason for one now. If there IS going to be a cliffhanger, it might be Lenny's.
  7. i say 22 and have been for a while but... you never really know with the writers...
  8. it was a cute episode. for me, it had some laugh out loud ( silently though as it was 3:00 am) moments in the beginning with Raj and the girls in 4B. it had some sweet friendship moments too among the guys. I can't say I was thrilled with the Raj story line though. Perhaps it could have been done better or differently.
  9. I was thinking 9.22 but the closer the date approaches, the more I'm thinking season finale too. Why? Because Sheldon hates leaving things up in the air. Their break didn't give him the chance for closure soooo maybe he'll arrange a do over of that day a year later.... they'll do the same stuff, have a real make out on his couch and then... pops the question . After of course he makes a long-winded speech about everything and Amy stops him and tells him to get to the point. Then he asks and the episode ends. We'll find out her answer in season 10 OR Amy accepts and Sheldon suggests they go down to the court house in the morning. It's not what I want to happen but...you never know...
  10. his laptop was stolen on the train trip, wasn't it???
  11. actually, I think they were testing the waters with the girlfriend thing in season 3 Episode 12 The Psychic Vortex
  12. for me , it was a wonderful episode from start to finish... mostly for the reasons that have been previously stated. the only thing i really didn't like was the 'our place' line but i can understand it. even when they were dating or just friends, she was there often enough and now they are practically there all the time. I get it... I just don't like it. Lenny should have their own place but i guess the writers have a different opinion as to why they don't. curious to see what else is coming up.
  13. i wonder why Sheldon would mention he was 'strong too'.... hmmmm... will he be lifting anything any time soon???? I hope so!
  14. THIS BOTTOM LEFT HAND CORNER DRAWING ............. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( i love all tbbt art work that has been posted but this is my absolute favourite!
  15. Sheldon, himself, told Amy ( and us...) to cool our jets. There wasn't going to be a proposal. Just her name added to the show..which she managed to take control of... Sooo... when do ya all think he's a fixin' to pop the question ( said in a southern accent) . I'm going to go for...let's see...this was 9.15... we have 9 episodes left till the end, 2 of which have been taped... so that takes us to somewhere between 9.18- 9.24. Hmm... in 9.22. That's my guess.
  16. I had to... once a year I gotta get that opinion out there
  17. Gotta disagree with you there and I usually never voice my opinion ...but what? why? It's showing us that, hey, Penny has grown up, matured and priorities have shifted but it doesn't mean that one can't still be silly at whatever age. The end scene was hilarious!!! I love it when they do crazy things like that so I can't regard it as pointless. After all, what's life without whimsy. There were plenty of cute Shamy moments in this episode without having it be overbearing. It was one of the most well-balanced episodes they've had in a while. But again, this is strictly my view of the issue.
  18. yes.. I know I did... and said it too! he showed us the goods front and back....
  19. the little touches and the wink were soooo cute. he thought that the episode was successful even though Amy, Raj and Kripke dominated the show. how sweet he is soooo ridiculously in love!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( and as a female watching FWF... i enjoyed what Sheldon had to offer...- yes... that dirty mind of mine has unleashed itself)
  20. exactly, no one in their early 30's... or 40's for that matter wants to be called ma'am.
  21. these are fantastic!!!!!!!! all of them!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. It was an excellent episode for Valentine's Day! lots of love, fun and unfortunately...some heart break ( 'cause that just happens too) all three couples were fantastic. Notice the way Bernie was holding that bunny??? nice little subtle hint. Shamy were pretty classic and watching an annoyed Sheldon was good too. Lenny... they really have a weird streak in them and that's what I love. ( It's just great to sit back and watch. You appreciate things, even the littlest things) Raj and Kripke... they were a funny addition to the "Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler present .... with..."
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