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  1. just go watch it on you tube ( like i have done 50 times or so since finding out about it last night)
  2. thanks! I'll be seeing everyone in there too ( let's not break FB though... hehehehehe)
  3. is it just me or is Sheldon looking good in this episode? he seems so mature sitting on the couch talking to 'his friend, Amy'. and here too... https://youtu.be/PhR04rGfQhE boy are we in for some mature stuff from these two in 9 more days!!!!
  4. I'll start a thread here in fan fic like everybody else does with the story. thanks for the encouragement!!!
  5. 'moving in'. I have half of it written already but I'll wait till next Friday to post????
  6. I'm in the mood to write a one shot.... should I ??????
  7. they are playing season 5 here. Today was the tiara episode. Watching Sheldon be so indifferent to his girlfriend's accomplishment then made me cringe a tad but it also reminded me of how much they have allowed Sheldon's character to grow from then till now. I'm sooo glad things have changed in that respect.
  8. I've always loved ELF but this cartoon was equally enjoyable to watch plus, you get to hear Jim
  9. exactly, even without Amy, they are his 'council'. where else would he go? plus he has admitted to Bernie how much he loves Amy in last year's Christmas episode.
  10. I think they sent that message to everyone. I got the email today too. No time or energy to write a story though.
  11. well, I'm glad there have been soooo many people participating in the Shamy 'name that sexual reference' game. If you really think about everything that has been said, it DOES give you the impression that he has thought about it more than he ever let on AND for quite a while now!!!! Why else would he have cuddled with her in season 5 before they were in a 'formal' relationship. Why didn't he dismiss her plea of a night of torrid love making by saying something cruel???? Huh??? Why would he go through with the 'love spell'? He was under no obligation to do so but he did it anyway. and as April said... after that "anyway" in 8.24... you know where his mind was!!!!! ( if the writers didn't want him to go on this journey... they would have found an alternative way to handle Sheldon)
  12. ===================================================================== off original topic ( that I started) : just something that popped into my head .... Leonard asks, " So Sheldon, what did you end up doing for Amy's birthday?" Sheldon says, "Amy" and walks towards his bedroom with a big ole grin on his face while Leonard coming to the realization of what Sheldon meant, spits out the coffee he had just taken a sip of.
  13. I'll start since you guys seem shy. " If Kripke asks, tell him my coitus with Amy is frequent, intense and whimsically inventive" - he says as if it were a fact. "Pretending to have intercourse with you has given me a great deal of satisfaction" - he says with a smile on his face. " when I'm with Amy, and our bathing suit areas mush together, boy howdy, is it magic.." notice the pattern... even pretend coitus with Amy is great. I can only imagine what he thinks/says about it after actually doing it.
  14. ok... here's something we can occupy ourselves with until further info on an episode or a new topic. How many references has SHELDON made to his love making skills and how has Amy described it. How many references to sex in general has he made since being with Amy... GO! ( NO, as you see... I'm not going to get my mind out of the gutter )
  15. holy sh!t !!!! that is one fantastic photo-shopped scene!! and she's even in white!
  16. OH DEAR LORD!!!! i've left you my comments!
  17. my creative juices will start flowing after the school year ends.. I'm like Sheldon, too much thinking( and no time for fun stuff). I'll stick to giving ideas. Go write the one shot(s). May the force be with you, 'cause it has definitely awakened! and it never ends!!! what made me happy to find out though is that there are 2 more tapings in December!!!! I thought that 9.11 was the last. not just the fan fic.... I've read the taping reports for 9.10/ 9.11 back to back and then the fan fic numerous times so far!!! ( you know... really let it sink in!!!!! )
  18. ouch go to an internet cafe!!!!! ( take a little break from moving)
  19. ok.. you have enough ammunition... go write a fan fic. ( It's been a while since we've read a story from you)
  20. well, we do know he likes to be on camera . I can't even imagine Sheldon watching an adult film with him and Amy as the stars... He might actually get a kick out of it... for learning purposes, of course --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- S: You know Amy, I was watching a video of us the other day and I think if we adjust your position 23 degrees, we might achieve..." ( cut off by Amy) A: you were doing WHAT!????!!!!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -YES, it so happens that my mind may also be in the gutter- Nope, not sorry one bit!
  21. yes, I pointed out that there are 37 episodes left. If they continue to season 11, it would be nice, depending on what stories are left to tell. ... I guess we'll find out by this summer.
  22. I just want to see an episode later on that shows us HOW much Sheldon actually enjoyed it and is kind of horny but doesn't know how to tactfully tell Amy he wants more. I think it would be funny to see how he reacts and what he does. and don't even say that this would be OOC for him BECAUSE everything he has done after meeting Amy is ooc compared to the first 3 seasons.
  23. Jim was the break out actor. I had never seen him in anything until i started watching "Judging Amy". I think that's why he received so many awards in so little time and let's face it, the man can act. Mayim and Johnny have been actors since they were kids, both starring on hit shows ( Roseanne more so than Blossom) and even Kaley has been on the popular show, "Charmed" and a short-lived series with the late John Ritter. That's why I think they get overlooked sometimes. As for the other 3, their roles are just not big enough to attract that kind of attention. I mean, they are great at what they do but there's not enough exposure.
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