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  1. 27 minutes ago, chucky said:

    That won't stop them from trying it again! I don't think a total breakup will happen.  Just a heated argument and maybe a little separation for a few episodes! Then they reconcile and all's good again.

    We can only hope that happens. With these writers, you never know for sure! The bold part is spot on perfectly stated!

    I agree.  It won't be like half of the final episodes.  CL loves to do stuff like this.  Dharma and Greg he did the same thing.

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  2. On 1/9/2019 at 4:15 AM, Tensor said:

    Oh, yeah.  the sperm episode.    At the end, Penny comes back into the apartment.  She had talked to Amy and Bernadette and realized that Leonard may want to supply his sperm, because, as Amy says, he's a mammal and wired that way.   Penny comes back  and finds Leonard thinking about it.   She goes into the bathroom and gets the cap of a mouthwash bottle.   She says to him, "I'm giving you a sample cup."  Leonard says "That's just the top off the mouthwash."   Penny says, "I'm making a gesture, are you going to give me problems over it.   

    Leonard says, are you sure you're OK with this?"  Penny doesn't say yes or no, just (paraphrased)  "You weren't included  in the decision I made about not wanting children, so I'm in no position to be included in the decision on whether or not you are going to be a donorI.   It goes to black at that point, so it's left unresolved, and we know they actors for Zack and Marisa will be back.  They'll resolve it, but just not tonight.   

    It was a bit of a bash Leonard type of episode, with everyone pointing out Leonard's faults, as reasons for wondering why Zack would want Leonard as the donor.  Only Zack (and Penny once) pointing out his good qualities. (smart, kind, a really good guy).  I have to admit there was a really funny line.  Zack points out Leonard doesn't get to have sex with his wife.  Penny says, "we should stop there."  and then Zack says, "just because I slept with your wife, doesn't mean you get to sleep with mine."  and Penny says "and yet you went ahead and said it."    Zack's wife is not the smartest thing, but looks like she's a bit ahead of Zack.  

    Yes, I put Pre taped in all the scenes that were pre taped.  

    Yep.  If you can remember, you can type it up.  

    I can't help but think this is leading to some major Lenny blowup Leonard finally explodes which leads to them separating a la Dharma and Greg for an episode or two with a big reconciliation on the last episode.  Maybe it's just me but that's what the tea leaves are telling me.

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  3. 4 minutes ago, 3ku11 said:

    i am not sure Isabella is the one for him. But she seems to be good for him, in terms in grounding him. I actually missed Emily. TBH. I still think Lucy is the one for Raj if were thinking endgame. Then again I think Raj's endgame is lonliness lol. 

    I miss LS, too but I really don't see her coming back.  She's coming back for Bones' last season and I think she has a movie after that.

  4. On 11/10/2016 at 9:02 PM, joyceraye said:

    Poor Raj ! Will he never learn ? Once more he's convinced he's in love after one glance. Why does he always do that ? Poor Issabella. Will any of this come to something this time ?


    I really liked Isabella.  I've been Team Emily for a long time, but I don't see LS coming back anytime soon, he needs to move on.  Isabella seems grounded and not in awe of him.  He seems to respect her for working two jobs and doesn't seem to care that's he's got money.  She's also beautiful, but not just a pretty girl to show off.  I think this is the one for him.

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  5. 10 hours ago, Jonny said:

    A bit of a gut feeling but perhaps more hope than anything else lol. It's going to happen sometime this season, it has to and I am wondering if 10.8 is preparing us for something kind of more sexier or passionate for their second time.

    Like @mirs1 I had some fears going into 10.8 that there would be a groundswell of public opinion that this is 'OOC' for Sheldon with people hating it and I suspect the writers perhaps may have had some fears as well. But it went down well and was well received so I wonder if this might make the writers do something a bit more adventurous? It's still a sitcom though so it won't be anything like some of the fan fics I have come across LOL

    I'll probably be wrong and we won't see anything until like episode 20 lol.

    Still think the Christopher Lloyd thing could be Howard's father, or maybe they are going to have a real 'back to the future' reference with travelling to the past or the future perhaps maybe in a dream sequence for one of the characters?

    All I know is I just about peed myself when Sheldon dropped the pen and his seduction in 4B.  My husband was cracking up, too.

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  6. On 9/16/2016 at 5:31 PM, vonmar said:

    If you had been here you could have participated in the weeping, table-flipping, cursing and heavy drinking...lol

    Very very very heavy drinking and crying...

    On 9/18/2016 at 9:56 AM, Stephen Hawking said:

    Hence why I began it with "To paraphrase WW."

    I was making a joke, based on his remark about the Star Wars movie.

