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  1. yes.. this hand is not recovered yet
  2. surely Mayim! The last two photos are awesome!
  3. I haven't read anything on what said his sister, is it an old interview?
  4. really? I am perhaps making a bit of confusion with the hours..
  5. better late than never.. sleepy-heads!
  6. Obviously the protagonist of this forum is Jim.. Todd must not like for strength to everybody. I find them together very sweet and it surprises me that for someone is not this way (at times I have this feeling but maybe I am wrong..) but each has his own opinion
  7. why someone does it seem to be annoyed from the presence of Todd? Jim loves him and even he wants nearby his companion.. what is the problem? I am sure that both have found the way to be together well... they are inseparable this it is clear.. I believe that they know how to have a very good time when they are alone otherwise they would not have been together for 12 years
  8. I don't understand, Jim is a so pleasant and sweet person.. what can the people say of bad about him? mah... people are bad and foolish!
  9. this is awesome!! poor Jim.. for so many fans he will be always the inimitable Doctor Sheldon Lee Cooper!
  10. Could you make me a brief summary of that that he has said? I have not understood well the last part ... all these photos are beautiful indeed!
  11. this is the same chaos that there is under to my big umbrella when I bring my nephew to the beach! great Mayim!!
  12. it would be beautiful if they were stopped more time in Europe, if Jim is free from appointments of job perhaps they will do it... I would be very happy if they passed in Italy
  13. To me it's seemed that we were all happy ones for Kazzie today.. perhaps I don't know very well the language and I don't correctly interpret some messages
  14. I believe that Jim and Todd are adorable when they meet some fans.. they seem so sweet men and I admire their ability to share every thing! I like to think that they are here in Europe
  15. I hope that you succeed in doing a beautiful selfie with Jim! it would be awesome!
  16. scaravenger vortex, the locomotive manipulation and Indecision.. these are the episodes in which in my opinion Mayim has shined more, and however I hope that in the season 8 the authors give more scenes to her character, they should exploit more an actress as her.. I believe that for her recitative qualities, she is the best among the female actresses in TBBT!
  17. I am really happy for Jim! and for all of his confirmations.. the last photos that he has put on IG are stupendous... I am alone been sorry for Mayim... I hope that within the end of this year she wins a prize!!!!!!
  18. Yes, they have sat nearby always.. Todd, Jim and Mayim! They are adorable!!! however I am disappointed for Mayim.. also she deserved to win!!!!!
  19. Wow these last years for Jim have been indeed full of satisfactions.. I am happy for him, and I hope that he remains the simple and sweet person that he is! (but I am almost sure that will be this way..)
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