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  1. With that subtle nod and smirk, she's probably agreeing that he has given Amy enough already and there's no rush to marry the woman. It only seems fitting as Meemaw doesn't like Amy that much. Scratch that.. this is before he tells Amy to cool her jets.... now I'm confused as well. Guess I have to go watch the episode again! ( yes, I'll use it as an excuse to watch )
  2. off topic here... but I just saw 'Fish Guts' on TV and started wondering if there was any spanking action in 9.11... yes, I know... dirty dirty dirty but they did have 2 hours and 16 minutes.
  3. thank you so much and your English is just fine!!!!
  4. this... but she says , "now that we are in a physical relationship, you just lost sex tonight" and he looks at her stunned at first but thinks about it and gets kind of sad. ok... i'll just go back to reading people's comments again ...
  5. unfortunately, I don't know why this is happening. Again, it's the writer's call.
  6. Lenny may not be my ship but I still like them. I just happen to like the stuff they write for Sheldon/ Shamy better.
  7. just popping in to give my 2 cents worth. 1 cent - i liked last night's episode. it was generally good. Too much focus on Sheldon? Perhaps but i don't mind. 2 cents- SHELDON DEFENDS THE WOMAN HE LOVES TO HIS BELOVED GRANDMOTHER!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU GET IT???? !!!!!!!!!!! I'm truly amazed and I'm glad they went with Meemaw and Amy butting heads instead of everything being lovey- dovey.
  8. Simply because that's what the writers want. there's nothing any of us can do about it. Yes, she could have showered in her apartment.
  9. out of ALL the couples on the show, Shamy were/are the only ones to broach the subject of children THIS OFTEN! (but the conversation has come a long way since season 4's petri dish offspring...) and the writers are messing with us. At least one couple will have had a child by the end of the series.
  10. those are SUPER, EXCELLENT,MAGNIFICENT BANNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great job!!!! congrats again to all the winners!!
  11. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good 2016!!!!
  12. look at HOW much our babies have grown... first date: Oct. 2010https://youtu.be/oHj8MQ1dReE to this moment Dec. 17th , 2015https://youtu.be/I9tdSwM56Gs it is truly remarkable. ( imo- Sheldon was stunned afterwards, hence his expression. Stunned in a good way though)
  13. nope... i only got the location right in 1 or 2 of my stories and the being nervous part in one of them.
  14. I'd have to go back and read the 3 ( or 4???) stories that contain their interaction... All I know is that I had a bouquet (in which Sheldon described each flower... 1/4 check hehehehehehe )
  15. i see him calculating when Amy's birthday would fall on each planet. " Amy, if we lived on Mars, today would be your birthday... let's celebrate... " I can see him making all kinds of lame excuses... alternate universes, etc. to give it her. The comedic possibilities are endless now.
  16. She has done this exact scene before in 2005... it's not something new. This one of course is a lot funnier and cuter. comatose is more like it... state of nirvana... basking in the after- glow... some people may be outside having a cigarette or two....
  17. It was probably, imo, a 60-40 thing but after having a taste... we might actually see his 'desire' build up. He has never done this before, didn't know what to expect but when Sheldon likes something... it is surely going to happen again and again and again... because he wants to do it...a lot. It's just like kissing. He did it out of anger at first ( although when Amy kissed him in season 4, he liked it), he added it to the relationship agreement... then in 8.24 when Amy took it all away, it was him complaining about goodbye kissy face. Then in 9.10- it's like he super glued himself to her lips and body. That will happen with coitus too.
  18. just quoting so it goes further down in the thread! Thanks for uploading!!!!!
  19. Sheldon is quite meticulous... it takes a long time to discover Amy's hidden treasures... and by the looks of her hair... he probably found all of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His hair was fine, so I am guessing Amy didn't have a chance to explore much... hahahahahaha
  21. yeap this one worked too! virtual hug for you too!
  22. sending you a huge virtual hug!!!!! thank you!!!!
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