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  1. I have mixed feelings about this episode .. I will have to watching it in order to better understand the sense of this plot. Thanks for the report!!!
  2. I have had the same sensation, and I like the fact that he never has the need to appear too much, despite he is almost always beside Jim I also love Jim's interviews!
  3. I have found a very nice interview of Jim on you tube at the SAG, but it is not allowed to bring the link here, right?
  4. this is the only interview of Mayim that I got to watch.. but she is solar and nice as always.. http://sagawards.tntdrama.com/videos/category/21st-annual-red-carpet/864
  5. agree, these peolpe don't deserve any attention, but they are still very annoying.. today Jim and Mayim have posted very nice pics!.. and Melissa is so sweet, even his friendship with Jim is very tender
  6. Sorry but some majim shipper have crossed a line really, if Jim has blocked some accounts he has absolutely made the right choice, it's unacceptable that he cannot post pic of Todd or declare to him his love in his own page IG. Everybody can believe in what they wants, but when deliberately they attack Todd, it gives me belly rumblings for the anger. great pic indeed, fortunately Jim is always happy!!
  7. Thanks for the report!!! This season is so wonderful ..
  8. when Jim writes "this guy" I melt... literally.
  9. I would not have imagined that Amy could interact with Kripki in some way, but now that the writers have put us the bug in the ear... I wonder if this situation will be proposed in the future by the authors, Sheldon could understand that his bother, that now it seems purely intellectual, in reality it's emotional.. as I have already said I love seeing jealous Shedon
  10. It could be the correct moment to introduce us the Haward's father.. he could be a funny and important new entry at this point.
  11. Thanks girls!!! I can't wait to see this episode..
  12. I loved TNH but it didn't seem the kind of history that could have a sequel.. I mean, they could deepen the lives of some protagonists but the historical and social importance of that period has broadly been reported in the first film... so I'm very curious about the plot! Anyway if they decide to produce it, surely will do a good job.
  13. Touching story, those two kids are so sweet ... thanks for sharing this video!
  14. the Kaley's flip flops are amazing
  15. I really like the atmosphere at the People Choice Awards.. I love popular prizes! They represent public's taste and the people's love for shows and actors to me is an important award They were great, nice and funny as always, beautiful pics also this year!
  16. Happy for Kaley.. Penny is also a piece of heart of this show
  17. I am happy for the show.. they are fantastic all together and I adore the pic that Jim has posted.. very sweet!
  18. He will be as always to the SAG awards Just tomorrow I probably will know who will have won and what show.. and I can see all the selfie and the pics that all the guys will do .. I hope that Jim and the show begin this year with a prize!!
  19. I have adored this pic.. too funny and sweet!
  20. Michael and Parker.. thanks for the clarification!
  21. Jim's sister has two children? I thought only a boy..
  22. agree.. very sweet, I love the family men!!! I would like to see a pic with the whole family
  23. Agree.. and then Kaley loves to share many aspects of her life with the fans, I'm not surprise that she has wanted to also post pics in this moment, those with Ryan are very sweet.
  24. This Christmas Sheldon did something important for Amy .. I'd like to see them in a completely unexpected situation, where nobody has planned anything .. I don't think this season they will go over the kiss, but it could still be a kiss more spontaneous and passionate.. they could start using their arms!
  25. Paraphrasing Sheldon, "It's a possibility"! The authors are doing a wonderful job with Sheldon and Amy this season and I'm sure their relationship will keep on growing. My curiosity now concerns the day of St. Valentine... I wonder what it could be happen.. I believe that at this point a kiss would be the perfect pursuance! Today I'm stuck in snow, and I was thinking that it would be nice if Sheldon and Amy were in a similar situation (or in a lift for example) and then they kiss each other just because they want to do it .. now that Sheldon's heart is melting there are so many options!
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