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  1. sorry, I don't think Jim is so ingenuous... he knows what to say and how to say something, nobody has seen his body language, therefore that he was so annoyed it's just a hypothesis.. to which personally I don't believe. Again, to me in its position sometimes it's normal to answer to questions about marriage and kids.. I don't think he feels "violated" just for that..
  2. Jim is a famous actor, people adore him and it's absolutely normal that the journalists also ask questions on his private life at time, he know that, he has said that these questions don't bother him at all,marriage and kids are not "unmentionable matters" , it's normal at times he can also speak about it, I really don't understand why some fans seem to get annoyed so much about this.......
  3. very nice interview, I am happy to read that Jim is not annoyed at all by the questions on his relationship.. now he is surely more relaxed in to share this part of his life with the fans.. and I hope he reveals us more details sooner or later I don't know if he wants really kids, but I can see Todd and Jim create a beautiful family in the future... who know
  4. best pic ever!! it was a beautiful ceremony.. with all the BBT family, I have loved the speech of Jim, the words that he has devoted to Todd and the embrace with his mother! great day for Jim and his fans, happy for this amazing guy!
  5. surely Todd will be there (he's always there ).. they lived this adventure together since the beginning and he is the person most important for Jim other than his family
  6. Thanks for the report!!! Amazing as always!
  7. I am so happy for Jim!!! Today it will be a very important day for him and there will be all the people he loves more, it will be touching surely, I can't wait to hear his speech
  8. aw.. happy for you musicsnob1971! why I wasn't born in America??!
  9. .. at the taping on 3/24! wow... what a great coincidence!! I'm happy for you phanta! I bet there will be a very cheerful atmosphere that day
  10. awwww very nice interview... Jim and the dog are so tender!!! (they have asked the same question of Rihanna.. and it's always sweet to hear that answer ^-^)
  11. I also missed the video! so sad... but thanks for everything!!! an intense day
  12. awww.. I like this pics! I hope that during this permanence Jim makes time to post some pretty photos..
  13. ahahah.. yes she is really funny! exactly how Bernadette would have told it!
  14. Thanks for the wonderful report!! again a great episode!
  15. he is surely a handsome man and I believe very photogenic and telegenic too, very important qualites.. an added value to his charm.
  16. I love this pic, Jim's smile is so tender!! I wonder if he will also post a pic with Marnie.. I hope so
  17. ahahah.. would be funny, The Incredible JIM!
  18. so sweeeet it's important that Sheldon wants to know if Amy would go with him on Mars, this means that he begins to imagine his future with her and not with Leonard and Penny! So happy for Amy!!!
  19. in fact "body paint" sounds very hot, it's really a great idea for them!
  20. Thanks!!! Shamy turtle seems such a sweet initiative ... and finally a hug (but when a kiss this season?? Maybe towards the end) Now I'm very curious about Raji and Emily plot....
  21. Every time that Jim or Mayim post a pic together a part of fans thinks that they are declaring their mutual love. And then when Jim posts a pic with Todd these people are disappointed and they begin to write stupid comments. It's the same matter that, at times, also emerges in this thread. Obviously a group of fans doesn't condition the life of Jim or Todd but IF Jim is posting less pics with him for guilt of these people, well.. this is a sad thing however. I am sure that Jim will never polemize with his fans, there is a lot of affection for Mayim and he on IG, but I don't believe that it's wrong if someone feels the need to express own affection for Todd too.. he must not believe that all the fans of Jim hate him or are indifferent about him, so many people genuinely love this couple and it's fair if this people want do that, also their voice emerges on IG.. I don't see anything of wrong in this. There is a lot of fanaticism on IG, especially about Jim and Mayim, some hashtag for Todd will not be the end of the world. The lack of respect it's the only thing really bad to me.
  22. a "mini Jim" you are absolutely right!!! ahahah.. too sweet !!!
  23. I would like so much to visit New York and to attend a theatrical performance of Jim.. it would be a dream that comes true, but a trip in New York seems so expensive... I should need to dip to my hard-earned savings (my brain says , my heart says )..
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