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  1. I often think about the declarations of the clairvoyant in the past season, and I think that they were not casual, when Sheldon will succeed to have totally Amy, his mind will make a great rush, he will do his great discovery but incredibly at that point for him it won't be more the most important thing..... maybe someday he will reach the delivery of the Nobel late because he is "too busy" with Amy! ahah
  2. they all are amazing! Jim e Kunal are awesome ahahah... too funny! Sheldonswife the child in your pic is wonderful!
  3. They are great! Jim e Kunal AWESOME .. this group of people has an unique energy I love them!!!
  4. it's great!!!!! thanks for sharing!!!
  5. Yes. I find unlikely that Jim needs a body guard when he walks... anyway he is too sweet in that pic! I like that the whole family spends the Christmas time in New York, it's so nice , NY must be wonderful in this period.
  6. Beautiful pic those of yesterday, it's always a pleasure to see their stainless intimacy but I hope to see two beautiful whole faces before these holidays end to wish Happy new year to everybody
  7. Happy Christmas Eve and happy Christmas to all those that celebrate this recurrence! Thanks for the talks and all the news that you share every day!
  8. I'm glad I saw this interview also on you tube this morning, I was curios , very funny, very very "ironic" and Jim is nice as always. The talk show interviews exactly are not among my favorite, a bit too generic and theatrical BUT however amusing!
  9. it's obvious that everybody founds own emotions and own perceptions around these people. We don't know them and won't we ever know them probably, therefore does this mean that should not have opinions on them? What sense would have this forum? We discuss and everybody expresses own opinion..
  10. I acknowledge to be very protective about Todd.. not only because I like him and to me seems a beautiful person but because the fans of Mayim and Jim often try to discredit Todd and its relationship with Jim in a subtle way. In general not here and not now. Obviously everybody can think what they like about that interview, simply I don't think that Jim would have mentioned Todd if he didn't want to do it in a positive or joky way.. nothing more me too! ahahah
  11. To me, the most important message of that discourse was that their relationship is an act of love and not of activism.. their habits were just an example. Instead I have found nice that Todd always succeeds in not only sharing the Jim's workload but also the colleagues' presence . I believe that Todd is an extremely balanced person, his position must not be always simple, yet I believe that Jim is so confident and happy also because this relationship. After all, Jim has said that the most beautiful day of its life has been when has met Todd and maybe it's true . Obviously I don't know if they will be happy forever, but for now their relationship seems very strong to me.
  12. ahah.. the sexual allusions between sheldon and Amy are too funny!!! I like when they interact in the laboratory thanks Dana!
  13. wow this must have been really an amazing night!!!! on the sets it seems to be always such a festive atmosphere, I love this people! and thanks for all the informations !!
  14. I LOVE TBBT flash mob!!! Too funny.. I can't wait to see Jim that dances!!
  15. I am almost sure that they will pass the holidays together, I always have had the feeling that they don't love to leave each other unless is not absolutely necessary The Jim's interview is nice indeed.. thank you for sharing!
  16. I have succeeded in watching only the exchange of gifts between Sheldon and Amy and that moment has been really touching! They are so sweet and I like to think that the bases for a concrete physical approach are more and more solid. This love story is the most tender! BUT now I would like to see a kiss
  17. I'm very happy for Jim! I would like if the whole cast could win.. happy birthday SaH!
  18. Thanks!!! Very funny and sweet episode :-)
  19. really? sorry that isn't possible, otherwise I would offer you something to drink for celebrating our birthdays!!
  20. Thanks! so Todd is just 4 years older than me.. (I will be 34 years old in two days.. ) but I don't think that Jim will post something about this... he's so reserved.. and then on IG lately the fans are a bit too agitated
  21. Probably it doesn't have sense speak of actors gay as if they are a category apart, it's the talent of a person to do the difference.. however I agree with the idea that a beloved and popular person as Jim, is a good example and a great inspiration for so many boys and girls that think to be wrong and for so many people that judge someone only for sexual orientation. I like the honesty and the simplicity with which Jim succeeds to be himself without fear or clamor. P.S. does someone know when is Todd's birthday??
  22. I can understand that the younger girls romantically wants to believe that Jim and Mayim are in love, if they weren't so rude and arrogant they would be almost tender (for the adult fans I have stopped to find explanation ) yesterday Mayim has suggested to the fans don't make nonexistent drama.. I hope that this illuminates someone (but I doubt). It's sad because the interaction of the cast on IG could be an amusing and nice thing if the people didn't always seek the ambiguity anywhere..
  23. Arsenic and old lace! I LOVE this movie.. I often watched it with my grandmother when I was a baby and we're laughing so hard! I would see very well jim playing that role too
  24. It's true, Jim is always so smiling, he is tired but happy, it's evident that he is a satisfied and positive person and I am happy for him.. I like when success reaches the people that know how to live it in the best way
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