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  1. I agree. It won't be like half of the final episodes. CL loves to do stuff like this. Dharma and Greg he did the same thing.
  2. I can't help but think this is leading to some major Lenny blowup Leonard finally explodes which leads to them separating a la Dharma and Greg for an episode or two with a big reconciliation on the last episode. Maybe it's just me but that's what the tea leaves are telling me.
  3. Congrats Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  4. RT @lauraopper: https://t.co/haekj1msZn … https://t.co/K7zg5HlRtS Posted the next chapter of Love & Carbonite. The links are above.

  5. RT @CREDOMobile: RT if you agree with @RepCohen #InvestigateTrump https://t.co/I36TlF2V81

  6. RT @RWPUSA: This White House extortion threat against Alaska must be stopped. https://t.co/vhi2lA7THN

  7. Yeah a major piece of shit. If they r not Ivanka then they're fucked. https://t.co/5Ci6hWhSVu

  8. RT @AltNatParkSer: Rep. Schiff Introduced a Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United This Deserves a RETWEET even though the G…

  9. RT @RoguePOTUSStaff: We've used your tweet to record your address and will arrive shortly to take you to a secret prison. https://t.co/Cqrh…

  10. RT @faithinbones: @Bonesology this is the first chapter of my Bones fanfic, 'The Past in the Present': https://t.co/dbjX9Fg2xM

  11. That is wild...always wondered about him. https://t.co/ea1fHGGYeB

  12. RT @SusanNow3: RT if you agree - follow for a follow back. #resist #uniteblue cc @officialnmp https://t.co/7rH5ukOqLI

  13. RT @maskedscheduler: The republicans have been reduced to throwing spaghetti against the wall. IT WON'T STICK MOTHERFUCKERS!

  14. RT @matthewamiller: All of Trump's seemingly self-sabotaging attempts to kill the Russia probe now make sense. He was trying to save his so…

  15. @Bonesology New Aubrey/Jessica story Love & Carbonite. 1st 2 Ch dedicated to @emilysilver https://t.co/AnwHz73V6a… https://t.co/crv3k9ateQ

  16. RT @CTDems: If you're not following @ChrisMurphyCT today, you should be. #Trumpcare would hurt real people. These are some of their stories…

  17. I would rather @MichSoS Sec Ruth Johnson tell committee to jump in 1 of our Great Lakes but only public data I can… https://t.co/eZjJH3fBnc

  18. This is AWESOME! https://t.co/7Fc0siuKno

  19. RT @GovHowardDean: If SOS Gardiner in NH violates NH Law he can be fired by the Legislature. First in the Nation primary may disappear if h…

  20. Here's my entry into @Bonesology Post-Bones Challenge: https://t.co/PGyzE5RQKp https://t.co/VL30bImvaz https://t.co/2YDkvMeTwo

  21. RT @ifuaskmee: A Father Rips Into His Congressman... #TrumpCareKills Cancer's killing his kid. #SaveACA #Hardball https://t.co/ifzAIB0Rid

  22. @becausebones did u get 2 see this... https://t.co/zVzId37YdW

  23. Top 10 Best Scenic Roads in Northern Michigan - https://t.co/dOB0I3bUYf https://t.co/G3joeWTKyg via @mynorth Done all these & r awesome!

  24. @repdavetrott is the ???? streak of MI https://t.co/Z8AgbIhL88

  25. You too? ❤ Flounder... https://t.co/3iGXZBYNxP

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