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  1. 49 minutes ago, jlove said:

    Good heavens, where is this clip FROM?  I LOVE IT!  I'm dying, this is the clip I've been longing to see since I first heard of the comparision to their first kiss on the couch.  Link, pretty pretty please?  I have to watch in all its full-color, normal-speed glory.  Over and over and over...oops, too much sharing?

    just go watch it on you tube :)  ( like i have done 50 times or so since finding out about it last night) 

  2. 6 hours ago, Beckyseyedoc said:

    Yea!! I'm thrilled the bug has bitten you again!

    As a general rule, I think if you're in the mood to write, you should. There's something inside of your soul that needs out and shared with the world.

    I know you said in a later post you're going to put the story out next Friday. Please keep us up to date! :)

    I'll start a thread here in fan fic like everybody else does with the story. thanks for the encouragement!!! :) 

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  3. 18 hours ago, vonmar said:

    The end of Season 6 is running on TBS right now...watching The Closure Alternative...

    Some hard episodes to watch, there too many times that Sheldon was really awful to Amy...It seems to me now that The Love Spell Potential was really the first turning point for them.  They have come so far since then.  

    they are playing season 5 here. Today was the tiara episode. Watching Sheldon be so indifferent to his girlfriend's accomplishment then made me cringe a tad but  it also reminded me of how much they have allowed Sheldon's character to grow from then till now. I'm sooo glad things have changed in that respect. 

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  4. 11 hours ago, A Shamy gal said:

    I suspect it was intentional as well.  He seems more comfortable talking to both the girls about certain things and that's probably because he knows how the guys would react if he tried talking to them about it. 

    exactly, even without Amy, they are his 'council'. where else would he go?  plus he has admitted to Bernie how much he loves Amy in last year's Christmas episode. 

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  5. 4 minutes ago, Tonstar17 said:



    Received this from a PM about one of my stories. I thought i share it incase anyone is interested in sharing their fanfic stories too.




    Subject: Want to join a Fanfiction contest? I just read What Is Love




    Hi tonstar17,




    I think this might be a great opportunity for you: There is a contest for Fanfiction novels at Inkitt. They are looking for full length Fanfiction novels, and previously published works are accepted too.




     See the details at inkitt [dot] com [slash] fandom2.


    Check out the writing guidelines as well, they are pretty strict with those.




    If you do not have a full novel ready just yet, there are other contests running for original short stories as well, all for different genres! It'd be an awesome way to get some recognition for your work! inkitt [dot] com [slash] contests


















    Sent from my SM-G928F using Tapatalk







    I think they sent that message to everyone. I got the email today too. No time or energy to write a story though. 

  6. ok... here's something we can occupy ourselves with until further info on an episode or a new topic. 

    How many references has SHELDON made to his love making skills and how has Amy described it.  How many references to sex in general has he made since being with Amy... GO! 

    ( NO, as you see... I'm not going to get my mind out of the gutter :) ) 

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  7. 3 hours ago, MJistheBOMB said:


    So, after reading Kazzie's lovely fanfic, suddenly, my writers block is cured and I started a short story of my own if anyone is interested. Rated M. Don't read if you don't do smut because I always have to include smut. Haha!


    If the link doesn't work, just look me up under mjisthebomb on fanfiction.net. 

    OH DEAR LORD!!!! i've left you my comments! :):):) 

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  8. 48 minutes ago, shamour said:

    LOL! I hadn't really been much in the mood for writing with how the season started... I actually had only begun to write some snippets about an alien abduction theory for all of it to make sense for me again, but now I bow my head to the writers for having closed that arc so beautifully, so I'm not too sure about finishing that idea... but that Aquaman tape might be a fun one-shot (only a happy accidental pun here...)

    But I also liked your idea about Sheldon off-handedly mentioning having watched that video, so how about your creative juices flowing again?:-)

    my creative juices will start flowing after the school year ends.. I'm like Sheldon, too much thinking( and no time for fun stuff). I'll stick to giving ideas. Go write the one shot(s). May the force be with you, 'cause it has definitely awakened!:girldance:

    15 minutes ago, kazzie said:

    Just waiting..... Waiting..... And waiting.

    and it never ends!!! what made me happy to find out though is that there are 2 more tapings in December!!!! I thought that 9.11 was the last. 

    12 minutes ago, vonmar said:

    I think I've read your latest fan fiction about 50 times...:firstmove:

    not just the fan fic.... I've read the taping reports for 9.10/ 9.11 back to back and then the fan fic numerous times so far!!! ( you know... really let it sink in!!!!! ) 


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  9. 5 minutes ago, Arduina said:





    I knew there was something on Dec. 17th ... that's my moving day! It means no more internet.

    Oh the injustice!!!! How am I going to cope?

    ouch :(   go to an internet cafe!!!!! ( take a little break from moving) 

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  10. 1 minute ago, shamour said:

    And Amy would agree as it's one of the things to prove you're in a relationship... ok I better stop it now:-)

    ok.. you have enough ammunition... go write a fan fic. ( It's been a while since we've read a story from you) :wink:

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  11. 15 minutes ago, shamour said:

    I apologize in advance for my mind seemingly having found a nice spot in the gutter after all those news about 9x11, but as far as I understood only Sheldon has access to that security camera (even though Leonard now knows about it), so he would be the only one to see the films featuring their activities on that couch... he might want to leave it on, solely for educational purposes of course, possibly also to discuss in detail with Amy afterwards, that might just be one of their things that make everyone uncomfortable.

    well, we do know he likes to be on camera :rofl:. I can't even imagine Sheldon watching an adult film with him and Amy as the stars... 

    He might actually get a kick out of it... for learning purposes, of course :wink:


    S: You know Amy, I was watching a video of us the other day and I think if we adjust your position 23 degrees, we might achieve..." ( cut off by Amy) 

    A: you were doing WHAT!????!!!!! 


    -YES, it so happens that my mind may also be in the gutter- Nope, not sorry one bit! :) 

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  12. 15 minutes ago, overdosedcanary said:

    I don't want to harsh the buzz, but I am really sad if the shows ends as someone points out there are only 37 shows left. However, I just have this feeling that the show won't stop at season 10, there will be at least 1 or 2 seasons left. 

    yes, I pointed out that there are 37 episodes left. If they continue to season 11, it would be nice, depending on what stories are left to tell.

    ... I guess we'll find out by this summer. 

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  13. Jim was the break out actor. I had never seen him in anything until i started watching  "Judging Amy". I think that's why he received so many awards in so little time and let's face it, the man can act. 

    Mayim and Johnny have been actors since they were kids, both starring on hit shows ( Roseanne more so than Blossom) and even Kaley has been on the popular show, "Charmed" and a short-lived series with the late John Ritter. That's why I think they get overlooked sometimes. 

    As for the other 3, their roles are just not big enough to attract that kind of attention. I mean, they are great at what they do but  there's not enough exposure.


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