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  1. It's not a question about whether this is reasonable/realistic. It's rather about wanting something more entertaining. No one should argue about the fact whether this kind of "broken" relationship can even exist. It most surely can. It just gets annoying after a while.
  2. I like Penny's overall improvement in Season 7 in one aspect. She's not the snooty b*tch she used to be, anymore. Especially in regards to the boy's nerdy/geeky behaviour. She seems to take lightly to it. And that was about time. However, in her relation with Leonard there's still this annoying aspect of: "Penny, please don't leave leave me. I'll be anything you want me to." (rehash from ep. 7x12 7x13) Are we ever going to get over with this? Come on, Leonard's not this recluse nerd any more. Many years have past. He has evolved. And what's more important: We, as an audience, have evolved. We've seen enough of this submissive behaviour on Leonard's side over the years. I'm not saying that he shouldn't consider her a catch, but ... enough is enough. Especially when considering the moments/relationships he had with other women over the years: Priya, Summer Glau, Alex, The Comicbook Girl ...
  3. I just hoped you'd appreciate me for quoting Leonard from episode 4x5 ;-) Happy to read about your achievements, though!
  4. The old Unabomber approach. Kudos.
  5. I have to admit I tuned out at around 6x5/6x6 and I'm just catching up (I'm currently at 7x6) but I just had to comment on this one, because of Beverly. Love what she had done to her hair. She may be 20 years my senior, but, aside from Sophia Loren, I'd be hard pressed trying to figure a woman more attractive. Now, please stop staring at me that way and get back to business. >
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