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  1. I had told it.. be steve Molaro that really manages the histories!
  2. I am sure that Amy will be one of the central characters in the next season, I don't know how it will happen but I am certain that Sheldon will understand how much it definitely loves her, the authors will go to this direction I absolutely believe this..
  3. Wow.. this season has killed me.. it is the first season that makes me laugh and it makes me cry at the same time.. I would never have thought that a sitcom would emotionally have involved me so much!!! Cannot wait for to see the season 8!!!!!! I hope only that the character of Amy and its relationship with Sheldon have the whole attention from the authors.. I want a grandiose plot for Shamy in the next season!!!!
  4. I believe that like a lot to all the authors the history of Sheldon and Amy!!
  5. but if Steve Molaro is the Showrunner... I would include him in every case...
  6. It's exactly what I am saying for a long time, Shamy in the season 8 must absolutely be a relationship "scheming". I vote for SheldonLovesAmy! the truest option
  7. it's exactly this that must happen in the next season.. I don't expect nothing of different.. I would become angry too much otherwise!
  8. When Sheldon will finally ask to Amy to live with him, he will finally have understood how much loves her, Amy knows this and to that point it won't be necessary to say no, she will have only to give him a beautiful kiss!
  9. In fact the choice to go away will force Sheldon to answer to these questions when he returns.. The authors have not casually written this end, I believe that it will do it during the next season somehow.. and I hope will be very beautiful
  10. If Sheldon returns aware of his feelings and ready to quietly accept all the changes of his life, the message that will pass is that to escape from the problems and from the things that frighten can be a solution. Will Sheldon catch a train every time that he must face difficult situations? If a behavior is wrong it cannot bring consequences positive this is the point in my opinion. Sheldon must return and to understand that every action has a consequence, I believe that he will grow a lot during the next season but it won't be its escape to help him.. it would be too much easy and simple in this way
  11. I know that to many fans Shamy this possibility doesn't like or frightens, but I believe that the authors will manage the first part of the season 8 exactly doing this.. "playing" with Sheldon and Amy before allowing them to find again an emotional awareness. Obviously my hope is that they do it giving so many emotions to the fans.. after having waited for so much time we deserve a stupendous season!
  12. This is awesome!!! ahahaha Also I would like to see a scene as those described above.. but probably it won't happen, we must wait for the next season, and I hope indeed that the authors do a good job with Sheldon and Amy !
  13. Nooo, we must absolutely see the episode.. also I am convinced that the authors have not been too much generous with the character of Amy, but I am sure that in the next season she will have her ransom! obviously in a sweet and amusing way.. never dramatic! Molaro has said in one of the last interviews that many characters have expressed a small part of their potential and surely Amy is among these.. In Italy is said It Laughs well who laughs for last !
  14. thanks for the second time! I have the clearest ideas now.. very kind!
  15. in effects the rating doesn't include the DVRs in a first time, these are calculated later, therefore for the real data we must wait a bit.. hm.. ok probably depends on this.. thanks however for the answer! I like the way in which TBBT is evolving, but I often reads conflicting comments on the characters and on their choices and I would not know to say if the disappointed fans are many or few, so.. ok surely the total viewers will be more many
  16. Excuse me guys, I ask you the same question that I have done in the forum of the Spoilers (I am a fan a bit paranoiac), I have noticed that the last three episodes have been seen from less people in America, the episode of Thursday has been followed from 14.44 million people... in your opinion why? do you think only a casual phenomenon or is there something that the fans is not liked?
  17. Excuse me guys, I wanted only to ask you a question (I am a fan a bit paranoiac), I have noticed that the last three episodes have been seen from less people in America, the episode of Thursday has been followed from 14.44 million people... in your opinion why? do you think only a casual phenomenon or is there something that the fans is not liked?
  18. I think that during the season 8 Sheldon and Leonard will keep on living together. Penny wants to wait for 12 /18 months for the marriage, practically another season. In my opinion the real moves there will be in the season 9..
  19. Also I have followed TBBT since the first season, but I have begun to love it really from the season 4.. I have immediately understood that the couple Sheldon / Amy would have been awesome!!! I have adored Them since their first meeting, and I believe that the greatest part of the public thinks this... be enough to read the comments of the people around their first kiss! Sheldon that succeeds in loving is more and more interesting as character!
  20. Sheldon is absolutely convinced that Amy is own, and that she could never take an interest to other men. This thing is very sweet but I believe that is also a limit for its growth and for the necessity to evolve with her.. I am curious to see if the authors will also face this point..
  21. We will See.. If Sheldon will already return aware of his feelings or no, this is one of the fundamental things to understand as it will continue the season. Anyway I am convinced that the next season will be full of emotions!!
  22. For now Sheldon is trying to deny his feelings, and I believe that it will also do this to the beginning of the next season. For this I think that the season 8 will focus more on the "emotional" steps of the couple Sheldon / Amy, old this obstacle will be easier to reach a physical intimacy for both
  23. I believe that during the next season Sheldon will succeed in saying "I Love You" to Amy.. this will be his great result. In the season 9 the writers will worry on their physical relationship and I think that they will make sex! the season 10 will be a season of general arrangement.. I believe that the writers will aim at the professional life of the various protagonists and they will be all happy ones somehow!
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