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  1. True, Raj's acting has improved and so is his character. Leonard has degraded somehow. However, I don't think there was anything wrong with the rest of them. Howard has been the only character with a consistent personality. Yes, he's got married but has maintained his brand of humor.
  2. Yeah, but Sheldon was never whining in previous seasons (S01,02,03,04). He used to get his way by adamantly sticking to what he believes and often does that in a very rigid way. Sheldon was perhaps the biggest reason the show became a big hit. Most people do not behave like him and so were intrigued by his personality. Frankly I think if the present version of Sheldon was the one introduced in the first season, the show wouldn't have had the same success. That's my two cents. You can disagree but its a fundamental truth! FYI, I still rewatch the early seasons just to remind myself how awesome it was.
  3. This was a difficult episode to watch and a dull one too. BBT seems to be out of ideas. Also for someone like me who's never watched a star wars movie, the jokes meant nothing to me. Maybe thats the reason. However, season 7 has by far a lot of disjointed episodes that whenever an episode ends you feel you haven't watched anything; just a bunch of clips put together. Also Sheldon is no longer funny in his robotic way. He's obnoxious and irritating. I hope the writers can rescue the old Sheldon !!
  4. Michio Kaku is a great science presenter purported by the media to be a 'GENIUS'. Real geniuses are behind the scenes winning Nobel prizes. In reality, a decent Physics student knows all of the things he speaks. Don't get me wrong, the guy is a good physicist but an exaggerated one. Let me tell you how I figured that out. I used to like him until I realized at one time when he was gloating about building a particle accelerator at the age of 10 or so in his backyard. Now, a particle accelerator requires huge amount of energy (>100GeV) which requires huge current. Michio Kaku said after building the particle accelerator he connected it to a socket and all the electrical appliances blew up. Ok, how can a guy who has the knowledge to build a nuclear reactor do not know that electric cables at homes can only carry current to a certain level before they get heated up and fry !! Obviously, the interviewer was not scientifically inclined and didn't impugn his claims. So please let this false pretender be away from the show !!
  5. As none of you has mentioned here, Sheldon also said Howard doesn't know Fourier Analysis (The Bus Pants Utilization). As an engineer myself, I thoroughly studied Fourier Analysis in my sophomore year. Also Sheldon saying engineers don't understand differential equations, that's as far as removed from the truth as it can be. Anyone, in any of the sciences, studies DE to some extent. For Howard, being an aerospace engineer, I can't stress enough how integral is DE. For example, to simply know the orbit of planets Newton's 2nd law has to be written in DE before we can know that the orbits are elliptical (that is what Kepler said but didn't prove it). Sheldon always claims Howard does not understand much Physics. I don't think that's accurate at all. Before making generalizations, I'll talk about myself. I studied classical physics (even some aspects of Hamiltonian/Lagrangian mechanics), Electromagnetics, Wave theory, Thermodynamics and some aspects of modern physics such as special relativity, quantum mechanics and particle physics. I believe the subjects just delineated are part of any decent engineering university let alone MIT (best in the world). What Howard might not understand are general relativity or string theory concepts which I believe Physics students only study these in graduate school as they are considered advanced.
  6. Hello, I have been a fan of the series since a friend of my suggested that I might like it. Now, I rarely watch sitcoms since relationships/love shows do not stimulate my interest. There might be other shows of other genres but as I say I don't just follow any. I'm an engineer by profession and I fixate on a lot of details, hence my friends suggestion to watch a few episodes. I ended up liking the premise of the show and hoped it'll continue. It did and now we're in season 7, which I have found somewhat difficult to watch. But that's not the point here. I have noticed some inconsistencies in some of the episodes where a character contradict himself and I thought I'd point them out. 1. Time travel # In the episode The Nerdvana Annihilation (S01E14) Leonard tells Sheldon that he wants to go back in the past to keep himself from buying the time machine to which Sheldon replied that Leonard can't also adding that's a rookie time travel mistake. # In the opening scene of The Luminous Fish Effect (S01E04) Sheldon tells Leonard that if he ever invents a time machine he'll go back to the past and give it to himself thus eliminating the need for him to invent it in the first place. So as you can see Sheldon contradicted himself over the concept of how the time machine works. 2. Sheldon's Spot # In The Pirate Solution (S03E04), Penny naughtily suggests, " Let's slide over to Sheldon's spot a make out" # In The Locomotive Manipulation (S07E15), Leonard says, "We can do it right here on Sheldon's spot" to which Penny replied, "That's the least sexy thing . . ." For some reason Penny no longer likes making out on Sheldon's spot even when she's now in better terms with Sheldon These are all I can recall for now, but I'm sure there are more which elude me at present. Something else I noticed is that Leonard is made conveniently stupid (at least not in the first season) at the expense of Sheldon's brilliance when Leonard himself is a highly esteemed Physicist. For example Sheldon sometimes explains some scientific concepts to Leonard which Leonard, in the first place, should already be cognizant of them. Another instance is when Sheldon explained the principle of flotation to Kripke, a PhD holder in Physics, a concept anyone who ever did something in Physics knows. Last one. Sheldon once complained to Leonard (after some deep thoughts) that there's a problem with teleportation, that he'll have to be destroyed at one location and created at another. Even for a guy like me with a just an undergraduate understanding of quantum physics knows that the quantum state of the whole matter should me saved somehow in order to reproduce the entire being. It will be surprising even for engineers to have that conversation let alone Physicists because it's an axiomatic truth. Thanks
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