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  1. I agree. It won't be like half of the final episodes. CL loves to do stuff like this. Dharma and Greg he did the same thing.
  2. I can't help but think this is leading to some major Lenny blowup Leonard finally explodes which leads to them separating a la Dharma and Greg for an episode or two with a big reconciliation on the last episode. Maybe it's just me but that's what the tea leaves are telling me.
  3. mphs95

    Me getting married on Saturday

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  4. RT @lauraopper: https://t.co/haekj1msZn … https://t.co/K7zg5HlRtS Posted the next chapter of Love & Carbonite. The links are above.

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  7. Yeah a major piece of shit. If they r not Ivanka then they're fucked. https://t.co/5Ci6hWhSVu

  8. RT @AltNatParkSer: Rep. Schiff Introduced a Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United This Deserves a RETWEET even though the G…

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  10. RT @faithinbones: @Bonesology this is the first chapter of my Bones fanfic, 'The Past in the Present': https://t.co/dbjX9Fg2xM

  11. That is wild...always wondered about him. https://t.co/ea1fHGGYeB

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