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  1. I believe that Sheldon will succeed in understanding so many things, but during the season 8 not during the summer.. such an important growth for the character owes for strength to happen in front of the eyes of the fans, because all we want to understand as Sheldon will recognize its feelings.. I think that he will return from this trip without having gotten nothing, perhaps with the wrong conviction that can live without all, and only during the season it will realize that it is not this way.. a momentary regression that then will allow him to grow a lot! I expect great emotions for Shamy in the next season!
  2. And then the kiss of Sheldon and Amy on YouTube has totaled more than three million of visualizations in two months! whatever video shenny's has never made a record of the kind, also this must suggest that the public adores this couple! ok.. have ended, I feel better, thanks for the support!
  3. I am sure that Shamy is the history sweetest and beautiful that the authors could create, Leonard loves Penny for a long time, to change this reality would be as to twist the seven years that have told us. But at times I am afraid only that the authors can favor this WHIM of some fans, only to surprise the public. For me it would be devastating, I would cancel forever this show from my memory if an horror of this kind happened. But the whole run that they have made Sheldon and Amy till now, the kiss, the prediction of the psychic one.. everything this would not have sense if they were not sure that this couple will end together.. they know that the greatest part of the public loves Shamy, Bill Pradi has told it in an interview, therefore I am certain that it will be this way. Only I don't understand as certain people can desire such an ugly end for the characters... theirs is here only a Whim from children, for this motive I bother me.
  4. I know that should not be said, but really I don't bear the fans that persist to speak of the couple Shenny.. indeed I hate them! Can you teach me some technique to stay calm when I must read their absurdities??? Please!!!!! How certain people are able to be so foolish and dull? Even if are Sheldon and Penny perhaps the most popular characters of the series it doesn't mean that they must be a couple, they are not them and will be never a couple, why they don't understand??
  5. I don't understand why the fans Shemy want that Amy is as a mother, that understands, that justifies that it has patience... a couple must explode at times for finding the necessary equilibrium! I love Sheldon and Amy but there am other three seasons to do, it was inevitable that also among them something happened, Penny and Leonard are also strong because they have faced so many problems. I am certain that within the season 8 Sheldon and Amy will be happy together but I also believe that a talk and a handshake won't be enough to make it happen... perhaps Sheldon will return convinced to be able to live without Amy and the others, and during the season it will understand that it is not able because he loves her, I don't have idea of as the authors will proceed, but I believe that cannot magically resolve all in the first episodes
  6. I didn't think to "Techniques of jealousy.". however it would be nice if in the next season there was an interested boy to Amy.. an assistant even, as alex for Sheldon, someone with which amy must spend some time for job but that even it begins to court her.. nothing of complicated, however it would be amusing to see how Sheldon reacts, and it would help him to understand what he feels
  7. I don't specifically know their contracts, but honestly it don't interest me to know them. I think that Amy and Bernadette belong to the group from four years and the public also cares for them. These continuous classifications among the characters I don't believe serve to something.. even if I know that the central characters are Sheldon Leonard and Penny, I also know that without the rest of the group they would lose big part of their potential. Obviously this is only my opinion..
  8. Ok, I know that Amy and Bernadette have arrived for last, but were been taken as regular members of the cast very soon, this means that the public has immediately loved her, also they have an important role in the sitcom, also they have signed for other three seasons and it would not have sense not develop in a good way their character in my opinion..
  9. In effects would not have sense say that Proton has an effect on his relationship with Amy if then in the last episode sheldon goes away! And obvious that Sheldon will definitely understand his feelings for amy in the next season. I hope that Molaro and the others gives us some anticipation on the next season during the summer!!
  10. but who is that it proposes this poll?? obviously I want Shamy to win.. but is it an important poll?
  11. I absolutely agree. I know that amy is not vengeful, and I know that she loves sheldon. But the escape of Sheldon is a big thing this time, a talk it won't be enough for resolving everything. I believe that a lot of part of the season 8 will serve for making to understand to Sheldon that he feels indeed, Amy now needs confirmations!
  12. Sheldon must understand his feelings for Amy, must tell her that loves her at least within the end of the season 8! Is necessary now and too much main point! And I want that him "SHOUT" to Amy his feelings (at least the shenny will be silent once and for all!!!!)
  13. The public likes the character of amy, surely to the majority, and Majim has also been named as best comic actress unlike the most elderly members of the cast! she earns less than the three principal characters but as actress is equally important.
  14. Shemy is winning! Shenny doesn't have sense. I don't understand as someone can hypothesize that absurdity , Sheldon and Penny will be never a couple!!!
  15. but in fact will be so, the authors want that Sheldon becomes a best person, the problem is that he doesn't accept the changes in his life, and he doesn't want to recognize his big love for Amy, for that I believe will be beautiful to see how the authors have thought about developing the season 8. To escape is not a solution and Sheldon will understand it if Amy stops having patience, because he will know for the first time that amy can go away also
  16. Also if the three great they are Leonard Sheldon and Penny,the success of the series depends on the whole group . It is correct that every character develops in the better way possible. Also I believe that Amy must be less tame in the next season. Sheldon will understand that it loves her only if he will be about to lose her.. I don't know how, but I believe that "Jealousy" will be the key word to wake up Sheldon. In the season 5 have been so, and I think that this trial will be still necessary for him.
  17. Hi to everybody! it is the first time that I enroll me in a forum.. and I don't speak English therefore I apologize you for the future errors. I adore the couple Sheldon / Amy and I like to share with someone my thoughts.. I believe that the whole season eight will serve to Sheldon to understand once and for all his feelings for Amy, it won't happen to the first episodes. In one of the next episodes Sheldon tells Raji that Amy could never have relationships with another man. I believe that this is a great suggestion of the authors. I think that Amy will meet someone in the next season and that Sheldon will understand how much he loves her when he will be about to lose her.
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