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  1. I didn't find Bernadette annoying, I like her attitude and the way she outsmarts everybody. I read a review about this episode that said Jim wasn't able to deliver so much emotion that the writers make the words obvious for him. I tend to disagree with that opinion, I think Jim is a great actor, but sometimes it feels he is tired of being Sheldon, so he cannot perform in an original way anymore. I didn't enjoy much the plot of the 2 scientists that proved the theory by mistake... I understand the comedy behind that, but wouldn't it be so awesome if Leonard and Howard worked on it together? Speaking of Howard, how I miss nice plots with him, now his life is limited to being a family guy.
  2. I also haven't been much active for the last... 2 years, I guess. I always like to read the comments here, sometimes I see spoilers and then I end up reading the spoilers threads... but I prefer to watch the episodes without spoilers. I don't comment much, I just read, but I'll do my best to participate from time to time in this topic. ;-)
  3. It is hard to go back to writing... Especially after a while. As unfinished things are a problem for me, from time to time I try to make a list of unfinished things and try to eliminate a few of them... Recently, what I did was to choose one of my stories and I reread it all, so I could remember what I wanted to do with it, then I finished it. But iff I don't think the idea is good enough I prefer not to write than to produce something I will not enjoy. But that's me. I always try to tell stories about something we won't see in the show... It opens a door to imagining how things happened, or what if something didn't happen, well, there are so many possibilities for stories.
  4. Hello there! Just passing by to tell I've finished this story... Finally! https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10790123/5/The-Creepy-Costume-Evaluation I haven't published anything lately, too many problems and lack of inspiration... Things are better now, I believe I will continue writing. I missed this! Thanks for reading!
  5. My Amy always joins me at work. [emoji4]
  6. Despite the fact it seemed shorter than normal, I enjoyed the episode. They could have cut out the repeated part of Bernie with the baby. I loved the opening scene with Penny and it was so obvious it was a dream, Leonard knowing when he shouldn't explain something (LOL!), quoting NSYNC, and the best moment was when he opened his mouth to stay something and then burp! Kaley and Johnny were so awesome! It broke my heart when she told Leonard she would be taking Amy to the spa instead of him, and he left the room hurt. I wish the Shamy kiss had been more romantic, it was kind of weird. I know they want us to see they are quirky, but the kisses in the Harry Potter episode were way more natural to me than this one. I really thought it would be different. I laughed a lot with Howard trying to avoid the squeaky floor, I rewatched it many times! I just wish Bernie and Raj were better explored in the episode. About the episode seeming too short, I think they kind of ruined the drama part by jumping to the solution too quickly. I love it when Penny and Leonard talk about their problems, and they just skipped it all. How did they get to the conclusion they needed a RA? That scene with the drinks could also have been cut out, it really added nothing to the episode, and I feel it was there just to tell us Shamy still have a RA. What? Since when? That was the worse part for me. But the beginning of the episode and Howard saved it for me. I also liked the chess jokes and Leonard's underwear in the RA.
  7. Merry Christmas, everybody! And let's all hope that next year we will have lots of amazing Shamy moments!
  8. Hi there! Here's the continuation for the fanfic. I hope you like it! Howard almost choked on his breakfast. An entire week? He was a new dad, so he was terrified to mess up with the baby. Could he do that job alone? And what about work? She didn’t even told him so he could take a week off! And right now that his project started to advance? “I’m sorry, I-I-I think I misunderstood.” Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath before continuing. “Did you mean ‘for an entire week’?” Bernie calmly took another sip of her coffee before replying, keeping her eyes down at the magazine she was reading. “Uh-huh. And I haven’t told you the best part yet.” “Which is…?” “I’ve got someone to babysit for Halley.” She finally looked at his eyes. “I know you’re working hard on your project with Sheldon and Leonard, so, I took care of it for you”, she added in a sweet tone. Howard smiled, relieved that he wouldn’t have to do that alone. But who would be the babysitter? After swallowing a full spoon of cereal, he continued. “That’s great, honey. I love you so much! And the babysitter is... Penny?” “Nope, Penny is coming with me to the trip.” “I don’t understand, why is she coming with you and I’m not?” “First because I can’t take our 2-month-old daughter in a long trip yet! She needs either her mom or dad with her!” She yelled at him. Then, taking another sip of her coffee, she continued in a normal tone. “Second, because Penny won the trip at the company’s sales contest, so it’s not that I invited her, she would be going anyway.” “I see. So is it Amy?” “No, Penny invited Amy to join her in the trip, she won two tickets, and she wanted to use this time to take some time off from Leonard.” “Yeah, Leonard told me they’ve been bickering too much in the last few weeks.” “Exactly.” “So, who is it then? I’m sure it’s not Stuart nor Raj.” She took her final sip of her coffee, taking the dishes to the sink. “I asked my mom to come and stay here for a few days…” “What a relief!” He replied right away. “... but she can’t because she was already taking care of my nephew next week, so my dad offered to help.” “Your… dad?” “Yes, he’ll be arriving tomorrow afternoon, my flight is at 7pm, so that will be right on time! I’ll go upstairs to check on Halley.” And with that, she left the kitchen. “Great.” Howard replied to no one, stunned.
