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  1. I notice something that doesn't make sense. When Raj and Penny went back to his apartment and asked Penny to meet his parents when they called him. His parents don't seem surprised that Raj being able to talk to penny. I mean his parents shouldn't know about the fact that Raj can talk to women when he's drunk assuming that he didn't tell them. Also, he told them he wasn't drunk at the beginning. I know I'm just nitpicking haha.
  2. Now i look back and feel that the whole idea of going to sperm bank doesn't make any sense. I mean, how is Sheldon gonna masurbate? Does he know how to do it? Even if he does know how to do it, what is he gonna masturbate with? Since he is clearly not attracted to women's body. So i think this scene is a complete failure.
  3. I really don't like how Penny behave in this episode. Especially when she leaves Leonard sitting alone at the table cause she found a guy to chat with. Penny is the one who said go hang out. Even Leonard seems has been an a** the whole night, all he did was just what friends would do like pay on your own, or pick a movie he truly wants to watch. To be fair, i think this is good that Leonard finally gets to do what he wants(except having sex). The worst thing is when Leonard finally gets someone to chat with (Laura), Penny wants to hang out with him just because her "date" needs to go. I mean, Leonard didn't stay there and disturb you when you found a guy to chat with. This whole thing just make me dislike Penny.
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