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  1. journey_hurdle

    Penny and Leonard

    Some time ago, when the Penny-character was failing as an actress but before Bernadette got her the drug-rep job, I wrote on here suggesting they cast the character as giving acting one more try. She would audition & not get the part - but her attractiveness & quick-wit , quick confident off-the-cuff humor, would get her noticed & she would be hired at a starvation-wage as a writer's-assistant, a gofer of sorts. Over the course of episodes w/ all the other guys, this tv-industry-backstage job would make little advances in her `new' career & give BBT opportunities for cameos by other CBS tv-actors. It would reveal she was really pretty good w/ the appropriate joke. As episodes & seasons of BBT would evolve, her career would develop into a full-fledged writer ... for some new batty tv-comedy about nerdy-scientist boys -- & BBT-writers could parody themselves thru Penny's sarcasm about these guys she lives w/.
  2. journey_hurdle

    Amy's Virginity?

    ROFLOL Oh yes, I had forgotten that one. Big laff. Wasn't that right after Howard-and-B had pacified Sheldon by employing him re-organizing their closet, where he found MrWolowitz's letter to his son that Howard had never opened? Bernadette made so over Sheldon's skill, that Penny consented to his re-doing her bedroom or something, where he came across a sex-toy & didn't know what it was - so he left it in place & came over to ask her what in front of everybody-else ...... which IMMEDIATELY sent Penny into a tizzy!! L & L & LOL!
  3. journey_hurdle

    Amy's Virginity?

    Remember there was a surprisingly prurient but hilarious moment in one of the girls-together episodes where Amy candidly advises the other 2 of her "stress-relief" methods she has had experiential success with - involving an electric-toothbrush (my guess is because of its objective-shape & vibratory-characteristics). Amusingly, she tells them she has "named" her alternative 'relief-tool' .. Jerome !! .. and suggests that while the gal-pals are taking their night out, they stop and shop for such items for the others (and one's assumption could be that Amy's quasi-lesbianism will offer coaching-tips on its technical use).
  4. journey_hurdle

    Big Bang Theory Cast Fading Into Oblivion

    I calculate it is totally-implausible this far along in to this sit-com series, for the character`Penny’ to ostensibly change professions – but for the most of 7seasons she has struggled to find roles as an actress. If I was the show-runner of BBT, I would have her stumble accidentally into a new career. Her smarts & her quick-wit while at an audition, would instead get her hired as a writer’s-assistant & gofer – which would evolve over the remaining BBT-seasons into a full comedy-scriptwriter where she would be borrowing from her experiences from a certain group of nerds. My point = the character inside this story is pursuing the wrong career - in `growing' the Penny-character inside the show, they should give her the revelation .. she should be a writer instead of an actor. In the last few yrs, Hollywood made a marvelous big-budget drama starring DanielDayLewis called `Lincoln’. I daydream of Hollywood making another serious big-intent drama, this time about UlyssesSGrant. My daydream would be that the role be superb but prove to not be too large & intellectually-intrepid … for JohnnyGalecki. I dunno. Probably some would tell me Galecki’s talents are pretty-much best shaped for ensemble-comedy. That he’s not equipped w/ the temperament to expansively-animate the protagonist personage of a major historical drama. But when he grows his beard out & he has the physical-size & if he affected the costume/dress & assumed the grave-bearing ……………..

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