  9. Cool! I had an idea to continue that. I'll post it tomorrow.
  10. Wow, honestly, I didn't expect to see all these negative reactions here. When I found out about it last night I was really excited about it. So many possibilities to explore, even more if they find an actor kid who does a good job, and they can explore not only comedy, but drama as well. I find Sheldon's life very interesting, and it can start discussions about supersmart children and how to deal with them... I also thought that it would be great to see all the stories that are just weirdly described in the show through side comments come to life. When I first read about it, I thought about "Everybody hates Chris" show. Not that I want it to be similar, but it was a great and funny show, and I imagined Jim narrating the story, or Amy and him having dinner one night and he starts to tell her his stories from the past... I don't know why, but I can't think of this project as something bad.
  11. the last scene was worth the entire episode. It was so funny to see goofy Sheldon and Leonard trying to trick the iris reader! LOL
  12. I loved last week's episode, and I'm looking forward to the next one tonight. Overall I think it was a funny and sweet episode. Penny interacting with her family was so nice, both when they arrive and when they are leaving to the airport. I love the way Sheldon is so straightforward in saying Amy is his. Amy reacted as if it was a natural thing, I wonder how often he had stated that before. Leonard really deserved that compliment from his parents, it was lovely. What I didn't like was Amy's reaction at the wedding, thinking Sheldon would propose. It seemed as if she had been rehearsing that for a while, and it didn't sound natural. I wonder why Mayim chose to act that way, or if it was how they said she should sound like. Anyway, those were just a few late bits about what I thought of the episode, can't wait for tonight! Enviado de meu XT1097 usando Tapatalk
  13. Hi guys, I'll also try again this season to go spoiler free after the 3rd episode. I read the reports for the 3 first episodes, but I will try to remain spoiler free until the end of the season. Last season I could watch a few episodes without being spoiled, but in the end, after the earworm it was impossible. What I hope for season 10 is a proposal and they move in together, and a surprising coitus scene would be amazing! I really hope they have been doing it offscreen, and not just waiting for Amy's next birthday.
  14. I'm sorry I won't be able to help this year, I've been working too much. but I'd be happy to participate with the 2 stories I wrote in this period. I'll send you a PM, @boys3allc
  15. Hi guys, this is the first time I post here in the Season 10 topic. I can't wait to see them in this convention, wouldn't it be funny if Dave showed up just to see Dr. Cooper? It would be an awkward but funny interaction!
  16. NHIE spent more than 24h without sleeping
  17. Well, they kissed in front of Dave... And that was more than proper lol But Dave doesn't count as a friend.
  18. Has anybody noticed how Sheldon stopped enjoying being alone all the time? If he can't be with Amy or with the guys, he's always seeking companionship? Like it happened in the episode he joins Raj at work or in this last one inviting Bernie to spend time with him?
  19. After watching the last episode twice, I guess I liked it. It may not have been the funniest of all the season, but there were lots of little jokes all the time, and I found it really enjoyable. I loved Amy with the guys, she's so serious and we can see that when she's not around Sheldon and Penny. Leonard and Howard were making fun of each other and she just stared, getting the joke but not laughing. So different from when she's with the girls drinking wine, all giggly and making witty jokes, and also when she's with Sheldon, enjoying each other's company. I also liked, as many have already stated, that she stood for herself. And the way she sounded when she acted fake liking the meetings, showed that she wanted to sound sexy, but yet she couldn't. And it also showed how naive Sheldon still is about this kind of stuff. Even after the coitus, there's a long way for them to mature. What I liked most of the episode was Leonard. He has been shown lately as a guy ready to explode. Sheldon annoys him too quickly lately, and it's quite clear for me that he's too tired of his present situation, he is desperate for a change. For the end of the roommate agreement. For finally moving in with Penny. He doesn't get how she can take Sheldon's side. I think Penny needs to reasure him that she wants them to live together and without Sheldon, and I hope the episode with Beverly she will finally do that. As for Shamy, I'm glad with their relationship, I enjoy their little arguments that soon are over, so they take another step forward to a consistant relationship. I don't know if they will get engaged at the last episode, but I do hope that something about the ring is brought up again before the end of the season.
  20. So, Sheldon proposes in bed, and Amy's ovaries grab him and never let go [emoji16]
  21. Actually I see Sheldon willing to participate, embracing all the social conventions related to the wedding. He did the same at prom, and at Howard's bachelor party. I can see him having a panic attack at the end, but I don't think he would oppose to the idea of a big wedding. I really think it will be up to Amy to decide.
  22. What I love about Sheldon is that he is still a little boy because he never had a chance to live his childhood properly, for him I think being a grown up and a child has always been pretty much the same, so he probably lived most of his life the same way he still does: his love for superheroes, comic books, videogames, flying kites, playing with trains, etc. He had always lived with people older than him. When you go to school with people your age you have the feeling that you're growing up, that things are changing, and he never experienced that. He had serious issues. He could have been much worse if it wasn't for his mother and his Meemaw, they taught him to be good and kind, so he became this unique person, still a child but at the same time so mature in certain aspects, probably because of his logical thinking and extreme intelligence.
  23. Late update, here's chapter 3: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11719456/3/Missing
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