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  1. Capri is just magic.. and so Amalfi, I'm so happy they are in my country , pretty sure their honeymoon will be unforgettable
  2. I had no doubt this day would come! And I'm so happy for this wonderful couple !!! <3
  3. wow.. what a surprise this final.. I wonder what will be Amy's reaction about everything in season 11. as always thanks so much for the info!
  4. Thanks @2L334 for the great report!
  5. thanks for the great TR @kerrycec03
  6. this pic and this caption... just too sweet!!! <3
  7. thanks for the info! It must be a very sweet episode
  8. I am so happy for the new Jim's projects! well.. at least he has taken the time for two great vacations last month, I just wonder if the recordings of this film it will keep him busy for the whole summer as AAOG or just some week...
  9. .. Jim and Todd who play Risik ahah .. why they are so sweet!?? happy new year everybody!
  10. Thanks again for the great report! absolutely funny :-)
  11. Thanks so much for the info! It seems a very nice episode..
  12. as always, thanks a lot for all the information!
  13. exactly. I was pretty sure that this season would be initiated in this way.. with two big breakpoints, but I think this will make the ninth season very interesting.. to me both the couples will be strenghtened by these situations. I am sure also that Amy's anger is necessary to make grow Sheldon..
  14. Thanks a lot for the report!!! I think this will be a great season.. full of surprises.. but in a good way! thanks again
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