    Yes please, and the sooner the better.

    No worries...I got the joke.  I would add smileys in the future for people who need the nudge.

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  7. what kind of dr is dr stephanie was she on big bang theory i cant rember

    Not sure but she recurs as a profiler on my other fave show Bones. Not fan of her character though.

    JP was someone I always wanted to guest on that show.

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  8. I don't even know what to say anymore. I'm sitting here reading all the additional little bits and grinning like an idiot - the same stupid face I made after Opening Night. LOL

    The writers really hit all the right notes for me here. Not just by throwing in so many of my favourite fanfic tropes (omg so much fluff!) but also by having a few surprises that make it even so much better than I ever dared to hope. I mean, I've always been a ~hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams ~ on here and been steadfast in my belief that good things will come our way soon. But you never know with those writers, sometimes they just get it not quite right. However, this? This sounds like a shipper's dream! Well done, writers!


    It feels a bit like a dam broke in the writer's room and a lot of things we've wanted for a long time are finally happening:

    - cohabitation (obviously)

    - regular bed sharing (5 weeks! OMG) (On a scale of 1 to 10 HOW HAPPY IS CAPTAIN JIM???? LOL)

    - Amy seduces Sheldon with science and it works (!!)

    - Shamy hug!

    - using the whole situation for some good comedy (bed sharing slapstick)

    - Amy casually hanging out in Sheldon's bedroom while he packs his undies (just think about that for a sec)

    - them generally talking about the expectations and fears because they never lived so intimately with anyone (especially Amy!)

    - coitus might be off the table but coitus talk apparently is back on (so happy they're talking this out)

    - and in addition the birthday thing doesn't seem to be treated as this hard rule as many people feared (seems like Sheldon expected this might lead to coital activities and yet he's still excited!)

    - stupid innuendo jokes (Amy's hot bottom?? lol)

    - spontaneous make-outs are a thing and for the next 5 weeks they have their own little love nest in 4B

    - the fact that Sheldon really wants to see this through even though there are a few easy outs offered to him (Lenny say Amy could stay in Leonard's room, he could flee to 4A during the night, Amy wants to quit but he talks her back into it)

    This is all just a perfect setup for: a story that puts coitus back onto the table, a story after the experiment ends and both are missing each other at night, and a story that has them decide to move in together for real this time.

    Can't wait to see this and how it'll all unfold in the aftermath!

    I think we have to see how it plays out. Because Sheldon asking "are you OK with it" sounds like him not wanting to disappoint Amy. It just reminds me a lot of the prom episode's "But were you hoping we would because it's prom?". So I'll have to see how it goes in the episode.

    This is my fanfic dreams come true. I keep wanting to pinch myself. Waiting for this ep may just kill me...LOL.

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  9. On 8/12/2016 at 9:43 PM, 3ku11 said:

    OT  maybe. But just purchased The Big Bang Theory Official Trivia Guide. Damn the Questions are hard, I have only got 2 right so far haha. 

    I got it from my husband for Christmas and some really stumped me, too.

  10. On 7/3/2016 at 11:34 AM, April said:

    It really will be interesting to see how they handle this once we get news about S11 and beyond. There are rumours about negotiations for another multi-year deal happening so assuming they can work something out we'll be looking at the prospect of another 3-4 years. What will they do with the next big milestones? Do a few more guaranteed years cause them to delay certain developments? Or do they take the plunge regardless and concentrate on the new scenarios that would arise from the changes?

    My personal preference would be to start with the living arrangements in S10. After the wedding re-do it would make sense for Lenny to finally take the next step in their relationship and move out. If the writers don't want the move to happen too sudden there are ways to drag it out so that it's not a thing that happens between episodes. Leonard has a ton of stuff that would hardly fit into Penny's apartment so there's definitely a story there about how they deal with that. Will they put something in storage? Will some stuff stay in 4A? There's also the possibility of renovating Penny's apartment and change some of the furniture to add storage for Leonard's stuff (like proper book shelves or whatever). I'd find it hilarious if as a result both 4A and 4B would be a bit chaotic for a few episodes which would probably drive Sheldon mad and could lead to that cute scenario where he hides out at Amy's place for a while.

    Anyway, if they did something like that it would a believable way to delay the inevitable for a bit. As long as the move/renovation is going on you'd both have the opportunity to have Sheldon live alone for some time while also having a plausible reason for Amy not to move in immediately. Plus, you can have a few "experimental" episodes that play with the prospect of Shamy living together like spleepovers or have them muse about their future together or something like that. You could easily fill half a season with that kind of subplot.

