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  1. @becausebones @universeofbones This was a blast. We need 2 do it again. #AubreyRocks! #AubreyJessicaforever

  2. @BonesCzech @David_Boreanaz @BONESonFOX @TJThyne @HartHanson @squarechicken You'll live it!

  3. @Bonesology Chapter 4 is up https://t.co/HJnLMEFigB

  4. @Bonesology Reposted Chapter 4 of Rynogeny's story. Wrong draft was uploaded. Mostly the same, but a few changes.

  5. @Bonesology Rynogeny's story also at the following: https://t.co/0tRZptSkqu https://t.co/jhbi2xvGnu

  6. @BONESonFOX Love how he works to pay off the neighborhood that put him through school

  7. @BONESonFOX What the f***! I was promised real turkey! Bad enough Jessica isn't here...

  8. @cnnbrk Not surprised

  9. @cnnbrk OTN needs to resign. We're the joke of the nation now. #OTNLyingSOBPassingTheBuck

  10. @David_Boreanaz Very cute

  11. @desarioaubrey Then they can kiss your ass then

  12. @faithinbones My day is Tuesday. Still undecided but I will say it sure as hell won't be Drumpf

  13. @FoxSpecOps3 F***ING awesome. Missed these so much.

  14. @geraghtyvl @HartHanson @tvdotcom I loved this show!

  15. @hoezodiacs @desarioaubrey so I'm Sexyback and my Hubby is You're Beautiful

  16. @Ima_TV_Junkie @smiling_sandy That does sound good.

  17. @Ima_TV_Junkie @TrixBB Been there done that. I have dark red hair right now. The color you have is beautiful

  18. @jazzyproz @faithinbones So sorry, Jazz. In my thoughts

  19. @kazzie Yay yay yay. BBT is what's keeping me from going nuts during Bones hiatus. #ShamyForever #BonesHiatusSucks #AubreyJessicaforever

  20. @nat_hollz18 @BONESonFOX Partial 2 11 X 6 because of Aubrey/Jessica but 11 x 9 is my # 2. #AubreyJessicaforever #BoothBrennanforever

  21. @NatesMama1128 @jazzyproz @Bonesology @faithinbones No worries I will repost

  22. @NatesMama1128 @realDonaldTrump More like vomiting that DT made it that high? I have 2 ask what is in that IA corn? #DonaldTrumpDBag

  23. @PigeonJon @jazzyproz Someone will have a surprise in their bed tonight...

  24. @rtcharacters He's one of my faves, too. #AubreyJessicaforever ♡

  25. @usweekly Wow my day is now complete. EYEROLL

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