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  1. has it been stated at any point in the show that Sheldon is OCD? On GLEE, they did have a character who was OCD and mentioned it often. Sheldon is eccentric but i don't believe he has any form of any disablity. he will come back... but with a clearer picture of what it is he wants and an understanding of the changes that happened in season 7. that's all
  2. I just went back to season 3 and tried to find comments about sheldon meeting amy... I was surprised not to find any... so I went to season 4 episode 1 to see if there are comments there. LOTS OF "we'll see / Don't really like the idea of Sheldon changing who he is" comments. It's funny how perceptions change throughout the years and how Shamy has kicked butt! I started watching the show from the beginning and then not so much..UNTIL SHAMY. I think it helped ratings because people are/were curious as to how Sheldon would actually handle a relationship. And now we are about to embark on the season 7 finale... 4 years after Sheldon met Amy... hmmm... I wonder what those people think of Shamy now????????????????????? I remain absolutely positve about them!
  3. Sheldon shouldn't have to go anywhere... it was his apartment first... he rented it... why should he move? ( i'm just saying....)
  4. they didn't need money for food... they needed money for better pc equipment/ modems. BUT... what i think is funny is how Sheldon had a magazine full of girls with big butts in that unaired pilot.... then i thought of AMY. she does have a good-sized behind in those skirts she wears... i see why sheldon is attracted to her
  5. I agree. I think that Sheldon really is the one putting pressure on himself..maybe because he knows Amy wants to be physical at some point and he knows he wants it too but is scared to death. It seems as though he is trying to fish information out of people... who knows what's going on in that bulbous brain of his!
  6. Sheldon is very good at reciting things... I would LOVE to hear him say this... especially in season 8.. maybe as a text to Amy....
  7. i accidentally deleted a good post of mine...the post had to do with what Shamy's physical relationship would be like... check out videos on you tube by Jamie Nyles (tbbt remakes). if these videos are put in a certain order... they create a mini video of what we only read about in fan fiction...
  8. ooohhh... someone should do this story as fan fiction... even you SEASON 7 EPISODE 25- THE BAZINGA
  9. oh yes!!!! he has been giving her this look lately ( last episode- school girl clothes) he IS a man after all... not a muppet or a machine
  10. at first, i didn't like the way Amy handled the situation but the further i keep reading... the more interesting it gets. Sounds like Stefan is what Sheldon should have been
  11. unfortunately, Amy is only a supporting character whether we choose to admit it or not. Therefore, the writers can literally do whatever they feel will support their main character,Sheldon...even if that means making her a doormat. If they choose to change Amy... (give her Penny's status in the group) then we can expect FIREWORKS!
  12. I'm pretty sure Sheldon wants to be with Amy... after all, he didn't have to ask her to be his girlfriend.. BUT he did. He didn't have to kiss her on the train... BUT he did.He didn't have to succumb to cuddling with her.. BUT he did( and the list goes on and on) He just doesn't know how to appraoch the whole "romantic" thing because he probably believes that these hippy- dippy feelings -as he calls them- will detract from his status as a theoretical physicist/ homo-novus/ brilliant mind. And we all have seen how Amy's attitude towards relationships has changed since their first meeting at the end of season 3. She knows that she has fallen head over heels for Sheldon- she just wishes she could get 10% of that back from HIM... just to be sure
  13. Those of you who are younger... you probably wouldn't know this: Who's the Boss ran for 8 years. It took Tony 7 !!!! years to admit that he loved Angela... and that was after going to a PSYCHIC at a fair! ... In the 8 years... NOT ONCE WAS THERE SEX INVOLVED... just hugs, kisses, and heavy eye- coitus( as the Shamy have). I'm seeing the same love story unravel with a 20 something year difference. It will ALL be okay. (And Tony was a hot- blooded Italian stallion. Now, Honestly... Do you really think that someone who has intimacy issues like Sheldon is going to boldly take Amy where no man has ever been before - her bedroom- if Tony didn't?) Just enjoy the show
  14. season 8 - penny and leonard's wedding & a lot of wierd science, shamy rebuilding their relationship/ season 9 - howard and bernie get pregnant& someone wins a Nobel or other major award / season 10 finale- sheldon and amy get married ( we never see them have sex... it's not necessary) & the elevator gets fixed! that's my prediction
  15. I liked the "anything can happen" episode. It had humour, touching scenes( if you looked carefully) and even sexual(?) attraction ( again, if you paid attention). What I would have LOVED is some form of continuation of the last scene! However, I understand now why it was just left at that.In order for Sheldon to take off ... the relationship has to chill out otherwise it wouldn't make any sense. All great couples either took a long time to finally get it together or broke up in the midst of things. It makes everything so much sweeter later. And we know they are getting together in the end. Amy clearly stated in season 6 episode 2 that she has Sheldon on a 4 year plan till they get married WHICH means a season 10 wedding. I'm sure the writer's don't throw such hints here and there for nothing. So for all us "Shamy shippers"... hold on tight...
  16. I honestly thought that the last episode in season 7 would have Sheldon and Amy kiss again ...but this time "french" kiss or have Amy leave for some kind of experimental project over the summer. Never expected Sheldon to "run away". 80
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