    Either way though I think once the living arrangements are tackled everything else will fall into place for Shamy. And then things could go at whatever pace the rest of the episodes allow. If the show ends with S10 they could wrap it up relatively quick cause living together/engagement/marriage are all falling into that same bundle of commitment and wanting to share your life with another person so the writers can tie this up in one big story arc leading to a big Shamy finale towards the end of the show. Alternatively if S10 already deals with the living together part and have Shamy make that step then I wouldn't have a problem waiting for a Shamy engagement/marriage a season or two longer if they get to do a few more seasons. It would be more of a pro forma thing then but the writers could still frame it as some ~very special event~ episodes in a hypothetical S11/12 respectively.

    Maybe something happens to 4B and it has to be renovated so they have a legit reason to stay at 4A for a while.  I do like the chaos of deciding what goes where and Sheldon runs off to Amy's.  I did accept them moving in with him at first because he was heartbroken, but it's time for them to go out on their own, even across the hall.  If the writers aren't talented enough to write plausible scenarios for Lenny to stay and then move out, then perhaps we need new writers.

    I would die if they had Shamy sleepovers and it was Lenny seeing Shamy doing something sexy or one of their weird things and that is used as the impetus for them to move across the hall permanently.  It would be even better if Shamy did this on purpose to drive them out.  LOL.

    I would love for the show to go past 10, but if this is what we're looking forward to, I'm going to start getting bored and I don't want that to happen.  Yeah TBBT has their bread and butter, but the bread and butter needs cinnamon or something to jazz it up sometimes.

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  11. On 7/2/2016 at 7:23 AM, Jonny83 said:

    The subject also always seems to be brought up at bad times, Sheldon having a career crisis and Sheldon just been dumped by the woman he loves for example.

    I genuinely believe that he is ready to live with Amy even though at first it's going to be difficult for him and there will undoubtedly be issues until they get to that happy point. He's thinking of marrying her, not even Sheldon could realistically suggest that they get married but not live together. Writers if you even remotely suggest that in joke form I will kill you! (not literally).

    Sometimes I have to wonder if Lenny brings it up during shitty times because subconsciously they are afraid to leave d/t dealing with conflicts that are easier to put aside to help Sheldon (Penny's mid life crisis, Leonard's possible subconscious resentment of the Shenny friendship at times that he's the odd man out).  Just a though that's crossed my mind more than once.

    On 7/3/2016 at 8:45 AM, Jonny83 said:

    Like April said I think there is plenty of comedy to be had if Amy and Sheldon lived together and them both trying to make it work. I have no doubt there would be some drama and bumps along the road early on but in the end it would work out.

    Sheldon has changed and grown, he may now be at the point where he is ready to live with Amy you would certainly think so if he is contemplating asking her to marry him. I think if the writers had any sense they would embrace more changes and progress on the Shamy front as they have been together overall for a while now and they have come a long way between Season 4 to the present.

    There has always been a fear with the the writers about how much you change the characters as they grow and have new experiences and how quickly they implement that change. I can understand that fear as this is a highly successful show and tinkering it can potentially lead to problems, but I think they could speed up the Shamy quite a bit now after some momentous milestones have been reached and the fan-base would be fine with that.

    I think part of the issue is CL is milking the TBBT train like he did the TAAHM one.  However, as other shows have proven (i.e. Bones, my other love), you can have the characters move forward and still have plenty of funny stories.  I think Amy and Sheldon moving in together would be funny as shit as they adjusted to moving in together.  I could see them adjusting better than Lenny adjusting together alone at 4B because 4A is their safe haven.  They will have to deal on their own.

    I love the show, but I think unless there is some serious movement, cap it off at 11 seasons or even reduced eps for S11 so it stays on top like Frasier, not become shitty as long winded as Roseanne.


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  12. I still get follow requests for stories I finished in 2013. I think sometimes readers don't always pay attention or are hunting for a sequel.

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  13. Zero chance of a surprise Shamy wedding, well I don't think so and I hope not as I want some serious buildup going into their wedding. But a proposal wouldn't be far fetched, maybe after Lenny's re-do/renewed vows ceremony when they are alone.

    I could imagine Sheldon walking Amy home, talking about how good a time they had, how happy they are to see Lenny in love and maybe popping the question at her place.

    Some would moan saying that it takes away from Lenny's big moment but it wouldn't, not if it's after their ceremony and towards the end with no-one else around but Amy and Sheldon.

    Sheldon's mother whether via a phone call or actual appearance is pretty significant. I know she likes Leonard but I can't see her turning up just for that. You would think either a) she's trying to get Sheldon to propose or b- which is probably more likely she is trying to sort him out or settle some conflict.

    I don't think a Shamy proposal cliffhanger going into season 10 would work as it's obvious she is going to say yes.

    I see Penny having a come to Jesus talk with Leonard's dad and she runs off, hence the person who leaves

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  14. I don't think that Leonard's father should be shown positively either, especially with what we know so far about him.  Beverly was cold and critical, and his father seemed generally uninvolved.  He stepped aside and did his own thing with work and paid little attention to his children.  So what is worse?  The overly critical parent that was there, or the parent that couldn't be bothered?  Don't get me wrong, they are both bad, but I'd give the edge to being worse to Leonard's father.

    I'm empathetic to Leonard, he had a rough start with a childhood like that.  I guess we all come to a point in our lives though, were we have to decide if we are going to be held down by our pasts or rise above it.  For the most part, I think Leonard had a pretty positive outlook and was generally good natured, so he did well.  This I note, especially at the beginning of the show.  Leonard seemed like a pretty positive happy guy.

    I still think that Penny is going to see some sort of parallel with Leonard's dad and girlfriend and her and Leonard.  Well I'm guessing heavily here.  Who knows if they'll even cast his girlfriend.  But what if she's a real "stepford" wife, and Leonard really likes her.  That may freak Penny the hell out.

    I could see Leonard's dad getting all in Penny's shit about how she's like Beverly in some misguided attempt to make things right with Leonard a la "save him from his life with Beverly". It will back fire in that Penny will freak out and take off, being the one to leave.

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  15. f41ceee20718132c956f6140e48710cb.jpg

    Who's the girl playing the nurse?

    I hope her water doesn't break during the ceremony, that'll ruin the wedding.

    They could complete the wedding in the hospital ward, after Bernadette has given birth.

    I also watched Love and John Ross Bowie was in it.

    On the subject of JRB, did I imagine it, or does he make a brief appearance in the movie Time?

    I know Johnny Galecki was in it (he's credited), but I'm sure I briefly saw JRB in it as well.

    He was in a Bones episode also. Ep 7 x 3 and was a suspect. Very funny scene. My hubby thought it was weird to hear him speak for real.

    Back to Shamy. While I think it would be cool to have that 10 x 2 wedding, I don't see it. However, I could see the two using the break up as an exception and pushing to Feb, using the logic that it would be exactly 4 years they were together.

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    HOWEVER, ever since Kaley/Penny cut her hair, she has seem disinterested in how Penny is played, especially toward Leonard. I really think the writers should reign in the constant Leonard put downs, unless it's leading to Leonard's dad recognizing it as how he and his wife started down that path and pointing it out TO PENNY, and not Leonard.

    I think that is a possibility with Leonard's Dad's appearance espicially since both appeared to just let it go in regards to their spouses. It also could coincide with Lenny moving out.

    Or maybe his dad's words lead Leonard to confront Penny and give an ultimatum about moving out with him or he's going without her. She won't leave and blows it off, but Leonard really does it this time and moves out. Penny whines to Sheldon who now sees that he needs to be on his own and asks her to leave, too. She goes to Amy or Bernadette who support Leonard.

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  17. Thank you for the TR, @camelliayao!!

    Finally a proper dinner with the whole gang in 4a?? I missed that so much!

    I'm also really digging that we're getting a Sheldon/Bernadette B plot. I love it when they give us one of the more unusual pairings and even more so when they end up having a surprisingly good time. Sounds really cute and sweet. I'm sure every woman who's ever been pregnant can relate to Bernie feeling left out and just wanting to be treated normal. Maybe that's why they showed 9x20 to give the audience a better sense of Bernie's situation right now??

    LMAO @ our speculations regarding Zack leading nowhere. But hey, at least he's asking an interesting question about the ethical ramifications of the guys' science project and kinda throwing a wrench into the Raj/Claire situation. Good boy, Zack!

    Also, ugh Raj.

    Oh I think he is going to get his douchiness thrown back to him in spades. I can see Claire and Emily ganging up on him. I do like Emily with him a lot more, but Claire doesn't deserve that shit either.

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  18. Regarding Emily and "whats her deal" I got a new perspective just now watching Bones 9.23.

    and the Jeffersonian team gets a new intern (guest star Laura Spencer) who catches Sweets' attention.

    Read more: http://www.aceshowbiz.com/tv/episodeguide/bones_s9_e23/#ixzz44GARFSU5 

    Follow us: @aceshowbiz on Twitter | 207963136532 on Facebook

    Perhaps it is a stretch but I am wondering if Emily's oddness is simply a nod to Laura Spencer's work on Bones.

    I like LS on Bones better but I think it's because there's more character development.

    As for Emily, I do hope she and Claire are screwing with Raj. He deserves it.

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